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    Volca to USB interface

    If you want to record from a Volca FM to your USB interface.... do you go in 1 of the inputs mono or get a y splitter and go in both inputs???
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    mix basics

    its getting better...I need more time for technique..thanks for the info/replies.. btw look at this screenshot of that meter on the right with the LUFS available in Artist??? if so what is it called..?thanks
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    mix basics

    a couple things about levels... I started monitoring with speakers and noticed noise on some tracks..barely in the yellow on a Motu I turned down the VST/Halion master volume and that helped but it made me wonder about the other levels. On a song that has say 5 midi tracks and 2 audio...
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    mix monitors

    Adam says use the XLR setting but I will try both....
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    mix monitors

    solved I will do TRS 1/4 to XLR using adaptors..
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    mix monitors

    I am using the Motu M2. It doesn't have mains power. One thing I noticed about monitors..they don't sound ANYthing like the headphone levels...I don't know how you could mix something with just headphones based on the difference.
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    mix monitors

    I got some Adam T5V. I'm new to monitors... They seem quiet unless the onboard gain is up quite a bit. I tried them halfway and its too quiet. The gain is -60 to + 18 db.And there are 2 filters HF and LF for +2 or -2 db. They are about 3 ft away for now. Is it ok to push the gain up to 3/4. ...
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    mini xlr cables

    looking for above average audio cable.... but not stupid priced...xlr mini female to 3.5 mm with threads male or 1/4 inch male. 5 or 6 ft. Fatter wire than what comes with AKG headphones in the box. Some on mono price but looking for quality..any ideas??thanks
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    buss powered interface boost

    Some of the small 2x2 interfaces are buss powered....I notice less juice out of the headphone jack... mine sounds weaker than my old question... USB A to USB C cable....Mac.. can you boost the power somehow with an inline device ?????
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    hx stomp and keyboard midi

    The little HX Stomp works as an interface for guitar recording...can it be your only interface and have your keyboard midi go thru it also..??
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    A49 midi

    The Roland A 49 has those 2 buttons S1 and S2. You can map those but I find that they only work once and then the midi number is changing so they don't there a setting in this shot that needs to be changed??
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    groove agent Cubase

    I haven't played around with DAW drums much. I upgraded and now want to explore GA5 more. I saw that if you load the pad view you can hit play and the set up will play loop style continuously but if you hit record nothing records. If you hit the midi keys it records..but how do you record the...
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    controller sound

    I set up a fader port v2 in Cubase 11. I messed around with the generic remote set up for an hour only to find that the Mackie control selection works ok, not perfect but good enough for simple transport controls. I also found that if you have Mackie going you shouldn't have any generic control...
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    fx hardware

    If you use an FX box direct with headphones you can get very dynamic sound... if you cable it out to an interface and then to your DAW and then back to your interface output the sound is worn out. any tricks for getting the sound to hold on to more of the DI dynamics?? Zoom G1..
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    cubase master

    does Cube Artist 11 have enough mastering stuff onboard to do a basic mastering job????
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    thunderbolt 2

    can you run a Thun 3 interface on a Mac with Thun 2..albeit at a slower speed...??
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    Halion purge

    If you have 10 tracks of Halion Sonic SE going in Cubase and want to reduce ram usage( like you can in Kontakt..) you use Purge and update sample pool. I don't see that in Halion...where is that in Halion?? and is it possible to purge/update all the tracks of Halion at once?
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    My LX49+ is already malfunctioning after 6 months. Should have known. One of the pads is stuck and causing static. Is it possible to get inside and disable the pads completely?? I don't use them. That goes for the cheap oscillators also. I am way past the warranty and I don't mind hacking...
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    fx box sound

    I have a little ZOOM guitar box and the DI sound thru headphones is very good considering. Digital fx have come a ways ... but if I rout it to an interface and listen thru the interface jack the sound is junk. It loses all its clarity. So thru the interface and DAW and then back to interface...
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    no guitar signal

    I am adding an Audio track, mono, but no signal on the meter..sound is ok out of headphones... I tried every output chain I could... still no signal... the other 2 tracks are ok... what is wrong with this screenshot output chain??? I never had this before...yesterday I installed demo version of...