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    What are good laptops to get?

    I've read that the new processor isn't compatible with the Claret.
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    What are good laptops to get?

    I still haven't gotten this answered well enough. I want to be able to record up to eight live tracks. I won't be using many effects — probably just reverb and EQ, maybe compression. I won't be making more than eight tracks ever. The interface will probably be a Focusrite Claret 8pre. The...
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    Evolution of your composing?

    Yes. We know. In post 17, Rob says he thinks J wants us to bugger off. In post 18, I said I didn't hear J tell us to bugger off. If J ever checks in again, he can settle the question.
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    Evolution of your composing?

    Hey, maybe J got exactly what he was looking for and is running with it. Or doesn't go online every day. (I don't.) Or forgot about the thread. (I do.) Anyhow, I didn't hear any "Bugger off!"
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    Evolution of your composing?

    Different strokes! That makes sense, but I never start recording until the song is done. The recording is just the drudge work. All my ideas come from writing and playing, none from recording. I do throw tracks out that don't work. But I go into it thinking they will. (I remember one song that...
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    What quality of electric guitar to use into audio interface.

    Yes. And I'm also saying that your Guild IS an expensive guitar. So you're in good shape. Just plug it in and let 'er rip! A digital audio workstation (DAW) is for making professional recordings — if you want to record digitally, which is what almost all artists do now. (Some don't. Government...
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    Evolution of your composing?

    Hey, J! The first shot just takes a few minutes — rarely more than about fifteen. Then the revising starts, and that goes through many, many pages. I've written a couple hundred songs, and they've all gone through dozens of rewrites. Example: First verse, first draft: Yesterday I was feeling...
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    Tell me about the new Mac M1 processor

    Good to know! Like what?
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    What quality of electric guitar to use into audio interface.

    PPS - I didn't answer your original question, did I? In live peformance or recording via microphone, the amp matters more. Most electric players would rather have a good guitar and great amp than a great guitar and a good amp. Recording straight into a DAW, the computer is your amp. So if...
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    What quality of electric guitar to use into audio interface.

    PS - You can learn more about how different pickups sound at They design lot of their pickups to match and replace the pickups in lots of popular guitar models, old and new, so you can get an idea of the differences between, for instance, P-90s and various Strat and Tele...
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    What quality of electric guitar to use into audio interface.

    You have a sixties Guild and you want to SELL it? Here's the problem. On the one hand, they're fantastic instruments, and they're especially coveted by Guild fans. It's a true collector's item. But on the other hand, although vintage Guilds are beginning to come into their own, they're still...
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    Tell me about the new Mac M1 processor

    Just watched a few videos about Mac Airs and Mac Pros with the new M1 processor. Apparently the M1 processor is a lot more efficient than the Intel processor it's replacing. But I'm still not sure what it all means for me. I'm thinking of getting the Focusrite Claret 8Pre for live recording and...
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    Audio-Technica AT2020 condenser mic

    Audio-Technica AT2020 medium-diaphragm cardioid condenser mic, pristine condition. The engineers at Audio-Technica set out to create a condenser mic that sounds good and fits the budgets of most home recording enthusiasts and performers. The result is the AT2020, a spunky little workhorse. (Our...
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    Marantz CDR300 stereo CD recorder

    Used Marantz CDR300 portable stereo compact disk recorder. Excellent condition. Original owner. Marantz builds gear to last for the professional and consumer markets. Built rugged for field recording, on-the-street interviews, and live music recording. Read about it here: Marantz CDR300 |...
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    Line inputs? What do they do?

    I'm thinking of getting the Focusrite Clarett 4Pre. It's blurb says it has "four variable line inputs." What does that mean? What do they do? How do they work? What do you need to use them? Can you hear them when recording? Thanks! Del
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    Software that keeps it simple

    Hi, Winfred - I'm still dithering but getting closer. No one has given me any conlcusive advice. I do know that I'll want 32-bit capability. After all I've read, I'm leaning toward Reaper. Their promotional videos are a little easier to understand, and a few people have said they like working...
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    Clarett 4Pre versus Steinberg UR44

    Sooner or later I'll be getting a four-preamp interface. The Focusrite Clarett seems to have everything I want — good sound (I like the Air feature), low latency, rugged build. But the Steinberg is an easier price pill to swallow. How do you think the two compare? Thanks!
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    Questions about Focusrite Clarett 4pre

    For reasons I won't bore you with, I'm thinking of retiring my Tascam and building a DAW. The interface that most interests me is the Focusrite Clarett 4pre. I like it mainly because of its low latency its Air feature. Apparently the 4pre comes with its own software. Does that mean I can't use...
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    [SOLD] Sold.