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  1. jimmys69

    VPN Pros? Cons?

    Anyone around here using a VPN? Any insight into benefits or drawbacks? Recommendations? Jimmy
  2. jimmys69

    New to Forum - New Studio Gear Connection Question

    Welcome WS! Best to post this in the 'Studio Building $ Acoustic Treatment' forum. I will move it for you. :)
  3. jimmys69

    Merry Christmas Kids!

    Just wishing you all a great holiday! :) Jimmy
  4. jimmys69

    I'm bored, so just leaving these here

    For no particular reason...
  5. jimmys69

    Oh crap!

    Tried a new plugin that now has my Cubase unable to open. Gonna throw some shit at some shit!!!
  6. jimmys69

    Free space from politics

    I just wanted to say that I actually get to take a good and healthy deep breath when I come to this site. FB is a political meat grinder. It is tiring and non productive. People I have been friends with for decades threatening to unfriend. It's insane. I like coming here and talking about...
  7. jimmys69

    Merry Chrismas!

    Merry Christmas to all! Well, except that one guy... LOL!
  8. jimmys69

    Bettermaker Mastering limiter thoughts. Go. Asking for a friend.
  9. jimmys69

    Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Americans that celebrate this holiday. To everyone else; happy sad day for American turkeys! :) Cheers!
  10. jimmys69

    Connecting X32 board to Cubase

    I have a buddy who is having issues with getting Cubase to recognize the driver for the X32 mixing board. Any ideas? I have not looked into it yet but do have a CD release show that I wish to record in 3 weeks. Hopefully I can help figure it out beforehand.
  11. jimmys69

    Is this OC 703 or similar?

    I have never used the product myself. Went with cheaper rockwool. But I have a bunch of this for free available. Can anyone identify by looking at the pic? Good lord. Fuck me. Up-loader on this site is ridiculous... LINK THAT MIGHT WORK
  12. jimmys69

    Japanese chicken yodelling? I say awesome!

    I'm making chicken wings an feel a bit guilty now! Ha!
  13. jimmys69

    Asking insight from members on my rebuild treatment options.

    Foundation is secure. Time to start rebuilding. :) Here is a crappy drawing that shows the space I have and vaguely describes what I have as far as treatment and where I am starting with rebuild. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated guys!
  14. jimmys69

    Foundation nightmare and studio rebuild

    The emergency bracing and pix of the damage.
  15. jimmys69

    Direct monitoring via interface

    I am curious about how and why it is recommended for those new to recording to use the 'Direct monitoring' ability of an audio interface. I personally do not understand how that even works. Stay with me... So, if you are recording a track using direct monitoring from any interface, are you...
  16. jimmys69

    Cheap mic cables 'Stupid Deal Of The Day' 2 20' for $5

    Just thought I'd mention it. Stupid Deal of the Day | Musician's Friend
  17. jimmys69

    Transient plugins

    Anyone have experience with transient plugs? I really like Transient Monster on snare drum, when it doesn't freak out and clip... Looking for advice from users of other plugs before I spend the cash. Cheers!
  18. jimmys69

    Character of voice overcomes actual vocal talent?

    Stevie Nicks Joins Kids’ Band For An Unforgettable Rendition Of ‘Rhiannon’ | Society Of Rock Just a point for discussion... Found this disturbing and possibly interesting conversation. And...Go. :)
  19. jimmys69

    Permanent Ban Of Prime Time Posters

    Due to reported posts, all those who participate in this 'Prime Time' forum will be banned permanently from by tomorrow @ 4:20 AM mountain time. That includes myself and all moderators. Admin gets two weeks notice to find a new place to run. Fuck them!!! It was nice...