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    Maplin Mixer BX810 Manual PLEASE !!

    Hi I cannot for the life of me find my way around the Maplin 810 mixer (think it's an age thing) and need the 'map' rather urgently. I am willing to pay for the manual original or copy or find where I can buy it, looked on line 'nothing'. PLEASE I'm getting desperate as I have gigs coming in...
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    Use MacBook to convert USB Mike to 3.5mm Out ??

    Hi thanks for dropping in. I have a really nice USB mike which I need to use for a Sample Recording. It was suggested to use my old MacBook (which I haven't used for MANY years) to convert the Audio from USB to Audio out which it does handsomely if I RECORD using Quick Time BUT what I need to...
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    Use a USB Microphone with a Tascam DR07X ??

    Hi thanks for calling in !! I normally use a very nice quiet expensive USB mike into my home studio Pro Tools (bit overkill eh) got rid of my main stuff many years ago so recently treated myself to a Tascam DR07X to record live a very nice machine but only used it so far with the built in...