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    Oktava MC012s with improved circuit.

    I have two Oktava MC012s that I have modified for a much improved sound using higher quality components. This modification is similar to the one detailed by Scott Dorsey in the September 2003 issue of Recording magazine. They are not matched pairs, but do sound similar. These are great sounding...
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    Cascade M20 modified with the Scott Dorsey mod

    Cascade M20 modified with the Scott Dorsey mod as reviewed in the Recording magizane article. This modification does away with all of the cheap parts and replaces them with the highest quality components which gives a MUCH improved sound! I'm selling this one for less than a new unmodified M20...
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    matched pair of modified MXL-603s 4 sale

    MXL-603s matched pair small diaphragm condenser mics with shock mounts & case. These are like new, but the electronics have been upgraded with high quality capacitors giving them a much improved sound with smoother highs. They sound great, but I need the $ more than I need the mics. Shipped...
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    MXL-603s modified matched pair

    MXL-603s matched pair small diaphragm condenser mics with shock mounts & case. These are like new, but the electronics have been upgraded (by me - flatpicker) with very high quality capacitors and they sound great. I have too many mics right now so they've got to go. $250 - includes shipping to...
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    Tell us about this new Studio Projects “E” series!

    Tell us about this new Studio Projects “CS” series! Since we are privileged to have most of the Studio Projects gang active here, I, a total unassociated “business” entity (no gratuities, wages, salaries, tips, free samples, kickbacks, etc, etc, etc…), and a very active and contributing forum...
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    New MXL Mic

    I just went to the MXL site and noticed this: MXL 2006 I had heard that this mic was on it's way, but wasn't sure when they'd be out with it. Supposedly, the difference between this and their other mics is that it actually has some decent parts in it instead of the same old junk (that means I...
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    Anyone heard of these new mics? For $69 (click “Buy” and check out the special offer) might be worth a try. These guys even put up sound clips!
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    OT Spam: Mic and Pre for sale heads-up.

    Sorry for the spam, but I just put an Audio Buddy and MXL2001 for sale in the classifieds in case someone was interested who doesn't check them regularly.
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    Audio Buddy and MXL2001 for sale

    I have a brand new, still in the shrink-wrapped box Audio Buddy from M-Audio for $55 shipped FedEx Ground anywhere in the lower 48. I also have brand new MXL2001 for $60 shipped FedEx Ground anywhere in the lower 48. I prefer US sales only due to lesser shipping headaches. PM me if interested.
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    OT: And now, for my 1000th post I'll...

    :p :p :p Well, I had to do something... :D
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    The new SE mics...

    I used to not give a rat's tail about these guys, but what I'm hearing and seeing recently really interest me. I was particularly impressed to learn that they are actually assembling their own capsules instead of buying them from other companies. They even make a "SuperLarge" 35mm (~1.38")...
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    Audio Buddy by M-Audio

    Audio Buddy microphone/instrument preamp by M-Audio. This unit is brand new, never opened. The box is still shrink-wrapped. $65 firm PLUS actual shipping. I can only take a check, cash, or US Postal money order.
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    Possible Mic Modification Kits

    A friend was asking me the other day if it would be worth his time and effort to put together and sell up-grade kits for various MXL and other Chinese made condensers. He has discovered that the transformer coupled mics can be greatly improved by replacing the cheapie metal laminations on the...
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    Check out Nady's new ribbon

    Whoaaaa Baby! Sure looks sweet! Wonder how it'll sound with a good transformer transplant. :D Nady RSM-2
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    Stock vs. Modified Oktava MK-012s mp3s

    Here we go again. A few months ago I put up a thread with mp3s comparing a stock and modified version of the MK-012 via the Scott Dorsey article in Recording magazine (October issue?). However, in those examples I left off the crucial step of changing the coupling capacitor between the FET and...
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    Studio Projects C1, C3, and T3 gets reviewed in this months “Recording”

    It’s a pretty in-depth review written by Marty Peters and worth picking up a copy for, if you are interested. Look's like he loved the C1 and T3, saying the C1 was a “winner” and that the T3 “closely” resembled the sound of the Microtech Gefell UM92. He further described the C1 as being a...
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    Guitar Center carries Neumann.

    I just came from GC. They’re carrying Neumann now.
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    I picked up a ML-52 at GC today…

    …and wanted to thank everyone for the heads-up. They only had two left so I took my guitar and spent about a half an hour comparing them via headphones and a Focusrite Platinum VoiceMaster Pro Channel Strip. I turned everything else on the Focusrite off so I was just hearing the mic pre and the...
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    Check out Focusrite's new pre that emulates everyone elses!
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    Before and after MP3s of MK012 Dorsey mod

    For any who are interested, I made a couple of clips comparing the Oktava MK-012 before and after the Scott Dorsey modification. Steve (Ozraves) at MOJO PIE was kind enough to host them and has posted them below in this thread.