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  1. TAE

    Panning audio to sync with movement in a video

    So I was looking into this DTS sound and found this youtube video...there is a disclaimer that youtube is only stereo but it is still amazing...In actuality it isn't amazing if you don't watch the video's just music and effects go back n forth in stereo BUT with the video and how they...
  2. TAE

    Drumzilla Drumdala

    Ok This is such a bad ass video I couldn't just park it in the bad ass video thread...I was going through the craigslist musician ads and this cat is looking for a crazy singer and I was just curious what Drumdala was...Wowzwer! I think he's onto something definitely could be a Vegas show and...
  3. TAE

    Artists are selling their music as NFTs – and they’re making millions?

    What is an NFTs? Welcome to the new digital economic world of creationist marketing. NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens – are commonly likened to digital pieces of art. In short, an NFT can represent the ownership of an original copy of a song, album, merch, or any unique item. The NFT is held in the...
  4. TAE

    Funky Poodle

    LOL I stumbled upon this one that I did 6 years ago again just a stereo live recording with a few clams but a funny song... FUNKY POODLE
  5. TAE

    California Dreaming cover

    No the bottle is not filled with Vodka...although I understand why some might think so ;) oh and the pink floyd scarf ...well...I was trying to figure out how to somehow hide the mics... and also illustrate my PF obsession but in retrospect that ain't workin and will be modified as I begin my...
  6. TAE

    90 degree xlr hack

    So I decided to break out my ADK-51 ST condenser to use in place of my trusty SM57 to do some of these live recordings ( just couldn't it loud enough without hiss) ...and the cable hangs down too low almost hitting my keyboards keys ( yes I could have turned it around so the connector was...
  7. TAE

    Bob Dylan medley jam

    Was testing out camera angle and audio input and just started jammin...This was the result....I had fun... ;)
  8. TAE

    One of the most incredible con men / boy ever.."Catch me if you can" Frank Abagnale

    One of the most incredible con men / boy ever.."Catch me if you can" Frank Abagnale Holy Shit! His "real" story is absolutely fascinating... in the Q&A in the last half of this video he shares a ton of great information on how to avoid getting your identity stolen. Killer tip about dumb debit...
  9. TAE

    Bye Bye Gearslutz Political correctness rears its ugly head

    Yep they are going to change the name after 18 years because it just is not appropriate anymore.... And these times they are a changin....
  10. TAE

    It's a long and winding road ...that leads to a dead end :eek:

    So Phil Spector passed 7 days ago and I was reading up on stuff about him on the internets. I ran into a story about how Paul McCartney was totally pissed off and what Phil had done to his song long and winding road and wrote a letter to Apple, CCing him saying as much ... THIS ARTICLE /...
  11. TAE

    If you could see one deceased artist or band who would you choose to see?

    Torn between Thelonius Monk, Bethoven.....or Hendrix with the original experience
  12. TAE

    What's the most you'd pay to see a currently living artist?

    As time ticks by more and more of our rock legend heroes are riding off into the sunset to that great gig in the sky. That said, there are still quite a few living legends hanging round..For me to name a few Elton, Neil Young, James Taylor, David Gilmore etc... So I happen to go to James...
  13. TAE

    360 video with Lachy Doley

    I dig this cat cause he is a bad ass keyboard player and innovator.. This is pretty interesting.... a 360 view video with him playing all the'd he do dat?
  14. TAE

    Ain't it the truth!

    That shit would never happen in Hollywood! :laughings:
  15. TAE

    2021 "virtual" NAMM Show "Believe in music" Y'all can participate if'n ya wanna..

    2021 "virtual" NAMM Show "Believe in music" Y'all can participate if'n ya wanna.. Going to the NAMM show is a right of passage for LA Musicians and for many musicians around the world. It is generally pretty hard to get a pass unless "you know somebody". Being as it is just a 30 minute drive...
  16. TAE

    Don't take it so seriously....seriously

    Damn! Are you kidding me? Get over yourself man!
  17. TAE

    Zappa A film by Alex Winter...

    Well the wife got me the DVD for Christmas and it just arrived...going to give it a watch today... Hope it is as good as the hype...sound like it could be
  18. TAE

    Can we change the name of Prime Time back to the Dragon Cave?

    Hey Mods First of all Happy New Year Mo Fo's! Just putting it out there as one of the oldest / longest remaining members here at Hr.Com. To clarify the question and a bit of history...Prime Time was a name change for Jenny's Place. Jenny was David "Dragon" Felders girlfriend. David was the...
  19. TAE

    Midi 2.0 is here....

    And technology moves forward ...get yer wallet out....New and Improved! / Next Years model! $$$$$$$ So it's been almost 40 years since I first learned of this thing called midi "musical instrument digital interface" I've used, use it a bit but really not all that much, or as much as I could...
  20. TAE

    Merry Christmas to all you Home wreckers!

    So...... I finally figured out how to get that usb mixer to provide a live stereo audio feed to my iPhone...It was a rush rush put up some kind of a backdrop and press record...two goes at it ..a few clams, not exactly what I was shooting for but good enough for the girls I dance with....just...