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  1. Steenamaroo

    Lost in cables.

    I'll do it then. Keep it nice, particularly in the noobs section, please.
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    New studio setup advice needed!

    Hi, You can probably check EZDrummer quite easily by signing in and trying to download it. You should be presented with download options and details. I'd imagine one of them will be AAX. Either that or all components are included in a single installer and you already have AAX. If your license is...
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    What are good laptops to get?

    +1 to the previous replies but, if you're usually a mac guy, take a look at the new M1 MBP or MBA. The prices came down and performance went up...A lot! May or may not be best bang for buck but worth a look. Previous setup was a 12core MP 5,1 @ 3.33ghz and my M1 MBA laughs at it. I know that...
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    Deciding between EV RE20, Mojave 301FET & Sennheiser MKH 416 for VO

    +1 Folkcafe I'd let the environment make the decision. If you're fighting the room then I'd stick with a dynamic mic and stay close to it. The RE20 is good for this as it counters the proximity effect, where a 7b/58 does not, so you get a nice full clear dynamic sound without having to worry...
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    Pro tools 2020 scroll bar and bar markers glitch

    Protools 2021.3 was released today and supports Win 10 20H2. @BIVLEE
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    import songdata

    Looks like we don't have a Presonus/Studio One section so I've moved it into Digital Recording & Computers.
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    MIDI controller problem

    I think it would be the other way around? If the clicking is coming from the computer struggling to keep up then you'd want to increase the buffer settings in your DAW. This would result in lowering the load on CPU, but with the cost of increasing latency. It's less common to need to, these...
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    Pro tools 2020 scroll bar and bar markers glitch

    Could be something to do with this?
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    Song recorded and transferred to laptop will not play

    Interesting. Might be explain why we used to have issues from time to time when I sent Jimmy stuff to work on. I thought a wav was a wav, but what do I know? :ROFLMAO:
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    Song recorded and transferred to laptop will not play

    I don't think I've ever encountered this.
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    GAIN STAGING misunderstandings, suggestions?

    +1 to what Faview said. Gain on a guitar amp is for taste/tone. When we talk about gain staging we mean we're making sure that the signal isn't trying to exceed the capabilities of the gear at each stage of the chain. Say you had a mic -> hardware preamp -> hardware EQ - > Audio interface. If...
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    Please help I’m dying to make music!

    With that particular error you might want to try creating your session on the system disk rather than D: but yes...Reaper.
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    Please help I’m dying to make music!

    What way you set up really depends on exactly what you want to do. Are you doing a one shot 'must be live' single recording of a performance, like a live musician, or planning to layer up and mix different sounds? Do you want to have a recording of the synth + looper as you hear them, or do you...
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    Please help I’m dying to make music!

    "save them to my rc 505 and connect that to my laptop via the midi cable to USB port" No, if I understand your plans and intentions, midi doesn't factor into it. It sounds like you're already able to do a performance and have that recorded to the rc505 then you just want a way to get a copy of...
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    Please help I’m dying to make music!

    Ok. Sounds like you want to capture a live/real-time performance. Unless the amp is contributing something special to that, like time based effects or distortions, I'd take it out of the setup. The RC505 has line level outputs so you could connect those directly to your computer and record to...
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    Please help I’m dying to make music!

    My goodness. A synthesiser makes sound and has audio outputs. That sound can be amplified and / or recorded. A midi controller / midi keyboard has midi outputs and does not make its own sounds. It requires a standalone synthesiser, or a connection to a computer where virtual instruments can be...
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    Hello, there!

    Just so you feel right at home, we're all getting older too! :ROFLMAO:
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    Hello, there!

    Welcome to the forums, David! It looks like you're in the right place...Don't worry about it. :)
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    No idea what I did?

    I think it's just the tempo throwing you, Rob. Apart from being quite a bit slower this sounds normal enough to me.
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    Could My Broken Off Pot Be Soldered Back On?

    Nothing beats first hand info. :) Thanks, Sweetbeats.