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  1. gecko zzed

    The Farmer and the Yam ~ remote collaboration

    My musical collaborator and I had been working on a project that was our musical re-creations of odd and obscure fairy tales around the world. One of them was an Ashanti tale, "The Farmer and the Yam". We decided to do a 'live' version, each of us, at our respective places, playing new parts...
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    TASCAM 234 being a naughty boy

    Some years ago I was given a Tascam 234 from an acquaintance who had inherited it from somewhere, did not know how to use it and indeed had no use for it. As it happened, nor did I. So it just sat here, doing nothing. However, in the corvid 19-enforced holiday, I've got some time on my hands...
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    What's new in Reaper 6

    Reaper 6 has a new default theme. This theme is more than just a pretty face . . . it hides more than it reveals. Explore what is possible with this video from Kenny Gioia YouTube
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    Tasmania place names

    I guess that every country has its odd and unusual place names, but Tasmania seems to have a concentration of them:
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    Reel to reel enthusiasts are going to be mouth watering for this

    New Revox coming in 2017 REVOX und HORCH HOUSE vereinbaren enge KooperationÂ*- Revox - The Art Of Music
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    Reaper 5.11 & 5.12 and MP4 files

    My experience with Reaper since 2008 has been generally pleasurable and trouble-free. I wasn't totally enamoured with the 5.0 interface, but happy that I could use the previous interface. But I'm bamboozled by 5.11 and 5.12. When I install either, both garble MP4 files on playback. The MP4...
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    Raine & Wageman "Black Coffee"

    For anyone with a passing interest, the fourth CD from Raine & Wageman is out. It is different to the latin-ambient-electronica-jazz that we normally do. Most of the songs stem from the early twentieth century, though there are a couple of more modern ones in the collection. Raine & Wageman ~...
  8. gecko zzed

    Presonus Firepod/FP10 and Windows 10

    Because my C drive was being cranky, I took the opportunity to clone it to two SSDs. One is XP which I had been running on the old hard drive, but the other I loaded up with Win7 then did the free upgrade to Win10. By swapping SSDs I can choose to run in XP or W10. My worry about Windows 10...
  9. gecko zzed

    Doubled up midi notes

    This is not so much a question, but more a tale of two notes . . . well, lots of notes, actually. I have an Evolution keyboard that I use for most of my midi stuff. It gets its power and sends midi output to PC via USB. It also has a DIN midi output. The USB connection to the keyboard has...
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    defibrillators ~ "I know yo're out there somewhere" ~ help needed!

    I don't post many mixes in the MP3 clinic. That's because I'm happy to plunder the advice given to others on their mixes and apply to mine what is relevant, and I'm generally happy with how my mixes turn out. This track, though, has driven me to distraction. I've been fart-arsing around with it...
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    Anybody feeling like spending some money?

    A treasure trove of vintage instruments . . . and some breathtaking prices! Bernunzio Uptown Music
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    My steampunk monitor

  13. gecko zzed

    Raine & Wageman ~ Last Port of Call

    We decided that due to our abysmal marketing abilities, we're never going to sell any more than a handful of CDs, we decide to make the tracks available for others to use under Creative Commons. "Last Port of Call" is our (Raine & Wageman) third CD. The original tracks on it are all here in...
  14. gecko zzed

    A capella metal ~ Van Canto

    Well, who would have thunk it: a capella metal. Check out this cover of Metallica. It takes a while to get going, but it's worth the wait:
  15. gecko zzed

    Latest video from Raine & Wageman: "Flirtation"

    This time I had help doing the video. My mad recording mate, Phil, decided he wanted to tackle a project like this. We decided on the shots between us. Phil used a Lumix G2 DSLR for the filming. I did the first cut in the editing, and Phil cleaned it up.
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    So . . . many years ago I was running a PC with first Logic, then Reaper. With Logic I used an ISIS sound card, then with Reaper I used a Presonus Firepod. All went well, and I had a noise-free system with my active monitors. Time passed, and there was an urgent need for me to replace the PC...
  17. gecko zzed

    Drumming with a variety of environmental reverbs

    '“No artificial reverb added,” he stressed. Just a kick, hat, carpet, and snare.' The Daily Dot - This dude is about to change the way you hear drums
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    Top Ten Reasons Why the Music Industry is Failing

    It would be interesting to get you reactions to this: Top 10 Reasons Why the Music Industry is Failing In part I agree, and in part I don't.
  19. gecko zzed

    Video from Raine & Wageman: Mussorgsky's "The Old Castle"

    If anyone has a few minutes to spare, here is a video from Raine & Wageman. The piece is The Old Castle ("il Vecchio Castello") from Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. Miranda played all the violin parts, while I played bass and a variety of synths.
  20. gecko zzed

    The Lost Art of Conversation

    It seemed like an interesting song to tackle, so my musical friends and I decided to see what we could do with this Lou Reed/Laurie Anderson track. See what you think: