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    No idea what I did?

    I've been working on a track for a singer I work with. I'm old and she's young and the song is an old Whitney Houston track and she'd never heard it before. It's in the starting key of the original, but changes radically during the song - my guide melody she couldn't follow, so having...
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    Voiceover Mics - 19 different microphones

    In another topic, we were talking about microphones for voice - as in the spoken word, so voiceovers, narration etc. As usual we all had some pretty fixed ideas based on how we do things, so I put togeher a test. I took my studio, video and stage mic boxes and picked some old favourites and...
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    Do you hate this? Jury is out?

    We've been experimenting with blending old and new - So - will put this up for scrutiny. In fairness, I expect people to hate it because it blends three kinds of music that should maybe be kept wildly apart. It's an old classical piece from the 1700's with a jazz brush style drum track and the...
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    Project out of tune!

    I'm a long term cubase user - this has never happened before. Opened version 10 of a project I'm working on. v9 that I did yesterday was fine. made a small edit and saved it as 10. It loaded as usual, and I pressed play and the intro started and I was wracking my brains to remember if it was a...
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    Have Shure upset the White House?

    For years, every President has spoken into two SM57s. Then it was suddenly one with a very ugly looking iso mount. Now it's two small, almost out of shot condensers? Still sounds fine, but why the changes?
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    What Mic? An SM57 of course!

    We often discuss mic choices, but I found this old UK TV show from the 70s, with some very well known faces, and the choice of mics is very unusual, even back then - Look at the odd use of the compere's mic and SM57's on virtually everything - and for the era it sounds pretty good!
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    Tascam Drive belts - 112 cassette

    Just pulled my ancient 112 out and tried to use it but the loner flat type drive belt from the top motor has stretched badly and this one is used to drive the mechanism that pulls up the pinch roller. FF, RW work fine but this slack belt needs replacing. Any good sources prefereably in the UK...
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    Windows 10 update and weird things afterwards

    I shut down mt computer, and despite turning off updates, it said updating and shutting down - words of doom. On start up my old but loved Presonus firepod interface was no longer 'talk-toable'. No inputs or outputs. The latest 64 bit driver available is Windows 7, and I can only assume this is...
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    Native Instruments Kontakt electric guitar deluxe version

    I've got strummed, picked and electric sunburst guitars for Kontakt and found the electric the weakest, and rarely used, but the picked guitar has melody versions of the sounds, and this is really useful for when you want your own patterns, or melodies. They've just done a deluxe version of...
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    Kontakt Kontrol with S series keyboard - browser not working, with solution!

    Here's a strange one to tuck away in case it ever comes up. S61 keyboard that was working fine before studio rebuild. On connecting up, the browse function from the keyboard simply didn't work, the screens remained on their power up state. Many functions worked normally, and using the on screen...
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    Faulty AKG414

    I've got trouble with one of my 414s. It's been in my switched off studio for 10 weeks while I was away. Very cold, not really damp - and now it makes random noise bursts - either short phuts, or longer periods of crackling. Definitely the mic proven by substitution. I've had it in a hot boiler...
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    Computer in separate room and cable lengths

    I'm going to revamp my studio in a few weeks and the plan is to put both computers in a separate space because the fan noise is audible and my new shaped studio won't have two rooms anymore, just one bigger space and the noise will be a pain. This means that I will need to extend the USB and...
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    Distrokids cannot process Backing tracks? Any suggestions

    I've been quite happy with Distrokids for my original material, but this week decided I'd try some well known tracks for musicians to play to, or singers to do a bit of karaoke style stuff. Distrokids has the check box that asks if it's your composition, but you can stick up cover versions quite...
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    AKG 414 XLS Microphone ID

    Looking for some help here. I have two AKG 414 XLS mics - one bought a couple of years back, and the other I've had for longer. The latest one come in a small Ali flight case with the plastic shock mount, and the other has the older mic clamp and originally came in a plastic case with the...
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    New Kontakt session guitar: Picked Acoustic - version warning

    I've got a couple of these - electric and strummed, but just bought the picked version that kept popping up in my facebook feed. Missed the version warning - you need Kontakt 6 for it to work. I have Kontakt PLAYER 6, but run the full version of 5. I needed to update it to 6 to run the new...
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    Move DAW contents and OS to new computer - confused

    I have a fairly powerful computer system but the amount of samplers and stuff is causing a few storage issues, so what I want to do is this - build a new computer with better everything, install new drives - same quantity as the old one and then move the entire contents from one to the...
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    Nord Piano 4 - stage setup with

    Has anyone got one of these? We had a Jazz band in with one and the output was DI's in stereo into the PA and worked fine. We discovered a really strange 'feature'. The FOH mixer returned the signal to stage into a single monitor, with each channel at around half on the aux sends, and...
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    X32/m32 routing question.

    Anyone familiar with the routing on these. I want to set a pair up in a particular way that seems to not be possible. I want to have an X32 on stage, operating basically as a fixed item that simply takes the sound sources own stage and splits them to the P16 monitor system. The other 32 is front...
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    Click Tracks - how do you manage gigs where PA supplied is a concern.

    We've always played totally live, but one of the band members has been ill recently and he really struggles with his hands. It's not going to get better, and will certainly get worse. At the moment we have enough songs for 2 x 60 mins, and a few extra's just in case. What I have done is take the...
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    Altering the monitoring room DURING a project.

    I've got a bit of a problem. I work from home in studios built onto my home - dating from 2004 when we moved in. The building was converting from a garage (UK small style) that was trebled in length and had 1m added to the height. Divided into separate working areas. Works well, sounds fine...