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  1. miroslav

    Studio Build Documentation

    Here now are the pictures of the finished studio with all the gear wired in and set up. Long haul to get it all done...more work than the pictures reveal...but it's finally finished. Anyway...see you guys. I'll be in the new studio recording most days. Life is good.
  2. miroslav

    Studio Build Documentation

    Just passing through...someone on another website reminded me that I never posted the acoustic traps assembly pics...or my final, completed studio pics in this studio documentation I'm just here to do that. Don't really plan on coming back to hang out here...I've moved on...but who...
  3. miroslav

    Where do pro studios get their tape...?

    I was just checking out some NOS 456 reels on eBay, asking the guy to provide me with the date codes on the box so I could decide if it was safe or not (it wasn't, made in '92)...and I started thinking about how NOS reels are becoming less and less listed. :( In my situation...I have accumulated...
  4. miroslav

    Let's talk Snow Blowers

    So this year I finally decided to get a snow blower...something I've thought about for a few years now, but since I have the same guy who's been plowing my driveway for the last several years, I never saw a reason to bother with a snow blower. My driveway is pretty long, and at the bottom where...
  5. miroslav

    Blocking a trem

    I've got three guitars that came with trems...I blocked all of them, as I prefer the hardtail. It's pretty simple...stick a block of wood at the tail end of the trem rig where the springs are attached. The whole trick is to get the right size of wood block so that the springs are no longer in...
  6. miroslav

    PSA for Sweetbeats/Cory

    Spoke with Cory a couple of days ago via email...he was forced to evacuate his home with his family due to the Oregon fires. At that time, his house was not in imminent danger, but the fires were getting closer, so it was a precautionary evac as I understood him...but I'm not sure how things are...
  7. miroslav

    Open Discussion - Consumer gear vs. Pro gear

    I wanted to bring this discussion to a new thread, rather than where it was started, so as not to mess up the topic in the other thread. Dive in...let's kick it around here...this was the original comment.
  8. miroslav

    Diffuser Choice VS Room Size...?

    Getting ready to order materials for my DIY acoustic panels, but I also want to add some diffusers at least on my back wall. While I do know the differences between the basic types of diffusers (QRD, Skyline, Fractal, etc), and how they work and how to determine which frequency range the will...
  9. miroslav

    Why Do Boutique Preamps Cost So Much?

    I got a newsletter email today from Sweetwater, and one of the articles was about the cost of high-end I thought I would post a link to that article for all the guys who have ever asked about them...or argued against the value of buying and using them. Why Do Boutique Preamps Cost...
  10. miroslav

    Bass cab/speaker suggestions

    I finally decided to get a high end bass preamp/amp box (Sonic Farm - Tantra) which is probably meant more for studio use (why I got it) since it comes with a slew of options, and not just the typical volume/tone controls. It's stock as just a...
  11. miroslav

    Today's mood

    Here you go....
  12. miroslav

    No Record Playback using Tascam 48 & M-1516

    Do you want a Tascam M3500 console...for free? It would only cost you the 5 hour roundtrip to come get it. :) I'm up in the lower Hudson Valley of NY...near Middletown, NY. I'm not kidding. I've been wanting to find a home for it rather than toss it. Selling it is not going to get me much...and...
  13. miroslav

    Finding the right mixer for my Tascam 48 & Routing Questions

    Ahh...why do you call that the "producer's desk"...? That's not what that is. A producer's desk is just a piece of furniture to one (or both) sides of the console, so that a producer can sit there and write notes, drink coffee, and act like he's in charge. :) It has nothing to do with any of...
  14. miroslav

    ATS Studio Stacker Gobos - Anyone here use them?

    I have an opportunity to get some of these: ATS Acoustics Studio Stacker, Gobo Panel There is a local guy who has 16 of new...and he's asking $1500 for the lot, which is a great deal considering they cost about $200 each, plus shipping. The thing I'm curious about them is how well...
  15. miroslav

    My Corona

    And here is the USA graph of daily cases...not much has changed with our 5 week shutdowns...though I know some of the pro-shutdown folks are claiming that the curve has been flattened. Well...if consistently high daily rates equals a "flat" curve...OK, but the whole point was to "stop the...
  16. miroslav

    FREE Ozone Elements 9

    Free iZotope Ozone 9 Elements Plug-in! | Sweetwater
  17. miroslav

    Music making and recording - post virus...?

    I don't want to segue the other a new one mainly to discuss the aftermath possibilities for music. I'm sure there will be other issues more important than that, following the virus period, which I'm confident will pass...but we are musicians and studio let's keep it to that...
  18. miroslav

    Stairway to Heaven - No Copyright Infringement

    Looks like it's finally settled. Led Zeppelin wins ''Stairway to Heaven'' copyright case
  19. miroslav

    Copyright & your money...where is it?

    The videos are a few years old, but cover in detail some copyright topics and more importantly, how your music generates money (or why you many not be seeing any money from streaming services). The presenter curses a few maybe NSFW...but overall good great detail. I only...
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