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  1. Tadpui

    Splitter Cable, splitting 1 condenser microphone output to two inputs for Apollo solo usb

    There's a much easier way to record both a wet and a dry signal using the UAD routing/console software by using an aux bus, applying the FX only to the bus, then recording both the input (dry) and the aux (wet) in your DAW. This video shows the technique nice and clearly:
  2. Tadpui

    Great and Lame album titles

    One of my favorite bands, Spoon, released an album titled "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga". That's pretty easily the worst album title in my collection. And Every Time I See Someone Type An Entire Paragraph With Each Word Capatilized, It Annoys Me To The Point That I Want To Smack Them, And I Also Think To...
  3. Tadpui

    What are good laptops to get?

    With those requirements, you can get away with a pretty inexpensive laptop. Audio by itself isn't very demanding on a computer, even multiple channels of hi-res audio in each direction. (A Zoom H4n Pro can record 4 channels of 24bit/48kHz audio while playing back 2 more channels, and it's...
  4. Tadpui

    Overloading CPU and Crackling MIDI

    If you tap the Windows key and start typing "Power plan" you'll find the setting to choose a power plan and edit your current power plan. There are separate settings for running on battery and while plugged in, so you can set everything balls-to-the-wall while on AC power, and choose more...
  5. Tadpui

    My new Post-Rock song Mastered, Suggestion needed!

    The guitars being 100% L/R isn't unusual, and that's not the distracting part to me. It's the drums that are distracting. Even though the drum bus is panned center, there is something making them artificially wide in the mix. Click on Kontakt and look through the controls within the plugin...
  6. Tadpui

    My new Post-Rock song Mastered, Suggestion needed!

    The drums are distractingly wide in the non-mastered version as well, so it's either baked into the samples or there has been some sort of stereo widening somewhere along the way. It sounds like the drums are panned mostly right, and just a slapback delay of the drums is on the left. The phase...
  7. Tadpui

    Limiter/Compressor WHILE Recording?

    As far as connecting outboard gear, I think the ways that would be accomplished would be - on the way in, via a channel insert - on the way in, via an outboard preamp, then any other line-level processors, then line input to the interface - in software, while tracking, using a VST that...
  8. Tadpui


    I agree that FMR are a little fuzzy when it comes to the cable requirements. The manual says to NOT use TRS cables, but I hooked mine up with TRS in and out, going to balanced connections on my interface and I didn't have any troubles. Now I've got it hooked up with an insert cable, which is...
  9. Tadpui

    Are PreAmps a marketing myth?

    I think he's referring to "5 Man Acoustical Jam", the live acoustic album that they did. There's a version of Love Song from that album too. That really brings me back to high school, when I listened to that album a shameful amount :)
  10. Tadpui

    Control Surfaces?

    I've had a 1-channel FaderPort for years now, and I still use it a lot. No novelty here, it's genuinely useful. I use it for track levels, panning, transport control, and writing automation. I still use the mouse/keyboard for everything else, like creating/naming tracks, adding FX, adjusting FX.
  11. Tadpui

    Why is my audio so quiet now? the only difference is I added a clap

    This would be the exact effect of normalization. I agree, somewhere in the signal chain is some sort of automatic gain or normalization process. This article makes it sound like Garage Band automatically normalizes on export, and that behavior can be turned off...
  12. Tadpui

    Boot hill

    Yeah, everything is still over on the left. I turned off my left speaker, and the only thing on the right is bass, vocal and a teeny tiny bit of barely-audible hihat. Drums and guitar are entirely on the left side. Something funky is going on with the panning. Great guitar tone though!
  13. Tadpui

    Upgrade condenser microphone

    I've never laid hands on any of those 3 mics, but I can't imagine that any of them would let you down. It all comes down to which frequencies they exaggerate and which frequencies they attenuate. I've heard C414s quite a bit and they seem like a great all-around workhorse. The XLII has a...
  14. Tadpui

    There's the ultimate....and then there's reality.......

    Dang, you analog guys have some impressive setups (and some "impressive" critters :)). And I'm really amused by your pet stories. Also, bachelorb, I think you've got a sweet mobile setup. It's like the Stones' rig back in '72 :D I'm all "in the box" so I'm an outsider here, but I do have a...
  15. Tadpui

    Half Way There

    This started as an experiment: what would happen if I sent everything through my new Behringer ADA8200 preamps? I've since retracked the drums, but mostly everything here is going through the cheapo Midas preamps on the ADA8200. This one is at that point for me where I've listened and...
  16. Tadpui

    Drum newb shopping for a first kit

    OK here's where I'm at, after trying a few things as far as overheads and spot mics. I like the spaced pair overhead placement the best. And I've re positioned my tom mics so they're pointing more towards the rims than towards the center of each tom. For the kick, I've got the mic just inside...
  17. Tadpui

    Reaper routing matrix.

    On the mixer panel, above each track is a stack of sends. If you click on one of those, it should give you the option of adding a new send to a track (like if you wanted to do a reverb aux send), or to send to a hardware output. I've never tried this, but this would be where I'd start. See if...
  18. Tadpui

    So, I guess this is a thing?

    I've been watching a lot of YouTube lately, and I've been amazed at what bizarre stuff has huge followings. I've only recently discovered what ASMR is (it's some silly relaxation soft-speaking style). I'm not a fan. But this...this is...well, this is this: I'm really creeped out. And a...
  19. Tadpui

    The New Tone Thread

    Love it miner! Speaking of 1991...we did lingerie instead of jeans. This is embarrassing but I can't resist. Yes, those are tights...and the Charvel 475 that I traded in for my Les Paul in 1999. But hey, the singer met his first wife while we were shopping for those tights. She worked at...
  20. Tadpui

    The New Tone Thread

    OK, here is my attempt at Greg's settings on my 10-year younger 2204. I don't have a SD1, but I do have a TS9. So I cranked the level and turned down the drive (although now that I look at it, I messed up and left the drive at about 3:00). Same settings that Greg used on the amp head...