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  1. CrowsofFritz

    How Many Guitars do you own

    I did get a case, and it fits very nicely for me. I think I bought it on Reverb.
  2. CrowsofFritz

    How Many Guitars do you own

    Ever think about getting another? I love my Hofner Ignition. A lot of people state they have had problems with their Ignitions but I think I got a good one because mine is great. The only problem I have is that I get a slight buzz on one string on ONE fret, but you can’t hear any buzz when amped.
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    Connection Help

    Okay, that’s why. Theyre both going to the main outs. Have one of them plugged into the Alt out. You can push a button when you want to hear the other set of speakers.
  4. CrowsofFritz

    Connection Help

    How do you currently have the speakers connected? Through control room out and alt out?
  5. CrowsofFritz

    AT2020 X SM57 on Acoustic Guitar.

    I’ve always preferred a 57 over condensers on my classical guitar. It just sounds great.
  6. CrowsofFritz


    I’ve only written just one that i liked. Just noodled around until it started piecing together.
  7. CrowsofFritz

    Is it just me

    The MXL has a sensitivity of 2mV/Pa whereas the 7B has 1.2. So it should require less gain than the 7B. Less gain than a 57 actually.
  8. CrowsofFritz

    DAW Users With ADD

    Damn I don’t want to know how tall your grass is now.
  9. CrowsofFritz

    Is it just me

    Yes, it‘s a trend. Other people are using it and we should, too. Not a great mic, imo.
  10. CrowsofFritz

    No, it’s not all in the fingers.

    Oh yeah, I definitely took some liberties with the bass line. I wanted to have fun with it! I’m guessing you didn’t play it till the end because I was dicking around with one guitar (the one panned on the right I think) and it’s not even in time with the song. It’s like a toddler is just...
  11. CrowsofFritz

    Recording bass

    That’s likely the REDD console they were recording on that gave the overdrive.
  12. CrowsofFritz

    No, it’s not all in the fingers.

    To segue into something more fun, I re-recorded Getting Better by the Beatles and I've gotten what I think is pretty dang close to Macca's bass tone after A/Bing a fair bit. Hofner (I know this song used the Rick) with flats into a Vox T25, all settings at zero on the amp. Then I had a four...
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    How would you setup what I have? Some ideas and guidance if you will.

    Yeah, Reason is such an awesome DAW now that it can record AND has VST support.
  14. CrowsofFritz

    Great and Lame album titles

    I remember the White Album original cover was like a trippy drawing. Sorta like The Beach Boys‘ Endless Summer album. I thought it looked cool.
  15. CrowsofFritz

    re: "plug-ins"

    That won’t work in any DAW except Reason. And ReWire has been discontinued, so there’s no using that, either.
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    Can you give me tips to improve my singing ?

    The biggest issue for you to solve will be pitch problems. There‘s an app I use called InTune where it plays you two notes and you have to tell if the second note is higher or lower in pitch. The difference in pitch goes lower and lower until you’re unable to do it anymore. Try to look for some...
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    Mix my Reaper project, want to try it?

    If I get access to the tracks, will I be able to manipulate each part of the drums independently? Or will it all be on one track?
  18. CrowsofFritz

    Mix my Reaper project, want to try it?

    Is that a real drummer or MIDI? I can’t tell.
  19. CrowsofFritz

    No, it’s not all in the fingers.

    Of course they didn’t “sound” like them. The tone was similar, though. I can hear it clearly. I think you’re not distinguishing style from the tone well enough. You think I’m not giving style enough credence to tone. We’re not really convincing each other of anything here. We’ll have to agree to...
  20. CrowsofFritz

    Idea, Making it Sound Purposely Lo-fi

    Yeah, that wasn’t a lo-fi song. The synth sounded kinda lo-fi-ish but that’s not enough.