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  1. jpmorris

    Slugbug - 0xBAADFOOD

    For those who are interested, Mr. Millar has dropped a new album: Since I first learned about Slugbug here I figured I'd return the favour.
  2. jpmorris

    New R2R from Thorens

    Neat, this is a new deck from Thorens. It is about 11'000 Euro, mind, so a bit out of my budget... Thorens TM 1600 nieuwe spoelenrecorder, straks te zien in Mnchen
  3. jpmorris

    Tape tapping

    YouTube ...that's a new one on me.
  4. jpmorris

    Otari MX80 remote shenanigans

    I am using an Otari CB140 remote unit with an MX80 24-track machine. It has been a little cantankerous, occasionally blowing the 2A internal fuse, especially if the unit was knocked. The other day, it threw a strop and now is blowing fuses continuously. I am still investigating, but I'm...
  5. jpmorris

    HD Vinyl

    “High Definition Vinyl” Is Happening, Possibly as Early as Next Year | Pitchfork This is interesting. While a lot of people have been pointing and laughing, the fact that they seem to be fabricating a stamper directly from audio data instead of cutting a disk and electroplating it is...
  6. jpmorris

    TSR-8 dead channel 8 (fixed)

    OK, so after rewiring some of the studio I tried to record some timecodes. After much swearing and trying to reverse-engineer the convoluted system I have for timecode routing, I eventually realised that the way I'd set it up, all timecodes generated from the TS1 Midi sync unit were going...
  7. jpmorris

    Studer A807 boot failure

    Okay, so after a productive session last night, which involved using the A807 to do some backwards piano, the machine up and died. The A807 has a particular operating mode where you can press PLAY with the tape unloaded so as to clean the capstan. However, I have never been sure how to get it...
  8. jpmorris

    Ampex L03 chip - any idea what it is?

    I guy I know with an interest in exotic ICs posted this: Neko Ed sur Twitter : "Ampex L-03 - Unknown device! SBCDIP-16 with white ceramic, gold cap and pins. Manufactured Week 21 of 1975. No further information!" ...It's a 16-pin DIP made by Ampex in 1975. Does anyone...
  9. jpmorris

    ITAM 16 track - another obscure deck on ebay

    This is something you don't see often: ITAM 16 Track Tape Machine | eBay A 1" 16-track machine made in London. While the seller says it's made from bits of Revox A77, I think that only applies to the 1/2" 8-track machine from the early 70s. AFAIK the 16-track machine was designed from the...
  10. jpmorris

    Syncon 24-track prototype on ebay

    Here's something even more exotic than the Cadey - one of the Allen & Heath 24-track machines, scrapped just before they entered production. Apparently a few prototypes were made, this must be one of them. Allen & Heath Brenell Syncon M24 2" 24 Track Reel to Reel Tape Recorder | eBay
  11. jpmorris

    Cadey parts on ebay

    Someone seems to be parting out a Cadey. This was probably one of the only 16-track machines to use valves in the audio electronics. They were available in kit form, only had two heads and the tape transport allegedly used bicycle spokes as part of the drive mechanism. Rather a shame to see...
  12. jpmorris

    Otari MX80 setup issues

    Okay, I've been trying to get the Otari operational for a while now, and there is a persistent issue with the transport that is enough to make calibration a problem. I've just obtained a new Athan pinch roller, hoping that would fix the issue, since I didn't like the surface of the old one. It...
  13. jpmorris

    ITAM 806 on ebay

    Nothing to do with me, but these don't come up much so anyone interested in weird machines might want to have a look. I'm not convinced it's worth the asking price, but here it is: Rare ITAM 806 8 track Reel to Reel 1/2in tape | eBay
  14. jpmorris

    Any 3-headed dual cassette decks?

    I get the feeling that this might be like looking for hen's teeth, but are there any cassette decks out there which are twin-deck, but both twin-headed, and have varispeed? I'm looking for something like the TASCAM 202, but with 3 heads each. Basically I'm looking for a compact way to do true...
  15. jpmorris

    The Breeders

    Okay, so I was trying to find out if the intro to 'Cannonball' really is sampled Ewoks, and I found this: The Breeders - New Year XX - YouTube Looks like an MSR-16 running ATR mastering tape.
  16. jpmorris

    Who in the UK has dealt with Terry?

    I'm struggling to organise the arcane form of payment he requires and my bank has not been terribly helpful about it. I'm pretty sure some UK folks here have managed to pay him, so I'd be interested to know what they did, how they did it and who they used.
  17. jpmorris

    A bargain for UK 1" users, (406 carton auction)

    Given that SM911 is going for about £90 a go, this looks quite the bargain if 406 is any use to you. The seller is offering some cartons of 5 Quantegy 406 reels, supposedly NOS for £100 per carton. I've just snagged one of them myself, anyone else using 1" tape in the UK might want to have a...
  18. jpmorris

    20/24 channel mixer - suggestions?

    I'm looking to upgrade from my Yamaha MG16/4, and I need something with at least 20 channels. I can get away with one or two being stereo pairs, but no more than that. There are two units on ebay which have caught my eye at the moment, A Soundtracs Rx-8 (which has channel phase inverters and...
  19. jpmorris

    Routing and topology for 24 tracks...

    Okay, I managed to acquire a recently-serviced MSR-24 which appears to be working, though without much tape, and with slight keystone wear on the head, I haven't been able to run a full test yet. I am currently trying to figure out how best to integrate it into my setup, which currently...
  20. jpmorris

    Weird MSR-24 idea

    There seem to be a number of MSR-24s cropped up on ebay, some of which are at sensible prices. However, I'm not sure about the narrowtrack format, and I don't reallly need 24 tracks anyway. So, out if idle curiosity, would it be practical to fit an MS-16 head on the MSR24...?