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  1. spantini

    Calibration software for monitor speakers and headphones

    I was looking at When used, will this actually flatten out response curves of monitors? This may not turn your NS-5s / NS-8s HS-5s / HS-8s into NS-10s, but will it at least give them comparable flat responses? Are any of you using this or something...
  2. spantini

    I just wanna wash my car, man.

    Last 5 years I've been handwashing my car. Early on, I was able to do it outside my apartment but having moved a few years ago, I've had to move on to a local self-wash place. Well, because the local bird population (Egrets) has seen fit to use my blue car as a latrine for their Jackson Pollock...
  3. spantini

    Shopping for refurbished Win 10 PC mini Tower

    I'm finding some good prices on refurbished Dell Small Form (mini) towers. Trouble is, many are refurbished by third parties and not all state whether they're Microsoft Authorized. Of course those would be the units with the lowest prices. Dell Computer does not indicate third party refurbishing...
  4. spantini

    Two PCs one interface?

    I have been eyeing a second PC for personal/internet while I keep this one offline for music. Although a second interface isn't out of the question I would like to avoid the expense, but it seems having one interface connected to two PCs isn't worth the aggravation as this would not actually...
  5. spantini

    Movies about the business

    I just watched That's The Way Of The World (1975) for the first time. Another excellent movie I had no idea existed in my youth. From the build-up, I thought it was going to be a sort of docu-drama about Earth, Wind and Fire making it in the business - but, nooOOOoooo... They were merely an...
  6. spantini

    Since I Found You

    Guy finds the girl of his dreams at a local country bar line dance.. Since I Found You © 2011 For sixteen years I been lookin' for love A real good cook - my turtle dove And I won't take no since I found you You're flirtin' with me and I'm flirtin' back Too much beer and my name ain't Jack...
  7. spantini

    My Old School - Lunch!

    About 7 years ago I got to thinking back to my Junior and Senior High School days, specifically the spaghetti and meat sauce served for lunches. My all-time favorite meal at school. I would always throw my bagged lunch in the can and get the spaghetti.. went back for seconds, too! I did some...
  8. spantini

    SM MegaReaper Drumkit !

    Has anyone tried/been using this kit? Most Detailed FREE Sample Drumkit Ever ! - Cockos Incorporated Forums
  9. spantini

    Hold on to that guitar, man!

    Do you hold your guitar this way? Hold your bass that way..? I can't play with my arm parallel to the strings like that - guitar, and especially bass.
  10. spantini

    Plant Burgers

    Have any of you carnivores tried either or both plant-based burgers and/or sausage from the two big hitters here in the U.S. (Impossible Foods & Beyond Meat)? I had to make the switch to a vegetarian diet 16 years ago :eek: and was pleased to see these companies offering reasonable substitutes...
  11. spantini

    Do you use drum grooves to help spark ideas while jamming on another instrument?

    Does anyone using a drum program (e.g., MT; SD; EZ) just start a groove and jam along on guitar (or whatever inst) hoping a good song will somehow pop out the other end? I get lost sometimes because I'll want to add more grooves and that just puts the brakes on the whole creative process. So I...
  12. spantini

    Meet Now .. ?

    After yesterday's Win 10 Home update, I found a newly arrived "video" icon in my taskbar : Meet Now. It's a quick setup for Skype meetings. I don't Skype, so I hid the icon. What is Meet Now in Windows 10? How do you remove it?
  13. spantini

    Life history for new glasses..?

    Cripes! I decided to switch stores for an eye exam and prescription update. I made an appointment online. They emailed a medical history for me to fill out. I attempted to comply. Checking all the boxes was easy. Adding all the names was easy. Writing my initials in a window expecting a...
  14. spantini

    Somedays you get the hawk.. somedays the hawk...

    There's a straight piece of road running parallel to my building. There's a long sidewalk with a low hedge that runs about 150 ft. The strip of ground below the hedge is covered with mulch. The area surrounding my building is mostly single family homes, and there is a rather large population of...
  15. spantini

    And That's The Truth

    You don't wanna leave me, I don't wanna leave you So why are we cryin', why are we dyin', what's it all about? I said.. baby, what did I do? You said.. You know.. YOU! I said it was just a wi-fi coffee nothin' else How did you find out, did you follow or did friends tell? There's nothin' to...
  16. spantini

    Car stereo for checking mixes

    Does anyone here have a car stereo set up in their studio for checking mixes? My (GM) car has a factory Bose Stereo system and it's great for checking my mixes. So great in fact, I want it in my studio for quick reference. I don't plan on ripping it out so I'm wondering what it's going to take...
  17. spantini

    Is this normal?

    I've had this on the Cockos Forum for a couple days now and no one's responded yet. Is this normal behavior? In Reaper I have MT Power Drum Kit 2 on several tracks. While listening to playback, I hit pause so I can audition some MT grooves in order to drag one onto one of the tracks at the...
  18. spantini

    Question about collaborating using different DAWs

    What say you.. Scenario : Musician-A has DAW-A and wants to collaborate with Musician-B who uses DAW-B (different DAWs) Musician-A doesn't want this to be a professional project (yet), just to send Musician-B a rough mix of a couple of tracks so he can add another part, then send a rough mix...
  19. spantini

    Home Recording

    It doesn't matter what you sound like as long as you're dressed properly.
  20. spantini

    Coffee Redux

    I have never been a big coffee freak or snob. Never had a home coffee maker at home. Never was the guy who had to have half a pot of coffee before going to work. I did, however, like one or two cups after getting to work, then one or two more between lunch and quits. I wasn't nailed to a desk...