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    There was a debate fairly recently about the pros and cons of mixer but I am stuffed if I can find it! What has prompted this post is that I have just bought a brand new* Behringer Xenyx 12002 FX for the princely sum of £52 from Amazon. Ordered Sunday night, came about 4pm yesterday! I...
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    frenzied test

    Son has just sent me the attached. I am in the finishing stages of converting a old, 1955 radio set to an MP3 player with BTh and guitar amplifier. Son knows my guitar playing is naff in the extreme and sent me that as a test signal to 're amp' with. The piece encompasses the whole of a...
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    The Art of Drums

    New series on Sky Arts prt 1 tonight at 7:45. Saw the first part last night, very interesting. I shall record the whole 4 parts for my son in France. He is a guitarist of course (and keys) but can depp' drums if the need arises. Not much use to our many transatlantic cousins I know but...
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    "Bargain" monitors

    Now I know NOTHING about 'mastering' and with my hearing now, never going to but I DO know that exemplary monitor speakers are fundamental to the process. Therefore I urge all aspiring "matererers" to check out the December issue of Sound on Sound. Therein you will find a review of the APS...
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    Mackie EM-91C

    Just me ucking about but I had little time as I want to get the mic packed off to son. Mic is into the KA6 and recorded with Samplitude SE8. The guitar is a rubbish acoustic with nylon strings and the player is even rubbisher! The noise floor is spoiled a bit by the time of day (nowish) and...
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    Acoustic into a looper

    Son set me this problem a few days ago. He in Le Havre, me in UK, both in lock down. He want to get his classical acoustic into his looper. Now, he has some gear but I thought the easiest way was an XLR to jack plug transformer, ~200Ohms to 50k. Traff came this morning so I rigged things...
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    Hum but from what?

    Couple of days ago son* sent me from France two recordings of guitar. One performance, two microphones. The one attached (original was 16bit .wav) was made with a BM-800 LDC (sic) the REALLY cheap jobby. But useful since it can be jacked straight into a laptop or, run on an XLR cable as is the...
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    I am a newb to Skype and find wearing headphones gives both son in France and I in UK a much better understanding. We are also both using a Citronics CCU3 LDC instead of laptop mic. I am sure a headset would improve matters even more so can I ask for other's experiences please? I think USB is...
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    Take heart

    all you recording newbs! It IS possible to make very acceptable recordings with very basic equipment and with little or no technical knowledge. Attached is a recording my son has done in his flat in France using a fairly cheap USB microphone positioned about a mtr from the guitar. That...
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    portable phantom power

    Having a bit of a clearout and came across the attached drawing. The idea is for an 'emergency' phantom power supply or one that can be used for kit that has none, e.g. many small PA speakers have XLR mic ins but no spook power. Many Acoustic guitar amps are similarly lacking. It also has the...
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    solder station

    YiHua 45W Soldering Iron Station Welder Rework Repairing Tool 937D: DIY & Tools Anyone looking to start soldering or indeed wanting a spare unit, have to give the above 10/10. Ordered yesterday, came tonight and worked bish bosh out of the box. You even get five spare tips of...
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    Making NO promises..

    But, in the next six months or so my life could be rather easier in terms of spare time and the energy I can find for other things. I have long considered offering a service on a VERY small scale of building those small, special gadgets that seem beyond most people now but are in fact quite...
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    Calling all Podders and Streamers.

    Bit more of my inane waffle. That was done with a VERY cheap headset. looks a bit like this, Wantek Wired Cell Phone Headset Dual with Noise Cancelling Mic, 3.5mm Phone Headset for iPhone Samsung Galaxy Huawei HTC LG ZTE Blackberry Mobile Phone iPad Tablet Laptop MAC PC Skype(F602J35)...
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    sound level meter

    Parkside Sound Level Meter - at Lidl UK - Available from Sunday 2nd Aug. Now NO excuse not to get calibrated!! Dave.
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    The very basics

    After giving what I hope is some helpful advice to a few people on forums a light has just gone on in my head! That is that very few people today listen to music properly reproduced and by that I mean a modest audio system with two speakers correctly setup to give a good stereo picture. I...
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    Early Times

    This is a clip from a recording I did of this band in the '70s in a Northampton pub. I know the recorder was a Sony TC-152SD but I am ****d if I can remember the microphones but might have been a crossed pair of Reslo RBs. I know jack about mixing but would really like to have a go at...
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    Tascam DR-22WL performance

    There have been a couple of posts I think in the last month or so about the noise performance of these 'hand held' (don't) recorders? I therefore decided to do a very rough arsed test. The Tascam was setup on a dining chair some 400mm from the guitar and I have everything in the room turned...
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    Focusrite 8i6 routing software

    I had decide to replace my beloved NI KA6 for an old S/H 8i6 in my 'dubbing suite' after reading that the control panel had a 'loop back' facility. For the benefit of some, "loop back" performs the function now sadly lacking/disabled in many computers whereby any sound running through the...
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    Going stir crazy? Read on.

    Many come here and are clueless about electronics and/or have never delved into the world of DIY cables and simple 'gadgets'. I am now stuck home for the duration so I can give a couple of people some 1 on 1 on 'tronics and soldering instruction. PM me if you like. Dave.
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    Sampliude user?

    I am sure there is at least one on the HR strength? My son in France gets a "error writing data" notice come up when he tries to record in Samplitude Pro X 3 suite. He is rather stuck with no internet, phone stolen. I have managed to get him a new activation code from Magix (many thanks...