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  1. CrowsofFritz

    No, it’s not all in the fingers.

    I recently got into a somewhat heated discussion about tone. First off, let me say that I do NOT believe that the fingers contribute nothing to the sound. They absolutely do. But when there’s a thread about someone asking what gear someone uses to achieve their tone, telling them it’s in the...
  2. CrowsofFritz

    Anyone ever mic an unamped electric guitar?

    I have a noise problem with my guitar that stems from a grounding issue. To almost eliminate the noise, I have to orient the guitar perfectly but there’s still some buzz left. I then rolled off the highs (14k and above) and it gets rid of 99% of the noise but this leaves me with a little bit...
  3. CrowsofFritz

    Little Saint Nick

    Merry Christmas, everyone! And happy holidays. Little Saint Nick by Aaron Taylor | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  4. CrowsofFritz

    Today is Gonna Be My Day

    Going for an older folk feel here. Today Is Gonna Be My Day by Aaron Taylor | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  5. CrowsofFritz

    Drinking Song

    I channeled two Beatles songs and one Paul McCartney songs while doing this. What do you think? Drinking Song by Aaron Taylor | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  6. CrowsofFritz

    Looking for more of a composition critique than a mix one.

    I’m not done with this quite yet. Is the transition between the first part to the second and vice versa TOO weird or is it okay? To The Ground by Aaron Taylor | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  7. CrowsofFritz

    Out of Town

    Just finished this one. Any thoughts on it? Out Of Town by Aaron Taylor | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  8. CrowsofFritz

    Any Rapper Looking to Collaborate?

    I have a Lo-Fi beat and would like to collab since I’m horrible at rapping lol.
  9. CrowsofFritz

    Has anyone tried using an audio jack splitter for an iRig.

    Right now I’m only using an iRig on one device at a time to play guitar. If I want to switch to a particular effec that my app doesn’t have, I have to unplug from one iOS device with one app and plug into another iOS device with a different app. I was wondering if I can do both at the same...
  10. CrowsofFritz

    What would you change?

    Not a song title. I’m really asking. I just did a quick recording on my iPad to get some ideas down. Does it sound like it’s something that could be salvageable? Too slow? Maybe finger pick with an electric guitar instead? Is it too monotonous? Or is it just fine the way it is? I’m all ears...
  11. CrowsofFritz

    Live Sound Questions

    Hi all! I'm know I'm going to induce a bunch of face palms here, but I don't have any money and neither does the organization I'm helping so we have no choice :D I'm doing live sound for an event (very small). Here's where the facepalms will start: I'm using my MOTU 896 as the mixer...
  12. CrowsofFritz

    About to sell all my equipment.

    Student loans suck. :( ---------- Update ---------- Also, totally meant to put this in Prime Time, but oh well!
  13. CrowsofFritz

    Does this sound okay or just plain silly?

    Hello all, I'm back once again. My friends and I want to do a Beatles cover band so we can get free beer at the local brewery :D So, I'll be lurking around here more now. We thought it would be fun, and the worst the can happen? We have fun sucking bad. Anyway, here's my recording of "Oh...
  14. CrowsofFritz

    Are there less newbie questions here now?

    Seems like it from when I first joined. I try to answer new questions and people have already beaten me to it! Lol
  15. CrowsofFritz

    Just found out I'm a chronic sleepwalker!

    I was sleeping at my friend's house. I went to sleep. In the middle of the night I found myself in my friends bed. I shouted, "WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING IN HERE!?" Apparently I do stuff like that all the time and they never told me :laughings:
  16. CrowsofFritz

    How is this place doing?

    I haven't been on here in a very long time, but it's cool to see the regulars are still posting. How are you all? :)
  17. CrowsofFritz

    People Must Fall

    Here's a new one. The guitar is out of tune, but at the same it's not :mad: I think it's because the piano is throwing it off, but it's still in tune with the voices.
  18. CrowsofFritz

    Elizabethan Accent

    I did take on Shakespeare's Prologue to Henry V in my best attempt at how the English accent would have sounded around 1600. We have pretty good evidence on how it would have sounded, though I don't think my attempt does the best justice at it. To my ears, it sounds a lot like the actor who...
  19. CrowsofFritz

    Tender Reeds (Remixed)

    I tried another hand at this song. It's shorter now. There's obvious timing mistakes. I'll have to fix those. ;)
  20. CrowsofFritz

    Mix This! Throw That Cat Away

    Hey everyone, With Jimmy's great help, I can give you all the tracks to my song. I want to hear how you would mix this. I posted this in the mp3 Clinic not to long ago, but here it is again if you haven't heard: Like Greg, I will choose...