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  1. cavedog101

    Limiter/Compressor WHILE Recording?

    Yes that is true. Or rather it can be true. I am always trying for a good level in the track that will make anything added @ mix work as it should. I don't want to spend time getting a sound and then tracking only to have to fix little widgits here and there. I will almost always use a fast...
  2. cavedog101

    Limiter/Compressor WHILE Recording?

    I compress on the way in. Every time. BUT.....I don't compress as a fix for something I can't control with simple mic technique /placement and preamp level control. I use compressors for the value their individual circuit adds to the sound of the take. A vocal will always get a fast comp...
  3. cavedog101

    GUITAR CAB MIC SHOOTOUT - Shure Sm57 vs. 17 microphones

    Top five here for me: SM57-Rode K2-Senn MD421-Oktava MK-219- Audix i5..........all of them had a solid midrange and a tight low end.
  4. cavedog101

    Fender Teles and swimming through the Fender sea

    Teles are the easiest platform to mod to ones desires......
  5. cavedog101

    Bass Frequency response adjustments

    Sometimes when nothing else works for bass, I go back to the basics....
  6. cavedog101

    let me see your studio!

    You can kinda see what's what. As far as the configuration goes. Gear-wise there's (left) an early Joe Meek comp v:2.07, a JJ Audio modded Art VLA (made in USA..I bought it new), a Drip Audio Opto 6(LA2A), and a Warm Audio WA76, and a Parasound HA1000 amp prepped by Sundholm Engineering for the...
  7. cavedog101

    let me see your studio!

    Sorry for the blurry pics. The site won't let me upload the hi-res stuff...
  8. cavedog101

    let me see your studio!

    John, isnt the 'mastering' version of the 8200 the one with the stepped knobs? Love em for tracking, never could get em to sit well in mastering. Love the Cranesong there....Here's some more images of the current office.