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  1. VomitHatSteve

    New album out today! Thank you for your help in making it

    I'd never get these things completed if it weren't for all the help I've received over the years from this forum and others. My latest album starts hitting streaming services today: R/F 2020 by Regdar and the Fighters on Spotify Thank you all so much!
  2. VomitHatSteve

    I Am Legend - An accidentally timely glitch punk original

    I did the RPM/FAWM challenges in February and produced some ok demos. I'm taking some time to clean those up and create real tracks out of them First up is an accidentally-very-timely song about a global pandemic and an isolated protagonist. Mix 1 Mix 2 Mix 3 Unmastered flac of latest...
  3. VomitHatSteve

    Marilyn Susan: Destroyer of Worlds

    Ok! Back to my regular recording schedule! I'm working on a song about Dragonball Z fan-fiction. There's supposed to be a lead guitar, but I'm still waiting on the teenager that I'm hiring for that to send me the part. Meanwhile, how is the mix shaping up? Mix 1 Mix 2 Unmastered Flac
  4. VomitHatSteve

    AAA - SYL-type song

    I haven't been super-active here lately. Partially because I've been trying to work my way through a recording challenge I set for myself: Record They Might Be Giant's "AAA" in the style of Strapping Young Lad's "AAA". How do y'all think I did? What can I do to get it closer to the original?
  5. VomitHatSteve

    Trouble-shooting crackling in mic

    I've got a CAD SDC that about a week ago started crackling whenever I use it. (I eliminated all other variables: cables interface, etc. It's definitely the mic.) Any recommendations as to how to fix something like this?
  6. VomitHatSteve

    Disaffected Alt Rock Bass Girl - Completely different version

    So I'm working on a project that's a bunch of different slightly different versions of a single song featuring a bunch of guest musicians. This means I'm trying to dabble in as many recording styles as possible. Disaffected Alt Rock Bass Girl - Disillusioned Version ft. Ally Brown Latest mix...
  7. VomitHatSteve

    Life hack! Use tons of live footage in leiu of being good at videography or editing!

    I had footage of me playing this song from 20ish shows over the past decade on a grid. I needed something for the studio version. Huzzah!
  8. VomitHatSteve

    Cmdr. Drake Starkiller - New one from the next rock opera

    Hi folks! My computer is being uncooperative, so this mix is a little rushed. Lemme know what needs fixing! Intro ends at 0:42 Mix 2 (latest) - Mix 1 - Flac of latest Unmastered flac of latest Thanks!
  9. VomitHatSteve

    Team Science - long awaited time travel sequels

    Here's my latest: Latest mix: mastered Unmastered Mix 2 Mix 1 I'm really trying to refine my mastering chain, so feedback on that is especially helpful. Thank you!
  10. VomitHatSteve

    Impractical Immortality - Feverish cacophany of sound is in these days, right?

    Latest Mix (flac) Mix 2 Mix 1 Thanks for any and all feedback!
  11. VomitHatSteve

    Factoids about webfonts - new VHS song

    Hi folks! Brand new song that I'm working on. I'm using a very different arrangement of instruments from normal, so feedback is very appreciated! Current latest mix (flac) Mix 1: Mix 2: Mix 3:
  12. VomitHatSteve

    Death Pool - recording like it's 2007

    My glam band is doing a project where we record a reaction song to each of the new episodes of Game of Thrones this season. We need a turnaround time of several hours, so of course I'm not doing any revisions of this song. But our chains don't vary much in tracking, so any feedback is helpful...
  13. VomitHatSteve

    Blaggardacio - new VHS original

    Hi folks! Having a lot of trouble getting this mix to gel. I was going for an Adam and the Ants kind of thing, but it quickly got away from me and turned into a RatF circa 2010 kind of thing... So any tips would be helpful! Latest mix (flac) The other important consideration is which...
  14. VomitHatSteve

    Dancing Is My Dump Stat - new VHS song

    Hi folks! Here's the latest song I'm working on. Featuring David Morrison on piano. Latest Mix Mix 1 Mix 2 Mix 3 I'm trying to play as many dance/EDM genres as possible in as short a period as possible despite knowing next to nothing about writing, mixing, or recording EDM!
  15. VomitHatSteve

    SEO, Drive-by posting in the HomeRecording forums, and you.

    So if you meander through the marketing and show-off subsections of this forum, you'll see a lot of these:
  16. VomitHatSteve

    "Say You're Sorry" - new VHS original

    Most recent mix (flac) Final mix: with video! YouTube Hi folks! I've got a brand new song I'm working on. A tale of love and heartbreak and generations of war between ninja clans. Let me know how it sounds! My biggest concerns with the mix are: a) How do the drums sound? I got some new VSTis...
  17. VomitHatSteve

    Divine Right to Deforestation - new VHS song

    I was gonna spend some more time on this mix today, but my interface started crashing, so here's what I have so far. Tear it up! Mix 2 Mix 3 Flac of most recent mix
  18. VomitHatSteve

    Mall Got Cop - VHS takes on post punk

    It's October! Time to do a Halloween song! Mall Goth Cop - Mix 3 Mall Goth Cop - Mix 2 Mall Goth Cop Mix 1 This is my first attempt at doing post punk/goth rock. The mix may be totally a mess. If you have some knowledge of the genre, please give me all the pointers! (The only post punk...
  19. VomitHatSteve

    Multi-camera livestream recommendations

    My band is gonna try to do a livestream show in the near future, and I'd like to get real fancy and do a multi-camera thing. And by multi-camera, I mean phones. Android phones. Anyone have any experience with this kind of thing? Recommendations for tools and software to use? Preferably free?
  20. VomitHatSteve

    Slurpasaur - new VHS song

    Got a new one for your ear holes: ft. Austin Ash As always, I'd love feedback. Trying out some new lead effects that sound cool, but do they muddy it up too much? Are there too many artifacts on the spoken interlude? General balance issues? Anything I should fix in the (basic) mastering...