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  1. LazerBeakShiek

    Sennheiser MD431

    Anybody ever use the MD431? A random youtube video on vintage microphones was suggesting it is the best vocal microphone. It has me curious. Might this be a possible budget substitute for a MD441? I like the 441.
  2. LazerBeakShiek

    Mix my Reaper project, want to try it?

    How would this work? If I make a verse and chorus, you want to try and mix it? Can I see the finished project , so I am able to improve by learning what others done? or are you just rubbing my nose in it? My folder has a couple works in progress. Tough Enough? There are a couple unmixed. Just...
  3. LazerBeakShiek

    Happy 4 3 2 1 Everyone!

    Today is the one and only 4/3/21.. Celebrate. Celebrate. Dance to the music..
  4. LazerBeakShiek

    PA Speakers 2 Way how to separate the volume

    How do I control volume to each speaker in a 2 way 8 ohm 15"/ 4" horns PA cabinet. I want more wattage going to the 15" woofer than the 4" Driver horns. If I use a crossover with more than 4Khz -12 db per octave , that will not be the same. I want the horn frequencies, just not as loud. If there...
  5. LazerBeakShiek

    When are magic eye tubes comming back?

    There were these tubes in old 1950's hifi's that had these other worldly green lights. They were called magic eye tubes. They used them for Station tuning, VU meters, etc. like LEDs are used today. Anybody remember them? They should use them again in retro equipment. They keep the swinging...
  6. LazerBeakShiek

    Are there any rack mounts for a keyboard stand?

    Does anyone make a rack shelf expansion for a keyboard stand? Like, I want 5-6 rack spaces right in front of my face when I play the keys. I could find nothing. I have ideas. And a Sunday afternoon....Crowd Fund my project and I will bring to market. A pair of 6U rack ears $20 2 tier stand 1"...
  7. LazerBeakShiek

    I Pump The Jelly..Man, this just came to me..

    Man, this came to me. Like a ESP download. Go classic rap-ish. 118 BPM Urban chill. Only play an A. I pump the jelly she gets yell-ee watch her belly watch her belly jiggle jiggle ....... what what, what what wink wiggity wiggity sha' and Chucky chucky choo-choo I wanna wanna...
  8. LazerBeakShiek

    Cookie Monster Vocals

    There were bands in the 80's that had a fake voice sound. Commonly used in LA hair metal. It was the precursor to cookie monster type Rrahh! deth metal vocals. Anybody know how it is done? Like, can a TC Voicelive rack do cookie monster? Never seen that preset for it. Sometimes I'm thinking the...
  9. LazerBeakShiek

    The MPD218 is fun fun fun

    Beats have never been easier. My laptop s up again. My MPD218 is working. Incredible . I hate those EasyDrummer / MTDrummer pre made beats. They never fit without some cymbal work on another track. Just make it yourself on the finger tap pads. I think it sounds nice. Great job AKAI. Set the...
  10. LazerBeakShiek

    DEXED the best DX-7 free emulator Screen Size Fix

    The DEXED DX-7 emulator is amazing. Free. Sounds great. Emulates the Yamaha DX. It installs as a VST and Stand Alone. However for the longest time the GUI screen size would not be correct for the display or resolution setting. I looked around online for an answer and saw others with this...
  11. LazerBeakShiek

    Its Groundhog Day ...Again

    This isolation winter must be stopped.
  12. LazerBeakShiek

    Something to sit on that promotes positive workflow

    What are yall sitting on? My recording room is tiny. So a height adjustable stool that takes minimum space is desirable. I found this giant vibrator lookin thing, the Ergostool. Ergo it stops you from being sedentary and visa vi maintains healthy circulation as you work. It rocks too. Back and...
  13. LazerBeakShiek

    I am requesting civil legal assistance

    I was kidnapped in Feb 2019. Oriented to person place and time. No body or camera evidence from any arresting party. I was found not guilty and told to recover losses in civil court. Due to COVID delays and general decline of the justice system there has been no further progress. I am seeking...
  14. LazerBeakShiek

    Windscreen Foam Sponge or Furry Ball?

    My microphones have come with windscreens made of foam. They help with plosives I cant deny. Would those big woolly hair balls sound better? They look like stuffed animals. Im in. Fur ball me. Hair ball audio?
  15. LazerBeakShiek

    Where does the GAIN go?

    So I was comparing recording to the DAW vs. To a cel phone. I can get a boat load more gain from the Apollo's headphone out if I try. Still it should be very close at these settings. Its not. The DAW seems thinner. The Mains are dimed to the top. I used the cel headphone ext mic input ...
  16. LazerBeakShiek

    Y'all hear about Beaming Music, Noveto Headphoneless headphones?

    They fire the sound into your brain. Ultimate clarity. No phones freedom. Only to you. New device puts music in your head - no headphones required - YouTube
  17. LazerBeakShiek

    Mic close to floor, problem? or inside?

    How close can you place the microphone to the floor before it starts effecting the recording? 12" , perhaps 6" . I'm asking because, the cabinet if placed closer to the floor or wall becomes bass heavy/distort. Wouldn't the same thing happen with the microphone, as the cabinet of speakers...
  18. LazerBeakShiek

    Would you consider buying a used microphone post COVID?

    OrigSalePrice $399. Used $212 curbside. But is it worth it? Even Open Box items would have me suspicious. You are not supposed to live like that. I never have. Last night this dude died in less than 24hrs they said on the news. New strains more contagious. What strange bug is it gonna be...
  19. LazerBeakShiek

    Installed the 'Black Ice' in a Bass

    There was a StewMac Black Ice passive overdrive rolling around my junk drawer. From projects long ago. The diagram to wire it is online. I was bored. Thinking back, I remembered that Black Ice was universally hated. After my installation the feelings are mixed. I would not put this piece of...
  20. LazerBeakShiek

    I present to you....Space Monkey

    Loose break beat. Shifting to half time for chorus. A E F# B and chorus is E F#m A Bee kind of cool how it feels when its right like it heals warm beautiful touch that you want so much Space monkey come blame it on me Space monkey its your shame you see Space monkey Loving a space monkey...