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    Wandering into the ballad lands

    This is a song by a local singer-songwriter that was suggested to me years ago when I did a different number by the same person with a fiddler friend of mine. I took a listen, and thought "never gonna happen," but a year of staring at 4 walls can make a person do strange things. And, our son had...

    Gear & Gas

    Discussion and interview with Cory and the Wongnotes. ;) Cory and The Wongnotes // GEAR (feat. Antwaun Stanley) [Ep. 2] - YouTube

    Ribbon Microphone Noise

    I’ve read in a couple places that passive ribbon mics don’t have noise, i.e. the kind a condenser does, so assumed they are sort of like dynamics, with no “self noise” per se. Then I found the sE Electronics Voodoo VR1 and VR2 mics where they give the passive VR1 a noise spec of 19dB and the...

    Merry Christmas From Prison (John Prine cover)

    Started out as a "guide track" and the bass showed up in pieces. Was getting crickets from the dobro player so pretended to know what I was doing with my 2 octave keyboard ("idle hands" and all that). Then, when I'd about lost interest a dobro take showed up in the mail, and time was out, so...

    The Road - acoustic cover

    More spam from the homefront. Our son dropped in last week to surprise me for the big seven-oh and even volunteered that he'd listened to a song I'd suggested we try to do someday. He spent, literally, a few minutes jotting down some notes and then recorded along to a backing track I'd made a...

    Another online collab - acoustic

    Talked an acquaintance from the open mic world into doing something together and this was the pretty quick result. Some timing glitches, but it's another learning experience. Started with a guitar backing track, then both recorded at home (first hers, then me trying to match vocal delivery - 2nd...

    SM7b vs. the world

    Courtesy of the Audio Test Kitchen folks, you can compare the Shure SM7b (with or without the foam!) against around 300 condenser microphones. Audio Test Kitchen mic comparison page (with SM7b selected)

    GOBO demo video (not mine!)

    Saw this on a Telecaster forum. Now, the room is really large, so not "home" recording typical, and these are pretty beefy panels (double-thickness Safe'n'Sound), but I think it shows pretty well how treatment and its placement can tame a common problem, and do it without a purpose-built vocal...

    Sennheiser MD 421 on sale (PSA)

    $200 right now. Sweetwater's listing says "while supplies last" and they don't have any, nor does zZounds. I don't know if it's really a clearing out to make way for a mkIII or what, but they do show in stock at MF (and probably GC since they share a back-end). Sennheiser MD 421 II at...

    Tambourine Test at Audio Test Kitchen

    Audio Test Kitchen This is the link in the email I got - it will probably take you to some collection of mics you don't recognize, but you can delete each individually and use the Search window to find and drag your own picks in there. Make sure to pick Tambourine track from "The L.A. Song"...

    Just a home recording/video - Tom Waits [acoustic] Cover

    Fooling around with single mic recording of guitar+vocal (apply air quotes as needed). LDC just out of frame at arms length slightly in front of the guitar headstock. My wife really hates what I did to the video, but I hate seeing my ancient face about as much, and I control the horizontal and...

    Interface Preamp Gain - Max it out! (video)

    Kind of a myth-buster here. This guy explains why using the gain high is really not increasing noise, but should actually result in less noise (better S/N).

    Akg c 24

    Sounds good on this recording - according to the long description, this recording has no FX at all. Just the guitar into the mic. Anyone else ever get to use one of these? Nice room, and I found a used one of those mics (in Sweden!) on Reverb for $13K+. Gonna have to think about that for a...

    Collaborative Video in the C-19 Era

    A local open mic host created a ["virtual open mic"] Facebook group to give us a place to post stuff and at the same time promote local businesses that have been supportive of live music. Someone suggested doing something with input from multiple folks, and in a weak moment I raised my hand. I...

    PSA - GC sale on C414 XLS (< $700USD - 22-Nov-2019)

    Doorbuster price looks pretty darn good if anyone is shopping. AKG C414 XLS Reference Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone | Guitar Center

    Behringer x32 - Anyone Record Off One?

    I'm going to tackle a 32-track feed off one of these, and I'm a bit nervous my 2010 MacBook is not going to be up to the task... I did a quick check at a local Guitar Center and it seemed to record (mostly nothing) to an external drive Ok, but I cannot play back without it choking, so it's...

    Miktek PM9

    Good enough for Molly Tuttle, it looks like! I've been very pleased with this mic. I sub'd it in at a friend's gig a couple weeks back for the Beta58a she was using - a fairly direct competitive model. Now, my friend has what is an alto voice (ranging from tenor to mezzo, hard rock "seasoned"...

    Orchestra recording

    Ok, this is not a Home Recording area, but I marvel at the choreographic planning that must go into doing something like this, not to mention the sheer number of microphones! (The guitars are plugged in, as well, with what look like LR Baggs pickups?) I'd just like to be there to watch...

    Club lighting for video

    I've had to record some folks lately in pretty dimly lit situations, and while I have only basic camcorders, they generally have reasonable low-light capability, until they are zoomed and the lights go out, anyway. Then, it's a struggle. So, I was looking for something that could be maybe put...

    Yet Another Mic ID Query ...

    Saw this on the Martin forum. This is a terrific duo, BTW, who I saw last April at Old Settlers Music Festival - the mic really doesn't matter how they sound, but recording with a single mic, maybe... Anyway, the video comments also raise this question - I didn't see an answer. YouTube I've...