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  1. mark skinner

    Don't know pain at all

    Great song and Very well played and sung. To me the guitar sounded Much better on mix1 , and I felt like I was in the room with you .. But the vocals needed boosting and EQ'd closer to the ones from mix 2. Enjoyed it .. mark
  2. mark skinner


    I'm using d'addario phos. bronze lights. I had to do some major EQ ing to get this tone. Years ago I traded this guitar to a friend for a cello. He recently passed away and willed it back to me . Now it's much more than another nice instrument.. Keith , I've had a really hard time posting a new...
  3. mark skinner

    nice ballad..... with FUZZ! "Spring Morning"

    You always put such great acoustic guitar parts in these instrumentals. Enjoyed it .. mark
  4. mark skinner

    Some 12-string jangle! Mix opinions please...

    breserlal , Most acoustic players I know get a 12 string at some point. They're a lot of fun and sound great , but when the thrill is gone they usually end up as wall art or just stored away somewhere. "But" Pulling the low octave strings off and leaving the 4 high octave and 1 of the high B...
  5. mark skinner

    A original I have been working on .

    drieb , Great song ! All it needs in my opinion is a remix. Very good job on the vocals. It seems like you've got the perfect voice for this style. Crits - The intro has some timing problems and sounds like it was taken from somewhere after the 2 min. mark , But the EQ and tone was Very nice...
  6. mark skinner

    Killing floor

    Great performance ! you really captured a "live" feel on this one. It doesn't sound as if it were comped at all. "Fantastic" job on the vocals. Enjoyed it .. mark
  7. mark skinner


    I've made a Lot of changes and the top link now reflects them. Thanks for the comments and suggestions so far. mark
  8. mark skinner

    How is this mix?

    Gokul , The mix itself sounded Very good to me. Nothing really jumped out at me that needed work. I thought you could have gotten to the first chorus sounding part earlier. At some point I think a real high drawn out synth part could be following the melody kind of gluing together the quicker...
  9. mark skinner

    Soundcloud messages ??

    Keith , That's kinda' what I figured , but wasn't sure. I normally use souncloud just to get help from recording forums. I get that Win-win feeling when a song is finally done. "Thanks"
  10. mark skinner


    Here's a short instrumental I'm trying to finish up and could use some help on. I went direct in with a DY-77 Yairi with a "shadow" pickup. I've gone back and forth so many times with some new CB-1 headphones and my studio monitors I no longer trust my ears. Any crits , comments and suggestions...
  11. mark skinner

    Wicked Game (cover)

    Stevie , Thanks for the great comments. Yeah I added no gain to the Randall T2 amp. I use this one a lot and have been looking for a real one for quite a while. mark
  12. mark skinner

    Soundcloud messages ??

    When I post a new song on Soundcloud , a lot of times I'll get a message very shortly afterwards from someone offering to represent it , or promote it on their blog or put it on some kind of pro Soundcloud song list of theirs. They are offering more plays , comments , followers etc. I've never...
  13. mark skinner

    "Warm Like A Gun" - funk/rock/synth fusion

    Release it ! If you had promoted and released this in the 90's I believe you would still be going to the mailbox for your royalty checks. Superb synth and guitar work. Fantastic vocals. I loved the delay/reverb treatment on everything. Great song .. mark
  14. mark skinner

    Some 12-string jangle! Mix opinions please...

    Very nice ! I think your playing was spot on. Very good timing. I do believe the lead guitar could use a little Less FX. The backing guitars sounded nice. Kinda had a Rickenbacker "Birds" vibe. I thought the section coming in around 2:20 had Too much reverb or the wrong reverb. I really liked...
  15. mark skinner

    The Farmer and the Yam ~ remote collaboration

    The entire concept of doing the fairy tales is seriously cool. I loved the videos. This is my first visit to this section of the forum. I've been missing out .. Great job to everyone. mark
  16. mark skinner

    "Poppin' Tight"

    Killer track ! The tones were spot on , I especially liked the bass tone and attack. I don't play a lot of electric but I'm sure going to take a close look at the Iridium. Another great song .. mark
  17. mark skinner

    Electric Blue - Winter, 2021

    I thought this was Very close to being Very nice.. I believe I would fade the intro and outro a little harder. I'm not listening on a good system , but the high ambient droning sound gets to be a little too loud. It's acting like an overtone of the main instruments but to the point of...
  18. mark skinner

    WILLIAM PITT Unplugged

    You have a very nice voice and good playing skills. The mix really got a lot more depth and a lot wider when T enhanced it. Nice .. I think the guitars could be panned a little more away from the center carving a little bigger hole for the vocals. Enjoyed it . mark
  19. mark skinner

    Wicked Game (cover)

    Hello , here is a Chris Isaac cover I'm finishing up. Any comments and suggestions are welcomed. Thanks .. mark Wicked Game by mark alan skinner | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  20. mark skinner

    "Iris" cover

    I've always wanted to do this song but , always had trouble with the drums. I found a usable drum track, then pulled a ton of reverb off of it with Reafir. Recorded in Cakewalk. Any suggestions on mix or master would be great. Weapons - G&L asat , Ibanez bass, Fender mandolin , Cello , Aria...