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  1. TalismanRich

    Sweetwater Interface comparison - Under $500

    Sweetwater has recently posted an interface test for a selection of different units under $500. They did a couple of voice tests, an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and a grand piano. Interfaces ranged from Focusrite and Zoom to Apollo and SSL. Sweetwater Interface test Has anyone...
  2. TalismanRich

    Are these guys for real? Placid Audio Microphones

    One of the ads that popped up at Audio Test Kitchen was for Placid Audio. They had some interesting looking microphones, so I clicked in the ad to see what they had to offer. After all, there have been companies making mics out of unusual materials like wood that sounded half way decent. Why...
  3. TalismanRich

    My First "Home Recording" 43 years old

    While I had played with recording on my old cassette deck, results were never much to care about. My first real recordings were with my Dokorder 8140. My sister's high school choir asked if I could record their Christmas concert in 1977. I had two AKG D160e omni mics, plus an Electrovoice...
  4. TalismanRich

    Resurrection after 15 years.

    Back in 2005, a few of us who had played together in the 70s got together with a couple of other friends to play some old tunes. I had just bought a nice new Yamaha AW16G the year before, so I threw up some mics on the drums, bass and electric piano and hit record. I had plans to add guitar...
  5. TalismanRich

    Is this the ultimate portable recording setup?

    I remember when the Rolling Stone's Mobile Unit was the hot setup. It was used by everyone from the Stones, to Deep Purple, The Who, Led Zeppelin, and Dire Straits. Apparently someone has been touring the US with the Jam In the Van. A self contained video/audio studio that is solar...
  6. TalismanRich

    Tascam 16x08 V3.0 driver issue?

    An FYI for users of the US16x08. When I fired my system up yesterday, the Tascam software found a new driver release. According to the attached release notes, they combined the driver and mixer software. Once the new version was installed, I immediately ran into problems with Reaper...