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  1. GuitarLegend

    The Sound of Silence

    Been recording and mixing for many years now. I have often wondered if there are any benefits to removing silent sections of tracks in the mix? I have never heard that there are. I know those sections have no audio content to contribute but still wondered if that level was being summed into...
  2. GuitarLegend

    Cached Revisions

    I uploaded a recording to my website then a little later, uploaded a revised version. When I tested the new upload from the browser, it was still the original version. I tried clearing the browser cache with no luck. Even renamed the song and uploaded it to another folder. Still came back as...
  3. GuitarLegend

    Sound of Music

    Does anyone have any idea of what brand or type of vocal mics they used to record the sound track of "Sound of Music"? I had occasion to watch the movie for technical reasons and one of the first things I noticed was Julie Andrews' voice in the opening scenes. It reminded me of the dull...
  4. GuitarLegend

    -18 dBFS

    While I am far from being a newbie I thought this question could best be answered here. I have just come up on a mental blank and need some clarification. I understand that 1.23v = +4dBu = -18dBFS = 0dB VU and I don't have a problem with that. However, I have heard that some equipment is...
  5. GuitarLegend

    Begin Again

    In the movie "Begin Again", (yeah I know its just a movie but...) at the end, they upload ten songs in like a second flat. It takes me 5-6 minutes to upload just one song with an allegedly good service. Is there some BS going on there or is there a lightning fast upload service that they have...
  6. GuitarLegend

    Losing My Religion

    Recording session yesterday with 21yo James Abbot James Abbot - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Mandolin & Bass Alan Lowe - Rhythm Guitar, Recording & Mixing The mics for the guitars and mandolin were (neck) AKG C414 xls and (bridge) Shure SM57 Bass was DI Vocal mic is Neumann TLM107 No...
  7. GuitarLegend


    I am currently doing the live engineering for a band. I recorded the entire gig, this is just one song as a sample. The bass and keys were DI, the guitar was recorded with an SM57, the drums with Audix DP7 and the vocals are all SM58s. The desk is an Allen & Heath Qu-24 with AB168 stage box...
  8. GuitarLegend

    Damned iPhones

    I really hate it when you use all the talent you have to produce a great mix and someone judges you by listening on an iPhone. Nothing sounds good on iPhone and I don't know that I want to optimise my recording for iPhones. And yet everyone seems to use one for listening to music.... What can...
  9. GuitarLegend

    RME Fireface 802

    I have been using Focusrite for years. When I first changed from an ordinary soundcard to an emu PCI card, I thought the sound was awesome. Then I got my first Firewire audio interface, the Focusrite Saffire PRO 24 DSP. I thought that was so awesome that when I needed more inputs, I went...
  10. GuitarLegend

    Another Cover of an Oldie

    I know its an old song but a young friend wanted me to record her singing this one. She is singing both parts. Mic used was a Neumann TLM107 via Universal Audio 6176 California Dreamin
  11. GuitarLegend

    Dry Humour

    I have heard people say on one or two occasions, "I have mastered the art of mixing..." And I find it amusing. Shouldn't it be, "I have MIXED the art of mixing?" Cos mastering is not mixing :D hee hee ---------- Update ---------- I have mixed feelings about mastering....
  12. GuitarLegend

    Where To Now?

    After over 15,000 hours of Cakewalk Sonar, I purchased Pro Tools 11 to see what the fuss was about. Following an infuriating session of installing with their silly iLok and downloading the files with a pathetic temporary internet solution until the provider pulls their finger out, I am finally...
  13. GuitarLegend

    Neumann TLM 107

    Just picked up the TLM 107. The first song I recorded with it blew me away. I like to think my recordings have been good before now but I have to admit that I have never heard anything this good from my previous work. The sound was incredible. Although my other mics may have been improved by...
  14. GuitarLegend

    From the Pro Tools WTF Department...

    From the Pro Tools Manual: To create a new session: 1 If Pro Tools is not already running, launch Pro Tools. No, really? We can't create a new session without launching Pro Tools? Damn...
  15. GuitarLegend

    Stronger Than Pride

    I was listening to Sade's "Stronger Than Pride" album and out of curiosity, imported some of the tracks into the DAW. There is so much headroom on those tracks that it looks like someone forgot to master it. Even a simple normalization wouldn't have hurt. While they may not care to compete...
  16. GuitarLegend

    Amelie (Original)

    This is a piece of music that I wrote and recorded for my niece on the birth of her daughter, Amelie Amelie
  17. GuitarLegend

    Question on the General Concept of Mixing

    There is a cliché to mixing which goes something like, "Mix with your ears, not with your eyes" This addressed the concept of trying to get the levels right by monitoring the level meters. I know we do that, we listen, we adjust, we listen again, we adjust again. When it sounds right, its...
  18. GuitarLegend

    Older Equipment

    It is probably a stupid question but I often see references like this on many products... "...The Compressor 260 reintroduces the classic sound of the acclaimed compressor/limiter modules utilized by audio professionals in the late 1970s..." Did something happen to the recording industry that...
  19. GuitarLegend

    Cee Dees

    I have been trying over the years to record a decent CD. The quality is good, I have no complaints there. But for the life of me, I can't get it to list the track names. All I get is track 1, track 2 etc. I have tried AudioLab 6. It goes through the motions - naming the tracks and CD text...
  20. GuitarLegend

    With Thanks

    For the feedback I received from this forum, I had the courage to put the song Windride on CD Baby Windride Thanks for your input