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    Beyerdynamic MZKS

    What is it? I just came across one. It's a short barrel with male 3-pin tuchel on 1 end, female tuchel on the other, & an on/off switch not quite in the center.
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    [SOLD] AKG N-66E Phantom Power Supply - $300.00

    6 position phantom power supply for condenser microphones made by AKG during the time they were distributed in the US by Philips. Works properly and still looks good. $300.00 obo plus shipping.
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    [FOR SALE] Beyer 260 Ribbon Mic - $230 + shipping/insurance

    SOLD - Beyer 260 Ribbon Mic - $230 + shipping/insurance Sold.
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    MX-2424 Problem

    No output on channels 1-8. All other channels fine. The audio in/out board was totally recapped about a year ago. All interior connections are fine but there is a row of status LED's on the mainboard labeled "XIL DeBug." The one in the middle (designated D21 or D22 - hard to tell) is red...
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    [WANTED] Problem solved - Radar 24 Keyboard Controller no longer needed

    I've set up a dual-station situation for my RADAR 24 and am looking for the standard keyboard controller from an Otari or IZ Technology branded system. Perhaps someone out there has gotten the more elaborate RADAR Session controller and no longer needs the basic keyboard? Although a standard...
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    [FOR SALE] STAX Earspeaker System (SRA-35 Amp/SR-40 Headphones)

    SOLD - STAX Earspeaker System (SRA-35 Amp/SR-40 Headphones) Perhaps the cleanest headphone system ever made. The SRA-3S amp is a hybrid vacuum tube/solid state design and accommodates 2 sets of the SR-40 phones (included) at the same time. All components work properly. $600 obo. Buyer pays...
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    [FOR SALE] Forssell Technologies CS-1 Channel Strip - $1450

    This is an early production/demo unit of this model. It combines a microphone preamp, equalizer and compressor in a 1U package. It uses only discrete junction field effect transistor (JFET) operated in Class A. It works flawlessly and sounds great! A complete review is at Forssell Technologies...
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    [FOR SALE] Great River Electronics MP-2 Microphone Preamp

    This is the original Great River Electronics mic preamp designed by Dan Kennedy. It's a pure "class A" circuit with each of the 2 inputs featuring a huge Jensen transformer. The outputs are direct. The resulting sound is clean, quiet, with no coloration added to what your microphone hears. Each...
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    [FOR SALE] Sanken CU-31 Condenser Mic - $600

    This microphone is very sensitive and quiet with a clean & open sound. Sanken microphones are considered to be in the same league as Schoeps. Asking $600 + shipping/insurance from Seattle 98122. Direct contact -
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    [FOR SALE] DigiTech VTP-1 Mic Pre

    Hybrid 2-channel vacuum tube/solid state mic pre with built-in A/D converters. Full specs at $160.00 + shipping insurance from Seattle 98122 Direct contact -
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    3 Sennheiser Condenser Mics For Sale

    1 Sennheiser MKH 435T. This one, from the late 70's/early 80's is the hyper-cardioid sibling of the famed MKH 406 cardioid. It uses 12v T-powering, hence the "T" in the model number. Selling just the mic. No clip nor supply. $350.00 2 K2U Mic bodies. 1 with an ME 40 Cardiod Capsule. The...
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    Electro Voice CS15E - $250

    It sounds fine and is in very nice shape. I can provide a generic "clothes pin" style clip. $250+ shipping/insurance from Seattle 98122. Direct contact -
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    RCA Style Patch Bays For Sale

    I have 7 rca style patch bays that I no longer need. 3 are half-normalled Fostex 3010's, 2 are straight-through Fostex 3010's, & 2 are TEAC PB-64's. 1 TEAC has rack ears but the unit pictured is mounted on a rack drawer because it is the prototype for that unit. It is the only one like it. I...
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    Oscillation When Using RC2424 Remote

    No problem with MX2424 with no remote. With remote hooked up the oscillation is quite audible and beats in time with the blinking record status lights. When recording, it's steady. The more channels placed in record, the louder it all gets. It doesn't seem to print but it is really annoying. Is...
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    TEAC MB-20 Meter Bridges

    4 for sale. Only one has the wood panels. 3 of them have been modded so that the meters work on the main and tape inputs via the monitor switches. Asking $125 each + shipping/insurance. Direct contact -
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    MX2424 - Distorted output on 6 of 1st 8 channels

    Channels 3 & 7 are clean but the other six on that db25 connector are distorted and full of cross-talk. It isn't the cable. Any suggestions as to what to look for would be appreciated.
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    Microphone collection for sale

    Prices are + shipping/insurance from Seattle 98122. Direct contact - Pictures on request. American D-22 $300 2 AKG 414EB (C12 Caps) $3000.00 each 1 AKG C1000 $85.00 2 AKG C3000 $200 each AKG 567E lavalier $150.00 Audio Technica...
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    Mics for sale

    Shure SM 85 Dynamic vocal microphone - $50.00 CAD ST100R Boundary Microphone - $100.00 Crown PCC-160 Surface Mount Half-supercardioid Condenser Microphone - $250.00 CAD 585 Dynamic Mic - $25.00 Electro-Voice 636 Slimaire - $65.00 Prices obo/+ shipping.
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    JFC Blues

    From my new all-blues CD, "Whatever Happened to Blind Matzoh Leftkowitz?"
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    B&O Ribbon Mics

    I have two very well-kept and lightly used classic ribbon mics from the 1960's. They function perfectly and look nearly as good. This is the design that launched the Royer ribbon microphones of today. Asking $400 each or $700.00 for the pair. Serious offers considered but I am not interested in...