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  1. mark skinner


    Here's a short instrumental I'm trying to finish up and could use some help on. I went direct in with a DY-77 Yairi with a "shadow" pickup. I've gone back and forth so many times with some new CB-1 headphones and my studio monitors I no longer trust my ears. Any crits , comments and suggestions...
  2. mark skinner

    Soundcloud messages ??

    When I post a new song on Soundcloud , a lot of times I'll get a message very shortly afterwards from someone offering to represent it , or promote it on their blog or put it on some kind of pro Soundcloud song list of theirs. They are offering more plays , comments , followers etc. I've never...
  3. mark skinner

    Wicked Game (cover)

    Hello , here is a Chris Isaac cover I'm finishing up. Any comments and suggestions are welcomed. Thanks .. mark Wicked Game by mark alan skinner | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  4. mark skinner

    "Iris" cover

    I've always wanted to do this song but , always had trouble with the drums. I found a usable drum track, then pulled a ton of reverb off of it with Reafir. Recorded in Cakewalk. Any suggestions on mix or master would be great. Weapons - G&L asat , Ibanez bass, Fender mandolin , Cello , Aria...
  5. mark skinner

    Doo Dah

    This is a funk instrumental with some vocal chops. 7th mix so any suggestions are More than welcome. Recorded in CbB Midi drums and organ. Elec. guitars bass and cello. Thank You .. mark Doo Dah by mark alan skinner | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  6. mark skinner

    Mastering for streaming site

    Hello , I have been having major problems mastering a song for upload to SoundCloud. My 16 bit cd mix is fine. I'm uploading my streaming mix at 32 bit -14 lufs , eq'd and leveled for streaming using Ozone. The problem I'm having on this song (and others like it) is when the site applies their...
  7. mark skinner


    Here's a just finished collaboration with me ,Tom Deering ,Dave Townsend and Bjorn Fredrickson from the Cakewalk forum. Come on aboard. JOEMENTUM
  8. mark skinner

    ReaFir for boosting?

    I have a stereo track of a finished song from a lost project that needs the vocals brought up. I've used eq and compression and gotten them sitting pretty well in the mix but made my tele a little louder than I wan't it to be. I was wondering if I could re sing a section , run it thru reaFir and...
  9. mark skinner

    Things with strings

    I pulled out most of my instruments for this one. I guess it features the mandolin. My favorite part in the mixing phase was the slapped acoustic that comes in about half way. It was bounced, reversed, reverb'd , bounced and reversed again , making the reverb play backwards then mixed with the...
  10. mark skinner

    In the fields

    Here's a new one minute song done in Cakewalk by Bandlab. I said what I wanted then closed it. All feedback welcome. Thanks .. mark .In The Fields by mark alan skinner | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  11. mark skinner

    SounClick vs SoundCloud

    I've noticed quite a few people using Soundclick on different forums , Do you know of any advantages over SoundCloud. I can't seem to get much info from Click about uploads etc. for the "free" account. Thanks ... mark
  12. mark skinner

    G&L Blues

    I've never been able to play traditional slow blues lead guitar. When RickF posted a blues song on the main Cakewalk forum I took it as a lesson to be learned. It took me a month to learn and record what he did in one pass just improvising. So with his permission I'm posting it for feedback on...
  13. mark skinner

    Found ... New sound ..

    Playing around in a real slow 45 bpm (now empty project) I inserted a tabla drum vst I recently downloaded just to play with it in prv. For some reason I turned on the arpeggiator for the midi track in Cakewalk , and in a matter of minutes created a 'really' cool backing drum track that would...
  14. mark skinner

    Ableton/M-audio interface

    Hello , does anyone know which m-audio interfaces came bundled with Ableton in the last few years ? Trying to help a friend with an authorization code. Thanks ... mark
  15. mark skinner

    display monitor size

    Hello , My 27" fs tv I was using for a monitor fried and died . It was a little large for my space , but worked perfect. I have a couple of old monitors between 17 and 20" I've hooked up . The smaller one works well , and is pretty easy to see everything , but too small. The larger one fits well...
  16. mark skinner

    finding bpm video

    I watched a video a while back , I'm sure it was "Kenny" playing a guitar with no drums or metronome . The idea was to play the part at the best tempo you're comfortable with and then finding the bpm in Reaper. I don't remember what he was using but it wasn't just a matter of changing bpm and...
  17. mark skinner

    Ozone 8 elements give away

    This week only. Izotope giving away "Ozone 8 elements" as they're rolling out ozone 9 mastering software.
  18. mark skinner

    iZotope ozone imager

    I downloaded the "free" ozone imager from iZotope , and installed it on an offline pc via flash drive. This is a widening plug in that is working Flawlessly in Demo Mode. Can't seem to get the "offline" authorization procedure to work. Has anyone done this ? Thanks ... mark
  19. mark skinner

    male vocal eq

    Hello , Is there any way to make a persons voice sound a lot "deeper" without muddying it up ? Every time I receive a vocal track from a friend , he has his low freq. boosted 8-12 db. and it really doesn't help improve the quality of his voice , but it is obvious he wants it to sound deeper...
  20. mark skinner

    "Frozen" track color

    Hello , when my projects in CbB start getting pretty large , I usually "freeze" tracks just to reduce cpu usage. I always "unfreeze" them for minor adjustments. Sometimes hunting for a problem spot , the waveforms are hard to see given the Washed Out light blue color they are given when frozen...