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  1. Snowman999

    Common Sense Left The Building

    Just like Elvis Presley. You can't make this shit up. In Germany a folk singer was fined 3000 euros because his 4 year old son was on stage during his performance, and even did a 4-year-old interpretation of "What a Wonderful World". The singer broke child labor laws. He's appealing and this...
  2. Snowman999

    Who Is This?

    You probably won't know her real name. But, her TV name is FAMOUS. Even if you're young, this TV show is still on numerous channels.
  3. Snowman999

    Dark Shadows

    When I was a kid, I'd run home from school to be sure to see Dark Shadows. Besides the vampire/witchcraft/spooky aspect it had Lara Parker the most gorgeous vampire witch EVER - That's when you're a kid. It's a freakin soap opera. To see it as an adult it must really suck. I've known for a...
  4. Snowman999

    New Problems w/Midi

    A friend sent a drum track that sounds like a kit. Kick/Snare/Hats I put it in Melodyne and exported a Midi file. I put that file in Pro Tools and for some strange reason it made the track one note. So, if normally a Kick is G, Snare is A and Hats are B. They're all a C. I've never had that...
  5. Snowman999

    BIG SURPRISE (Really)

    I've posted this video before. Big Surprise by Carbon/Silicon. Mick Jones of The Clash and Tony James of Generation X - Sigue Sigue Sputnick. From the very first time I saw it, I thought "that would make a great t-shirt". I finally got around to taking a screenshot of each person, and put...
  6. Snowman999

    Roland MC-303 Groovebox Midi Notes Out

    I've had an MC-303 for years. I enjoy it. I thought I've sent out midi signals to record in Pro Tools or to my synth. But, it doesn't seem to be working. I can sync it up to be a slave or master, and that's perfect. I turn Sys 2 to ON and it still doesn't send out the midi notes to be...
  7. Snowman999

    Analog/Digital to CD or Vinyl

    Vinyl is making a huge comeback. Why? I'm not really sure. But, music recorded analog does sound richer/fuller and purer on vinyl than they do on CD. But, CDs are portable and MP3s have music coming out of something that doesn't have a speaker. How does cell phone music work? As I was told...
  8. Snowman999

    Old Radio To MP3 Player

    I KNOW NOTHING about electronics old or new. But, I do know from watching a youtube video, an old radio can be turned into an MP3 player. Watching the video I'm positive it's too advanced for me to do. But, I do have some questions that perhaps someone might know the answer to. Here's photos...
  9. Snowman999

    Music Music Music & In the Crowd

    Since I sit and do nothing all day long and have gained 15 lbs, I decided to start going for walks. Yesterday I passed some garbage and thought one box was books so I kept walking. The garbage was still there today and they weren't books, they were CDs. I went back after it got dark and picked...
  10. Snowman999

    Separate Tracks for Midi Drum Set

    I'm semi comfortable with midi in and out/channels. I'm not a total moron. But, I've never really used it much. Here's what I want to do. I have a Roland TD-5 kit and I want to create a separate midi track for each piece (kick - Snare - Hats - Toms). I could just play (i'm so awful timing...
  11. Snowman999

    I Was Shocked

    Without looking up the answer. Who is playing guitar on this classic? For me, until I just listened, I never even thought this song had a guitar. But, it's there.
  12. Snowman999

    Certain For Miles - Cayetana

    In the movie Fighting with My Family (watched it again tonight), there's a great scene where she's coming to America. The song is excellent. I finally decided to find out who it was. It's CAYETANA. A female 3 piece punk band. They're GREAT. They're beyond simple. The guitarist only strums, but...
  13. Snowman999

    VHS to DVD Converter?

    I have a lot of live VHS when I used to play. Plus I have a ton of movies that have never been released on DVD. I would love to transfer these to digital. I'm fully capable of doing it the cheaper way with one of these. The problem is, these range from $9 to $60. I'm sure the $60 is...
  14. Snowman999

    Figuring Out Chords

    I watch TV with my guitar and just play. Eventually I'll come up with something and work it into a song. My latest has a capo on the 5th fret and kind of seems like it's based in a strange F chord. My fingers are constantly moving, so I had no idea. I did a search and came up with this site...
  15. Snowman999

    Stupid IS as Stupid DOES

    I'm not the best with tempo. I tap my fingers, come close. But, it usually takes me about 15 minutes before I hit the exact tempo. Then I lay down the click track. I wrote a new song, and want to record it before I forget it. It's not normal chords or strumming. For me it's a little more...
  16. Snowman999

    Other Countries On Healthcare & Taxes

    I don't follow or read up on any other country. I barely follow (it's true) the US. This is the way it goes in the US - 1. You get a job in the US for either an hourly wage (full time is 40 hours a week), a flat salary (regardless of how many hours you work, you get the same each week)...
  17. Snowman999

    Hofner B Bass

    Back in the early 80s, my girlfriend bought me a Fender Precision. I think it's a 77 or 78. It was used, and $200. When we moved to Jersey in 1999 I brought it to a "professional" to have it set up. The person came highly recommended. When I went to pick it up he tells me "I snapped the neck. I...
  18. Snowman999

    I LOVE FACTS (if they're real) On the Supreme Court Nomination Hearing

    I'm going to ASSUME that his statistics are true. From 1:50 to 3:00 are great to know. Again, if it's true. I'm not digging into it to find out for myself. The simple fact is, if there's a vacancy on the Supreme Court the President nominates someone, the Senate has their hearings, and votes on...
  19. Snowman999

    Electoral College & Trump's 2016

    When Bush beat Gore I was one of the people yelling "popular vote needs to be the way to go." Not one person even tried to explain the electoral college to me. Then I was watching The Five and Greg Gutfeld explained it beautifully. Unfortunately, I couldn't find his monologue. So, I chose this...
  20. Snowman999

    Is This Real?

    There's a site about "People of Walmart". But, seriously. Do you think is a real photo? I've seen things in my 60 years that have made my mouth drop, including homeless women dropping their draws and peeing right in front of Madison Square Garden. A woman that looked like this in full spandex...