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  1. maartenl945

    To low cut or not to low cut ?

    Hi, I made a video about this but wonder where you all stand ? Number one mixing technique ? Regards, Maarten
  2. maartenl945

    Reverb for blend and size

    In this video I show a reverb technique I typically use in every mix. Do you guys have any such technique that I could learn from ? :) How to use reverb for blend and size Regards, Maarten
  3. maartenl945

    Mix automation techniques ?

    In this video I demonstrate how I use automation to build a dynamic mix. Do you guys have any specific tips or pointers on using automation, since my approach is quite basic ? How to use Cubase 11 automation for making a dynamic mix in Home Studio (S1E17) Regards, Maarten
  4. maartenl945

    Heritage Audio HA-73 EQ versus plugins

    So I've owned a Heritage Audio HA-73 EQ for a few years now and recently compared its EQ against a number of plugins. Perhaps of interest: Heritage Audio HA-73 EQ versus plugins Can you guys hear the difference ? Or anybody in here that has any experience with this unit ? Regards, Maarten
  5. maartenl945

    Vocal comping

    Hi, I just released a video today on Vocal Comping on my YouTube channel, and was wondering if you guys (and girls) over here perhaps have some additional tips, tricks or techniques that you use when comping a vocal. I know the exact tools are dependant on which DAW you are using but still...
  6. maartenl945

    Gain staging before mixing with console emulation ?

    I just posted a video on my Lanewood Studios YouTube channel about using a plug-in (Britson) for gain staging and console emulation on every channel. What are the experiences in this group ? Do you use anything for gain staging and coloring ?
  7. maartenl945

    Go to techniques for mixing electric guitars ?

    I recently did a video on mixing the guitars for a new song on my YouTube channel Lanewood Studios. I know how you mix guitars is obviously dependant on the recordings, the song, the style, etc.... but do you guys have any go to techniques that have often worked for you ?
  8. maartenl945

    SpectraLayers One in Cubase 11

    I just made a video on my YouTube channel (Lanewood Studios) about the new SpectraLayers One in Cubase 11, and how I've found some uses for it. I wonder if any of you guys are using it and what for ? Maybe I can learn something new :). Regards, Maarten
  9. maartenl945

    Favorite snare mixing techniques

    Hi, I just posted a video on my LanewoodStudios YouTube channel about snare mixing techniques. What are some of your favorite snare mixing techniques that I could benefit from ? Regards, Maarten