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  1. jiff 41

    Keeping cubase

    Hi, I got a new recording PC yesterday & I'm in the process of moving everything over. Although I don't use Cubase exclusive I don't want to lose coz I love it & use it for some things for which I just feel "I'll do this in Cubase". It's LE5 which came with my Alesis interface,so do I need a new...
  2. jiff 41

    Steeno's birthday

    Happy Birthday Steenomaroo,28 eh that's young! party time:drunk: :D
  3. jiff 41

    Free kontakt drum player

    Sennheiser: Headphones, Microphones and Wireless Systems Just a heads up on a very good offer, FREE drum kontakt player worth a look!! :)
  4. jiff 41

    Monitors wanted

    Hi all, I'm in the UK & my wife wants to buy me a birthday pressie, & i need monitors, is anybody selling in the UK, if so let me know,, also suggestions as to what are good/cheap if there is such an animal (i know you get what you pay for & all that) but a while back i remember reading...
  5. jiff 41

    mix this question

    Hi all, i've never mixed anything in my life, except booze & playing:-DON'T, but the other day i d/l Fraud in the mix this experience, & i noticed some tracks with"comp vox & gtr" it means compressed right?, BUT does it mean it's been compressed OR we/i compress it here(the thick end??), hope...
  6. jiff 41

    Mic problem

    Hi all, I've got a behringerB1, & it's got a fair bit of self noise & the output is lower than my mates which i borrowed the other day to checkout, you guys here are pretty hot on stuff like this so i was just wondering if anybody knows of anything that can be done to the mic?, any hope?? thanks
  7. jiff 41

    S/N problem

    hi, i'm using an alesis IO2 express, which with nothing plugged in has hiss, when i plug my sm58 in, hiss dissappears, same with guitars,but when i plug my berhingerB1 the hiss stays, so apart from gating is there any other tricks to be used, what i've been doing is lowering the gain & singing...
  8. jiff 41

    UI i thought that's strange!

    while doing some recording today i noticed when i highlite a track it minimises, quite annoying!, all i can see is track name, click on the track below,& it comes back to normal & the new track i highlited goes small, looked in preferences & i've ticked enlarge track when highlited but it's...
  9. jiff 41

    cubase le5 question?

    HI, question for cubase guru's,, i've tried everything except swearing & throwing things to get cubase to see independence free in the vst folder, but it will not, it works as a standalone so there's no probs with the install, i put it in reaper (which i'm trying on eval & i'm very...