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  1. FoulPhil

    Explicit Lyrics !!!

  2. FoulPhil


    I'm going to do a collection of songs. Nothing perfect, more like a live recording type thing. Sitting around the camp fire with Phil jamming a few tunes type of thing. This is the first song with my new acoustic guitar. A Martin DSS-15M. Tell me how you like it!
  3. FoulPhil

    Invaders From Uranus

  4. FoulPhil

    Closing Time

    Another little acoustic song...
  5. FoulPhil

    Don't know pain at all

    I wrote this and it's no where near good, but a great song. I recorded a bunch of shit for it, but just couldn't get it to work. So, I stripped it all down and made it more of a live type song. It's not perfect and has a lot of mistakes and imperfections. I might eventually record it right...
  6. FoulPhil

    How juicy?

    I'm working on a split metal album with a friend and think I got a decent rough mix. Wondering if the guitars will pass or if I should record them better. It was a pain in the butt and not an easy task. Might now sound like it, but the tempo is fast as hell and hard to keep up with...
  7. FoulPhil

    It's been a long time!

    What up with it? This is my first recording in 6 or 7 years... So kinda feels like I'm starting over from the beginning. Could have swore I use to be better at this stuff... lol
  8. FoulPhil

    1972 Guild D25

    How yall like my Acoustic guitar? It plays a lot like an electric. Pretty sweet. :D
  9. FoulPhil

    Yo so I started learning drums a few weeks ago...

    Yeah so I'm trying to get drums down so I don't have to use those premade midi drums like ez drummer etc. It was always annoying trying to get my music to fit the midi grooves or what ever. So, I decided to learn to play. I'm basically making up stuff that fits what I'm working on. Is there any...
  10. FoulPhil

    Hola Muchachos! Donde Esta El Banyo?

    Yo, I'm working on some metal stuff. I think these are the clearest guitar tones I've ever been able to get so far. Listening to my other tracks that sound much more noisy and fizzy, but I just wanted to get some advice from you guys to see if they sound "good" or if I'm just tripping. I'm not...
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    Yo Dawgs

    I am trying to make some metal stuff. I have a short clip here. Does it sound like total ass?
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    Yo Check Out My New Guitar \m/

    First let me start by showing you some of my original art work. YES I KNOW I'M AN AWESOME ARTIST! This guitar is a work in progress as I've ordered some after market parts and I'm fixing it up as the shit comes in the mail. I'll start with stock photos. I didn't use a flash so the guitar...
  13. FoulPhil

    New Music No Bass No Vocals Testing 1 2 3

    Just testing the new pickup in my heavy metal guitar. A Seymour Duncan Nazgul \m/. I'm using Amplitube 4 which I think surpassed Guitar Rig this time. Sounds pretty good to me lol. Not sure this is an actual song or anything. No bass or vocals, but I think it sounds cool. I might turn it into a...
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    I never had the strength!

    Here's a new song I wrote. I went a different route with this one. Not sure if it's working or not. Let me know what you think. I never thought about another Didn't think of anyone but you It didn't take too long for him to come along...
  15. FoulPhil

    I haven't done a new song in a while! POLICE BRUTALITY! :D

    How you like this song doods? POLICE BRUTALITY Verse: I got a shiny badge and a gun on my side A blue gang uniform that I wear with pride I can never *** no wham bam thank you mam With out my finger on the trigger of this gun in my hand I'm...
  16. FoulPhil

    I need some help with youtube videos.

    So, here is my video, right? I've seen some videos that have each song listed with the time where each songs starts. So you can click the song name and go right to that time in the video. Anyone know how to do that? I can't figure it out :(
  17. FoulPhil

    Cannabis Cures Cancer - Finally, it's done!

    Merry Christmas, everyone! I finally finished up my new album and you can steam the whole thing for free at the provided link. These are Outlaw Country drinking tunes for sure, so catch a buzz and check it out. I don't think it's for everyone, but if you really do like it you can get yourself a...
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    Need help pointing out any flaws because it ain't easy :D

    I have been spending a lot of time editing, editing and editing some more. I have posted this track before on here in a rougher state and some folks didn't like the drum beat. I didn't make any changes to it because I couldn't figure out anything new. All I did was smooth the whole song out. I'm...
  19. FoulPhil

    A Cold Day In Hell

    I think this will be my last song in this style for the year. It needs a few tweaks and I'll probably get rid of the crappy guitar solo towards to end and do something more rocked out because I don't like how it is now. Hope you guys like it :D