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  1. Mart[1001]

    Secret track

    Hi guys. I'm currently in the process of finalising my debut album. 13 tracks leaving me with around 50mb of disk space(CD) to which I was thinking of sloting in a 14th, and secret track. Well the space isn't really the only reason, I also have a personal reason for including this secret track...
  2. Mart[1001]

    Say my name

    I love strings with a dance tempo. That was the idea behind this tune. Not sure what else I can say about this track really, but would love some feedback on the mix though guys. As my tunes tend to be a bit long(especially my intro's), I decided to post a shortened version...but those of you...
  3. Mart[1001]

    Old Gold

    Here's an example of my warped genre. After posting a couple of the more dancy type tracks on the mp3 clinic, I now slow it right down with an orchestrated piano ballad. The story behind this track is, after watching my football(soccer) team miss out on a playoff position(again) last season by...
  4. Mart[1001]

    Memorial road

    Hi guys. How does this mix sound? Would love some feedback, positive or negative...anything. Thanks in advance... Mart.
  5. Mart[1001]

    Get a grip

    About a week ago, I posted my first track 'The Drive'. I got a few comments which I really appreciated. So then I decided that I would keep all my music together and so I posted my second track in the same thread, thinking that this was clever and organised.:cool: :eek: I now think this was a...
  6. Mart[1001]

    Phase cancellation

    How important is it to avoid anti phasing in my mix. I mean, I know what it is and I know the results from serious phase cancellation but, just how much should I allow before I do something about it? If you look at the picture I've posted, you can see some slight anti phasing but should I work...
  7. Mart[1001]

    The Drive

    Hi guys. A bit about me. I'm pretty new to this place having signed up a couple of weeks ago after browsing the forum for several months. I've been composing music on and off since the 80's but only started taking it more seriously a couple of years ago when the wife bought me 'Reason'. With...