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  1. Mickster

    Plug-On Wireless Transmitter and Receiver System Advice

    I'm looking for some advice on getting a "plug-on" wireless mic system. A plug in transmitter for the mic and a receiver to plug into the PA. Anyone using one? Will be using it live mostly and will be plugging it into either Sennheiser E935 or a Shure SM57. Not looking to spend a...
  2. Mickster

    AKG K371 - Awesome !!

    Hey everyone......I got some AKG K371 cans not too long ago and have been using them since. I had an Amazon gift card and since I've sort of become a headphone junkie....I looked over some reviews and these jumped out at me. While I was IMMEDIATELY impressed the moment I put them on.....I...
  3. Mickster

    Guitar / Bass Cable's the deal. I've been using Monster Cables for some years now. That's the only brand I have. To be honest man.....they really seem to take a beating but.....I hate them because they're so damn stiff and unwieldy. Nit picky right? Well....I did accidentally break
  4. Mickster

    Headphone Output Observation / Question

    Here's something I've noticed and would like to understand better. When I listen via my Denon Sony Tascam DP24 recorder....and my Zoom R16 AI....using each of their headphone outputs....each one has a slightly different sound for sure. I use a number of headphones....Senn...
  5. Mickster

    Old 388 Tapes - What Machine To Use?

    Hi guys...I have a box full of old recorded Tascam 388 tapes / masters and the 388 is long gone. What a great machine that was though when it was new. Anyway...I know the 388 tapes are 8 tracks on a quarter inch format. I never wondered before...but is there a machine...other than a...
  6. Mickster

    Tele-prompter On Stage ???

    I used to know tons of covers (lyrics and chords) by memory.....but in recent years I really don't play live much....except for some fill in stints etc....etc. Not playing regularly it's easy to forget lyrics and chords here and there. Yup.....I know....getting older doesn't help either. I...
  7. Mickster

    Another Dumb Question From Me - Notes In Reaper?

    OK...pardon the there any way to make notes in Reaper? You the old track sheets we used to use? (I last used them with my DP-24) I guess you could tell me to keep making track sheets but since most settings and effects used on tracks in Reaper are...
  8. Mickster

    How To Figure Out My Subwoofer Setting the category of almost dumb one for you. I have a sub that I'm going to add to one of my sets of monitors. The monitors are awesome but only go down to around 60-63hz accurately.....according to their specs. I've had the sub for a while and it's fine except that...
  9. Mickster

    What Gibson Is This??

    Ok....what model Gibson is the girl on the left playing? It strikes me as a small 335 of some sort? I'm stumped. YouTube
  10. Mickster

    What Reference Songs Do You Use?

    For years now I've used Dire Strait's "Sultans Of Swing" and Van Morrison's "Moondance" as two of my most go to tracks I use as sort of reference songs when mixing some of my projects. I have a few others as well. As many of you have's a good idea to have a song you can use as...
  11. Mickster

    Sonarworks Reference 4 Headphone Review

    So....I've been using the Sonarworks Reference 4 Headphone VST for about 3 months now and I thought it might be of some interest to a few of you here to get my impressions of how it works. First of all......I have to say....I like it and I'm be honest. I bought it because I use...
  12. Mickster

    Holy "Crap"

    Just picked up a 1 year old Epiphone LP Studio for $75. Not a scratch on it....straight bolt on neck....controls are fine.....excellent feel and light weight. That's all you can say good about it. The tuners are terrible. A couple of them feel almost stuck. The pickups are terrible. They...
  13. Mickster

    45 Year Old Reel To Reel Tape - What Can I Expect?

    An old pal of mine recently found a number of reel to reel tapes of our old band music from back in the 70's. They're quarter inch tapes originally recorded on a Sony sound on sound machine. We're currently looking for a cheap reel to reel to play these tapes on so we can archive whatever...
  14. Mickster

    Reaper Looping???

    Ok....I'm sure this is me doing something stupid. Been using Reaper for many years now and I've never come across this issue. Let's say you're "cutting" a certain portion of an item on a single track. That leaves a highlighted area across all tracks right? The cut works
  15. Mickster

    Strange Problem With My AI Streaming Video

    I use a Zoom R16 as an AI with a Lenovo T410 with 8GB on Win7 for one of my recording setups. No problems with latency and I can get upwards of twenty tracks with moderate use of effects before I run into any issues. However.......when I use the R16 with YouTube and other streaming video I run...
  16. Mickster

    E Drums Advice Please

    Hey......I could use some advice. I'm looking for an electronic drum set to be used live and for recording. My budget is under $1000......the more under the better. I need mesh heads and some degree of durability and reliability and good sound of course. I don't need the best ever...
  17. Mickster

    LP Pup Heights

    Hey everyone with a Les Paul. I have a "76 Blond LP Custom. I use 9's and I originally set it up for those many years ago. A couple of questions please: 1. What do you set your pup heights to? I have always had mine set at 3/32" for the neck and 1/16" for the bridge. Those measurements...
  18. Mickster

    Reaper EQ Preset Templates????

    I use Reaper as my DAW and I have 8 sets of headphones.......don't ask. Anyway.....I use my JBL's for near fields but I use a couple of headphones for detail work. Over the years I've learned how to EQ each headphone to adjust for the "flaws" in their frequency playback....and I use Reapers 12...
  19. Mickster

    What Is Optane Memory ?

    I keep seeing this in new PC ads as "additional" memory???? Educate me on this please. Seems like it's supposed to "speed up" normal hard drive to the point where it's comparable to an SSD??? What's the deal?
  20. Mickster

    Need Some Help - Strat Pickup Driving Me Crazy's the deal. I have an old Bullet Strat that I've always used as my "experimental upgrade DIY" guitar. I replaced the neck with a MIM strat neck and tuners that I liked. Love the neck. Then.....I replaced the pickups with a set of MIM's that I got from Ebay. I tested all 3 and they...