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    Roundwounds and fretless bass

    Anyone know of a way to keep rounds from tearing the crap out a fretless board?
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    I've had it with humanity.

    Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson, among others, agree that if we are going to survive as a species, we ultimately need to become an interplanetary species. I personally don't know that we deserve to survive as a species. I think nature, or God if you prefer, should consider Homo Sapiens a...
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    Is it just me

    or is every single person on TV lately using an SM7? Has Shure gone on some kind of product placement marketing blitz? Used to be you'd see a LOT more RE20s. What's the deal?
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    fret level and crown on a bound board?

    Is there any difference between doing it on a bound board vs an unbound board? Do you have to do anyting special, or just be extra careful? I've never done one anyway, but I was wondering if it would be worth attempting it myself.
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    Truss rod direction?

    Has anyone ever run across a truss rod that is threaded the opposite of the 'normal' way? I got an off-off brand LP for $10 that has a slight back bow, and I just wanted to know before I try and adjust it. How long do you give it after you've turned it before you see a result? How much time...
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    The ever popular electric guitar string question

    I want to try some 8's (which I didn't even know existed), but there are 18 different kinds of 8's for electric at GC (while they're still afloat). There are 6 different kinds of 8's just among Ernie Balls. I don't understand the difference between all of them. What's the difference between...
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    strat and tele tuners

    Are THEY interchangeable? Looking at getting a tele neck, but I want to know if any of the tuners I have will fit.
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    strat vs tele neck pockets

    Are they the same size? GF says their necks are made for the same pocket width. Are the other dimensions the same? Does that mean they're interchangeable? I know I've seen necks swapped, but I always assumed there was some sort of compensation made.
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    Eddie Van Hale died.

    Eddie Van Hale died. Cancer. 65
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    Tung oil on a neck?

    Looking at unfinished necks. Can you tung oil a neck, or will that be sticky? Can you sand it once you oil it, like you can with lacquer or poly? Do you put tung on the fretboard (rosewood) too, or just lemon oil? Can you just lemon oil the whole thing? (knowing you'll have to reapply it...
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    21 vs 22 fret necks (strat and tele)

    Do they require different neck pocket sizes?
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    Blocking a trem

    I've never done this, so any guidance would be helpful. This is also partly hypothetical. Not a big trem fan, except that I do kind of like Bigsbys every once in a while. Don't have one though. I wanted to buy a tele body from GF, but the one I want only comes routed for a strat trem. What...
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    Things that make me go hmm...

    A lot of guys sand the back of their guitar necks, but I don't know that I've ever seen this done on an acoustic. Why is that? Or have I just not noticed? These are the kind of random thoughts that pop into my head out of nowhere.
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    old Alesis QS8 question

    I can get one dirt cheap, but the guy isn't sure if it can be used as a controller for VST instruments. It has midi in, through, and out, so I would think so, but it's really old and I don't know jack about midi and keyboards and the evolution of their standards. It has fully weighted keys, so...
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    Corner desk placement a no-no?

    I'm sure it is, but just double checking. I'm probably going to be doing everything in phones and 90% in the box anyway, so I guess it really doesn't matter. I don't pretend that anyone except maybe a few friends will hear anything I do, and I can just tell them to use headphones. They're all...
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    If Dogman were here

    I'd say happy birthday to him. But he's not. So I won't
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    Iso-cab within an iso-cab?

    OK, so I've got a couple of Randall Iso-Cabs, each with a 12, but different speakers. I would like to build essentially an iso-cab, or even a booth, to put each one of them in. Double isolation, if you will. I'd rather they be cabs to take up the least amount of room possible, and I could have...
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    Circuit board mounted jack

    I need to find one. It's for a Behri tube screamer clone, so if it's not cheap, it won't be worth it. Heck, it probably won't be worth the effort, but I won't know until I fix it.
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    circuit board mounted jack

    How do I delete this post? It ended up in the wrong place.