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  1. ashcat_lt

    How to get all 8 separate tracks together out of the TASCAM 488

    I had a project a while ago unfucking some old recordings. It’s a half-assed off-the-board mix of uninspired performances of old tired songs recorded to tape forty years ago, transferred to CD 20 years ago, and now it sounds really bad. After fighting with it for a while, I ended up in a...
  2. ashcat_lt

    How to get all 8 separate tracks together out of the TASCAM 488

    I for one am glad you got what you needed. My thing was that IF the original tracks were recorded with the deck’s own Dolby system turned on, then everything on the tape has that multiband compression baked in. If you play it back without the Dolby enabled, you don’t get the expansion part...
  3. ashcat_lt

    What are your favorite features?

    Oh that actually is a little weird. Does that original item have “loop source” checked in item properties? That should do it without having to glue, but again only if that item is actually that long. I can’t imagine how it could be longer if it was created that long, but I also can’t figure...
  4. ashcat_lt

    What are your favorite features?

    But you were entering those notes into an existing item that was too long to begin with! Didn’t you say you made it the entire length of the project? So then you decided you didn’t want the item to be that long. Two easy ways to fix that: split or slip. Both accomplish the same thing. They...
  5. ashcat_lt

    What are your favorite features?

    Well, that’s one of the things you can do with glue. You can also use it to make new items out of ones that you have split or slip edited or dragged out to loop. I‘m not super clear on what spantini was doing, but it sounds like there was a longer item which was slip edited or split down...
  6. ashcat_lt

    Looking for speech synthesizer

    I didn’t listen to the thing, but have had some stupid useless fun playing with Alter/Ego Type in what you want it to say/sing, and then every time it gets a midi note, it says the next syllable at that pitch. Does a...
  7. ashcat_lt

    Loudness Penalty

    The extra headroom only actually matters if you use it, and if the playback system can reproduce it and if the listener can even tell or care that there’s a bit bigger transients here and there. If the difference between -12 and -14 is just shaving off the very tops of the snare or kick attack...
  8. ashcat_lt

    What Video Editing Software do you use?

    Reaper DAW was originally built to work like Vegas but for audio. Now it also has video, and works quite well. For relatively simple, straightforward editing, it’s pretty easy to work with. It‘s a little limited as far as included effects go, but we can code our own effects, and there are a...
  9. ashcat_lt

    Reamping Issues

    Good point yeah. It might just be the simple fact that the desired signals going into a guitar amp tend to be relatively small compared to the amount of hum, then the amp has a whole lot of gain and its compression/distortion just makes the S/N that much worse. The hum might not even be an...
  10. ashcat_lt

    Reamping Issues

    I think the reasons reamp boxes became popular is that 1) Nobody actually understands how impedance applies to voltage transfer between device, and B) It means you never have to worry about a ground loop. The first is sad, but there aren’t too many big E Engineers in the business nowadays...
  11. ashcat_lt

    Reamping Issues

    I mean you’re just gonna distort it some more anyway, right? ;) But like even a hot guitar shouldn‘t be much louder than nominal line level, and a converter that will go to +20dbu is like three times louder than any 9V pedal can get, so if you need to come anywhere close to clipping the DAC in...
  12. ashcat_lt

    Reamping Issues

    It’s got nothing to do with impedance. The signal is just too low coming out of the interface. Crank it up in the DAW before sending it out. If you really can’t get it loud enough, then the interface output might be just too weak. If -18dbFS = +4dbu, then it should have plenty of room to...
  13. ashcat_lt

    What drives you crazy about tutorial videos?

    If you’re trying to show me how a thing sounds, but I have to grab my volume knob every time you start talking. I acknowledge that it’s a bit tough to really even those things out especially when you’re trying to make it work across a relatively wide audience listening in any number of...
  14. ashcat_lt

    How to get all 8 separate tracks together out of the TASCAM 488

    This is an oooold thread, but I wonder if anybody figured that track 8 out the sync hole probably bypasses the noise reduction decode processor...
  15. ashcat_lt

    OMG! Where To Put All This Gear?

    Took me 8 years to finally get them up off the floor. It’s been like 4 months and they’re still not all connected correctly, but it looks a bit better and cleared up some space.
  16. ashcat_lt

    Blocking a trem

    Stick a heavy wire through the middle string, twist it back on itself and crank it til the bridge doesn’t move.
  17. ashcat_lt

    Need Some Help - Strat Pickup Driving Me Crazy

    You're sure cavity isn't painted with conductive paint? That's been pretty common even in cheap guitars for a while now. When the neck pickup goes out, what happens to the neck+middle position (2 or 4 depending which way you swing) on the switch? If it's also silent, it's probably a short...
  18. ashcat_lt

    Condenser Mic Innards?

    Anybody know if/where I might find a fully assembled circuit board for a condenser mic at a reasonable price. It seems like the kind of thing I'd be able to find on amazon for like $5, but I can't seem to find the right search terms. Everything I come up with is for electret elements expecting...
  19. ashcat_lt

    Mastering for cassette. Lead time?

    I'm heading toward mastering a project for a client, and I'm not actually sure what media he's shooting for, but I suspect he may want to go to cassette for some reason. He'll probably end up dubbing them himself or handing them to a similar sort of DIY duplication house, but he might just send...
  20. ashcat_lt

    Show me your parallel drum compression?

    Actually I want to hear it. I'm curious about how different people approach this, and in particular just how far people typically go. Maybe if people could post just some short clips with like the dry bus, then the compressed bus, then the mix of the two. But really, just the smashed clip...