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  1. Folkcafe

    It was twenty years ago today,

    Yup, I've been a member of this forum for 20 years. I joined shortly before building my home studio. Having only recently returned to being active again, there are not a lot of familiar names or at least ones that I can recall. I tried digging through old posts but it seems a lot of them I...
  2. Folkcafe

    Studio Upgrade and Makeover Thread

    Hard to know what to call this thread other than its a chronicle or post mortem of the old build and the choices made then and now. First the back story as to how the first build came about over 20 years ago. I had what I considered my dream job of sorts. I was working in a studio as what I...
  3. Folkcafe

    Presonus PD-70?

    Anyone try this mic out. Watched a couple comparisons vs the SM7B where the opinion seems to be that it has similar characteristic's but not quite as bright. Looking at the response graph confirms this. Am I the only one considering this one here?
  4. Folkcafe

    Monitors Du Jour?

    I've about exhausted the extents of my French but looking for new monitors to replace my KRK's (blown up sir). They were an oddball model 4000. A limited release of a passive version of the V4 that really paired nicely with one of my Hafler amps until a friend blew them out while gleefully...
  5. Folkcafe

    Budget Tracking Headphones?

    I've got a session coming up recording drums, bass and guitar and looking for some affordable closed back headphones for tracking. I only have one pair of close back which is the Shure SRH940. At $300 each, not exactly in the budget. I have a couple pairs of Shure in-ears but the guitarist is...
  6. Folkcafe

    Motu 16A or Presonus Quantum 4848?

    Need an interface for my new Mac. Have some outboard Pre's and a 24 track Soundtracs console. Price is about the same on these two. I have plenty of D25 cabling from my old Tascams left over, which would make hooking up to the 4848 easier. Also more I/O's. Don't need preamps but need at...
  7. Folkcafe

    How to restart? been gone awhile

    Been out of recording for a long long time. First signed up here almost 20 years ago and nearly 10 years since I last logged in. What I miss? Back then I had (still have) a Digi 001 and most of the old studio is still intact though collecting dust. Digi still works but only plan on...
  8. Folkcafe

    Promotion Idea Exchange

    I am working with a long time friend on the relaunch of his music career. This is a bit of a new role for me and one I would not normally play if not for the fact that this is a good friend of 25 years. So I would really like input and your ideas. As I believe in networking I am sharing the...
  9. Folkcafe

    Real-time web collaboration question

    I am currently using skype for songwriting with other people in different parts of the country. Is there a better tool out there for this? I'm not looking for pristine audio performance. Skype just continues to do weird things. Any of you guys doing this? Don
  10. Folkcafe

    Need help finding a couple of vocal comp units.

    Up to this point I've been a, just get it into the computer and I'll work with it there, kind of guy. It's been working out so far but I've decided it's time to start the next phase for the studio. For me that's going to be a few channels of compression. Once in the computer, I stay there so...
  11. Folkcafe

    I got a cool tour at the largest guitar manufacturer in the world.

    For those who have not been following the "guitar in Korea" thread I have just returned from Korea. While there I got a chance for the adventure of a lifetime. I went on a guitar quest which included a factory tour at Samick. This company produces more than half the guitars made in the world...
  12. Folkcafe

    Dr. Z Carmen Ghia for the studio.

    Hi all. I am starting a collection for my small studio and I'm starting to look at amps. I have picked up a few acoustics and already had a couple of old electrics. I have read a couple of reviews for this amp and though it would make a good starting point. I have little experience with...