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  1. crimsonclover

    portable guitar amp for busking and with a reverb to record at home with

    hey I am thinking about hitting the street in the near future and i'm setting up a basic home studio. I think I want to start busking and I want a portable amp with at least a reverb I could use at home. Any ideas on anything I could pony up for? something that isn't to much of a pain to move...
  2. crimsonclover

    can hear previous recording on the new take - Tascam688

    Hello, I am new to analog cassette tape. I got pretty familiar with making my own scenes in assign main and input on the LCD screen and had problems. I had the 688 user manual printed and binded. Now I am following the directions on page 17 to 20. On page 18 of the user manual, "listening to...
  3. crimsonclover

    help please

    I have pictures on this thread I can't hear playback when recording on different groups. can somone help please? there's tons of videos showing people recording tracks from the computer to...
  4. crimsonclover

    hearing playback on track 1 and recording on track 4

    Hey, I got the 688. This one on the surface looked cool and cassettes are cheaper than reels so I thought it would be a good fit, but in hindsight it seems like it's too complicated with all the freaking buttons. Kinda wish I got the DP24 BECAUSE i WANTED SOMETHING not wired into my wifi and...
  5. crimsonclover

    cassette recording problems

    hello, have the tascam688. I understand the assign main, assign effects and input LCD displays as far as I know, spent all night getting familiar with it. I am using a 110 tape and when recording everything works fine. when I try to re-record another take the previous recording is still present...
  6. crimsonclover

    fret buzz on cheap fender acoustic

    Recently purchased a baroque measurement tool for action on guitars. I messed up the plastic saddle so I purchased a set of bone - saddle, nut and pins. Have the strings at the height I wanted (maybe the high E can go down a bit more) I have fret buzz on the low end of the middle 2 strings. The...
  7. crimsonclover

    Am I Banned?

    hello, I made a silly post about marketing myself but I was half serious and I think I got banned from posting. am I banned from posting?
  8. crimsonclover

    keyboard with a nice sounding organ

    hello, I want to experiment with acoustic and organ sounds. i'm looking at some keyboards I want to buy but my budget is limited. I was looking at crumar italian keyboards and they are like 1600 and up. also seen hammonds are like 900 on reverb. I figure if I bought the crumar and made some...
  9. crimsonclover

    what guitar should I buy?

    Posted this lastnight but got latenight anxiety and realized I couldn'e delete the post so I edited it away. It's morning I feel better now. I really want an american strat but my father has a 1979 gibson les paul and I want something reasonably priced because I got to buy a ton more stuff to...
  10. crimsonclover

    Are Reel to Reels hard to repair?

    Are they easy to repair and are they more durable than tape decks? I want to record retro like all the coolcats do, but it's pricey and giving my circumstances not sure if they are worth it because I sunk enough into this 688. I might get the model 12 eventually once I get my finances back in...
  11. crimsonclover

    TAP Electronics

    Partner with Tascam for repairs,---> TAP Electronics Anyone got any tips on this place>? they seem horrible to do business with I should have known this would be a nightmare, I think Sal the guy answering emails there just answers emails all day long. They have had my vintage tascam unit...
  12. crimsonclover

    well shipped the tascam 688 out to teac electronic 2 weeks ago

    paid 1200 total including shipping on from netherlands to ohio, wouldn't record or rewind or play. the screwes holding in the tape deck to mess with the belt were stripped so my best option was to send it in for repair and I didn't want to buy a drill to get the screws out. shipped...
  13. crimsonclover

    sent my tascam 688 to cali to get looked at

    screws were stripped and I couldn't mess with the belt spinning the capstan, so I am hoping they get it to work and that ground shipping wasn't a mistake. hope they don't misplace it, it's my baby. this is just the beginning fellas, I got a plan so I can collect disability and have a nice roomy...
  14. crimsonclover

    whitch guitar should I buy?

    Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster 6 String Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar -... | eBay Fender Stratocaster Partscaster | eBay want a standard stratocaster made in USA. these two are around my affordability range but there's one that has 3 days to bid on that is twice the price and more...
  15. crimsonclover

    Is these boards dead?

    I am so messed in the head right now, one second I want to record next I want to get a secure prosperity. My motivation level is in the gutter. I moved to portland and back and just worked my way out of debt. I collect disability so living poor on the west coast and coming back kind of killed...
  16. crimsonclover


    new here, purchased a vintage tascam 688, wanted a step up from my digital tascam 4 track and I think I bit off more than I can chew. I paid premium price and shipping from netherland to USA and the tape deck isn't working. a few months ago seemed like there were tons of these for sale and...