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  1. jpmorris

    Tascam 388 - Pinch Roller not engaging

    Okay, I don't know why the pinch roller isn't moving, and that's absolutely a problem, but the tape is definitely threaded wrong because it needs to go between the capstan shaft and the roller. Otherwise the tape speed will change as the reel goes from start to end.
  2. jpmorris

    Synchronising two machines

    Incredibly, I still do. The unit and the manual, but no power supply for it. Shipping to the US is likely to be expensive but doable.
  3. jpmorris

    Is This SS?

    To me it looks more like edge damage on the guides, the fact that it's come off as whiskers, for example, looks like it's been shaved off the side of the tape or something. I've not had sticky shed problems much because I started recording after most of the problems were solved with the tape...
  4. jpmorris

    MS-16 30 to 15ips conversion (or vice versa)

    I don't know but I'd be very surprised if that was a problem. Such devices generally work by monitoring a tach signal from the deck, which they get even during fast-wind. So I would be astonished if it couldn't cope with the deck's speed changing.
  5. jpmorris

    Can anyone suggest a 1” tape brand/type NEW for Tascam m-3500 plus MS-16?

    Bits and pieces of this have already been said, but to try and summarise, TASCAM decks from this era tended to be designed for Ampex 456 at 250 nwb/m. The modern equivalent tape is RTM SM911, so the machine will be happiest with that.
  6. jpmorris

    Help with singing crowd

    There is a trick I've heard of and occasionally used where you can vary the tape speed slightly during tracking and that will make them sound slightly different when played back at the correct speed. If you overdub enough of that it can sound like a crowd of different people rather than the...
  7. jpmorris

    Weird problem with Tascam Tsr8 No signal all channels

    Check the fuses, I believe there's one for the whole audio subsystem. If it has blown and the replacement immediately blows again, get a multimeter and see if you can figure out where it's shorting to ground.
  8. jpmorris

    Weird problem with Tascam Tsr8 No signal all channels

    I think that's just the perspective. Also, that's the sensor board for the counter/tach roller so it's unlikely to affect the meter panel.
  9. jpmorris

    MSR-24 vs TSR-8 vs 238

    You can't do tape delay with only two heads, and calibrating the machine is a lot harder because you can't monitor the recording directly, you have to record a bit, rewind, play it back, tweak and repeat until the channel is lined up correctly. With a 3-head machine you can just set it into...
  10. jpmorris

    MSR-24 vs TSR-8 vs 238

    Good luck! And yes, I don't have a '38 to try with, but since the heads are literally identical between both machines, there's nothing to prevent it being compatible, assuming you leave the noise reduction off on the TSR-8. I think one of my TSR-8s was actually bought from someone who used to...
  11. jpmorris

    MSR-24 vs TSR-8 vs 238

    Glad that's helpful! I always wanted to do prog rock and 8 tracks was too limiting for the complex stuff I was trying to do. Before I got the MSR-24 I had two TSR-8s linked together giving me a 14-track setup, but it made mixdown a pain. What I did with the MSR-24 and still do with the MX-80...
  12. jpmorris

    Post Your Analog Recordings Here...

    Oh yeah, I meant to post this. No TSR-8 in this video because there were no vocals, and it hardly seemed worth filming it just for the electric bass part at the end.
  13. jpmorris

    MSR-24 vs TSR-8 vs 238

    I'm a little bit late to this, but I do have experience with both machines. The TSR-8 is still one of my workhorse machines. The MSR-24 is nice, but the narrower tracks make it more sensitive to tape dropouts or the tape wandering slightly up and down the path. You can also use the TSR-8...
  14. jpmorris

    Post Your Analog Recordings Here...

    Nice. How many tracks did you use? (Also I'm struggling to get over the mental image of a robot bird playing guitar)
  15. jpmorris

    Dbx type 1..

    Type I DBX is an encoding scheme. You have to record the material through a DBX encoder, and play it back through a DBX decoder. It cannot just remove hiss from arbitrary recordings, and if you try to decode something that isn't DBX encoded it will sound really awful. Encoding via DBX and then...
  16. jpmorris

    Porta Two Newbie

    I've never really used inserts, but they allow you to temporarily plug an effect into the input signal. That will be recorded to tape during tracking. The effects bus (the send/return connectors on the side of the machine) is applied to all channels which have the effects knob turned up. That...
  17. jpmorris

    Remote Control for TSR8? Is it the same as the 238?

    Yes. I still have the RC408 but I'm not using it a lot at the moment. The buttons were always pretty flakey, probably needs me to open it up and clean them. These days I usually just use the automatic punch in and run to the other room.
  18. jpmorris

    Remote Control for TSR8? Is it the same as the 238?

    If they're electrically compatible it might be worth trying, but there's no guarantee that they're using the same serial protocol. Especially since they have different numbers of buttons. If it works at all you will probably have to figure out which key does what by experimentation, and make...
  19. jpmorris

    Fostex G16/G16s amp cards

    I thought Miroslav had done something like this, but if the pins are offset on one of the connectors I could be misremembering things.
  20. jpmorris

    Teac Tascam, stl remote plug.

    They've made one. The attached file is an STL model which you can print out if you need to fabricate the shell. Handy stuff, but you'd still need to figure out a source for the pins.