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  1. Rokket

    Simple Man

    Sorry, I just had to post this... Anyway, if you are expecting Ronnie Van Zant, I am not him. And I am not Brent Smith from Shinedown. But I try. So how did I do? And yes, it's a Karaoke track. I hope you can listen to it all the way. Don't eat first... Vocaroo | Voice message
  2. Rokket

    Old song, new mix

    Yeah, this thing is 14 years old. It's a collaboration, but I'll be darned if I can remember all the usernames of those involved. Basically, the drums, a telecaster track, a banjo track and the solos are all different people. There are no vocals yet. They were also done by someone other than me...
  3. Rokket

    Can't upload an MP3???

    I attempted to post in the MP3 clinic, and when I went to attach the file to the post, it failed... I was able to directly attach them before. Did something change, or did I goof up the conversion from .WAV file?:confused:
  4. Rokket

    Scary-oke cover

    I am just trying to gauge where I am at. I only started working on my voice a few months ago, when arthritis took my hands away from me. You don't have to be kind. The kindest thing anyone previously said about my singing was that I sounded like two cats fighting. I think I may have improved...
  5. Rokket

    Anyone remember me?

    It's been so long even I can't remember when I was on here last. A whole lot has changed in my life, hobby-wise. I still dabble with home recording, but not like I used to. I am into 3D modeling more now. I just stopped by out of curiosity. I may stick around awhile.
  6. Rokket

    Writing lyrics to an existing song bed

    So someone writes a song (say me, for instance), but then wants to redo the whole thing, but they (I) like the instrumental part enough that they (I) want to rewrite to fit that. Have you ever done that? I am having a hell of a time at it. Here is a link to the song in question, if someone...
  7. Rokket

    On demand writing

    I tried to see if I could write an emotional love song about no one in particular. So I sat down and just let the words flow. I've made no changes to this, and the subject of the song doesn't exist, at least not to me. I think there is a lot of emotion behind it. What do you think? Oh, Juliet...
  8. Rokket

    Getting in over my head, but loving it

    I put aside music for a bit to concentrate on this 3D rendering program I bought (Poser 8, for those who have ever played with this sort of thing). So now I am developing a full 3D rendered video complete with speaking parts, and mixing in some of my songs (which all have to have the vocals...
  9. Rokket

    Kind of a cross post...

    I posted this in the Reaper forum, mostly because I need a specific answer to using Reaper with the Lexicon Omega or Alpha. I have an opportunity to pick one of the above up at a good price. It will be a huge learning curve for me, but I need something to get back into recording with since my...
  10. Rokket

    Lexicon Omega, Reaper and Win7

    I was told there are compatibility issues with the Omega and Win7. Lexicon hasn't come out with Win7 drivers? Also, it's bundled with Cubase. Do you think I can run it with Reaper? Sorry, newbie questions. I have always been a stand-alone multitracker guy til now.
  11. Rokket

    Ok, here's a crazy question

    Here's the plot: You record a song with a certain BPM, sayyyyyyy 125. Then you collab with someone, and the song is good, but you realize it would sound better at say, 85 BPM. So, you retrack, but the guy who did the guitar for you is no longer around, and you can't do it yourself. What you...
  12. Rokket

    Reaper with Windows 7

    Works freakin' great. Anyone have any issues? I am using version 3.0 btw...
  13. Rokket

    v3.0 Just downloaded it today

    Really cleaned up the program. It's almost completely seemless now. Wow. I like it. Now if I only could track some new songs...:(
  14. Rokket

    What would you get?

    I have to buy a new laptop. My old one is dying slowly, but assuredly. What would you get and why?
  15. Rokket

    I can't record right now...

    ... but I want to mix something new. I don't know if this is the place to post this, but screw it. Anybody got something they have been beating their brains out trying to get right, and maybe need some fresh ears and a different approach to mix? I am bored out of my gourd and I am looking...
  16. Rokket

    Recorded a ground I can't get rid of

    I goofed. I was video taping the wife for some project she has going on. She has to do a 10 minute presentation on video. The mic on the cam wasn't cutting it, so I tried a shotgun mic I have, only to hear the hum of a ground in the damn soundtrack. We tried it again with a different mic setup...
  17. Rokket

    My last collab

    I think I may have said this before... :o Anyhow.... Drums - BentRabbit Bass - me Rhythm guits with chorus - me Tele rhythm - Anfontan Tele lead breaks - Anfontan Banjo (yeah, banjo!) -Anfontan Lead break - Purge Outro solo - WhiteStrat Vocals - joeym rip me a new one... Such A Shame
  18. Rokket

    One particular add that pops up

    ... really offends me. Well, not really, but it contains the words in LARGE font "These guys are the shit" or something to that effect. While I am a sailor/merchant seaman and can cuss with the best of them, I don't use that language around my kids. The last thing I want to hear coming out of...
  19. Rokket

    Fender acoustics

    I've read a lot about them, and talked to some who owned them. The concensus is that they don't match up to most acoustic guitars. Fender supposedly didn't spend the same time and effort making them as they do their electrics. I looked at one in a pawn shop last year. It was a lefty. I looked...
  20. Rokket

    Here it is, warts and all

    I am not sure if I am jumping the gun with this mix, but I am running out of time to get it posted... :o joeym remarked that we would make one hell of a band, I would have to agree! So.... Drums - Greg_L Bass and Rhythm guitars - me Lead guitar - WhiteStrat Vocals - joeym Tell me what you...