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  1. jiff 41

    What did I hit?

    You can alter the S & D keys to save or delete in the 'Alt recording' menu in the Action list then it doesn't affect the non-recording purpose of said buttons?.
  2. jiff 41

    Mixer channel strip height change

    Hi Alan, Have you seen the great free vids by Kenny Gioa, There's one on screensets!
  3. jiff 41

    [SOLVED] "Bounce to Tracks" ?? ..

    In Prefs, under Keyboard Shortcuts, near the bottom!. ;)
  4. jiff 41

    Collab with Rami !

  5. jiff 41

    Cakewalk by BandLab is finaly launched.. for FREE !!!

    I downloaded this to check out & was playing around with TH3 & when I finished with one preset I pressed the REMOVE button :rolleyes: & now I think I've deleted the presets I think 25,29?, is there a way to reset them? Can't find any info in the manual? ANY help much appreciated! :)
  6. jiff 41

    Emu 1820m Dock Repair..?

    Hi Again, Can you try in (pic 1) from the 3 top buttons on the left, the middle one (new session) & from the resulting page select the one I've highlighted for your interface!, it's the one I use (except mine is 1616!) & delete the stips I don't use, but it all the available Ins/Outs on...
  7. jiff 41

    Emu 1820m Dock Repair..?

    Hi again snatchman, Have you tried a new session?; The more I read the problem, the more it sounds like a routing one, If one input on the dock front is making it into Reaper but not the back dock imputs could it be that the dock inputs have become disconnected (Not physically!)but un-routed in...
  8. jiff 41

    Keeping Window Open In Reaper..

    Hi snatchman, Have a look in the prefs & check if the top box in the pic (only one FX allowed!)is selected? ;) ps. When looking in prefs, if you hold your mouse on the line in question, look down the bottom & an explanation is there for that option?. :thumbs up:
  9. jiff 41

    New versions

    You can safely delete them to save space, they are ALL available @ the bottom of the download page; You can go back as far as you like? :thumbs up:
  10. jiff 41

    Ghost notes

    It's worth checking the 'Track Manager' @ times like this 'Ctrl/shift/M' cos tracks can get hidden in Editor & mixer view so be invisible to us?, I like to have the 'Project Manager' in my top toolbar as well to show Exactly what's in the project & it's/their locations?:)
  11. jiff 41

    Reaper By The Numbers: Following Kenny Gioia's Tutorial Videos

    Hi again, First thing I noticed was your Monitor button, It should look like; Just click it to change (3 stages?) And I've changed my item gain to a 'Knob' like; @ the top left of the track next the 'info' button, I find that easier to use? easy enough to change in the prefs!; Enjoy...
  12. jiff 41

    Strange Editing Problem In Reaper - Clips/Splits Moving

    The Ripple editing button (3 from left bottom row) has 3 stages, disabled,per track & all tracks, hover with the mouse to see which state is selected? Make sure in prefs the bottom line is checked? Also check items are not grouped? (Chain button next to ripple edit) :guitar:
  13. jiff 41

    Newbie. Mixer / Meters Red line?

    Hello Mr Sullivan, Have you seen the excellent videos Kenny Goia does for Reaper?,, They're on the download page There's a few,(on the right side there's a heading 'Midi & virtual instruments') click on that & there's a selection!, I think everything is covered!.:thumbs up: As far as I'm aware...
  14. jiff 41

    Hi: Anybody teach beginners how to get rolling with reaper in Las Vegas/Henderson?

    On the page where you download Reaper there are some excellent vids, by a very good instructor, These'll get you going!:guitar:
  15. jiff 41

    Need help to learn simple things with Reaper.

    The vids you require are on the download page for Reaper! :D Here;
  16. jiff 41


    Hey Fritz. Here's a little gif to show how easy it is to apply a highpass filter! :) Forgot to say, love the song, & it's really nice to see you posting stuff again!:thumbs up:
  17. jiff 41

    Keeping cubase

    Hi, I got a new recording PC yesterday & I'm in the process of moving everything over. Although I don't use Cubase exclusive I don't want to lose coz I love it & use it for some things for which I just feel "I'll do this in Cubase". It's LE5 which came with my Alesis interface,so do I need a new...
  18. jiff 41

    Steeno's birthday

    Happy Birthday Steenomaroo,28 eh that's young! party time:drunk: :D
  19. jiff 41

    Show Us Your Pets!

    this is our little boy "mwgs", he loves guarding the window!.
  20. jiff 41

    Free kontakt drum player

    Sennheiser: Headphones, Microphones and Wireless Systems Just a heads up on a very good offer, FREE drum kontakt player worth a look!! :)