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  1. mjbphotos

    Strange Reaper behavior after Windows update

    Windows 10 did an update this past week. Today, when using Reaper, I found the mouse clicking way too 'sensitive' - clicking once, and it was acting as if I clicked twice on many things, and other times clicking didn't do anything. Maybe the latest Reaper update will fix? I haven't bothered...
  2. mjbphotos

    Guitar + vocal tracked at one time

    Recently had a friend in my studio to record his originals. He's the type who HAS to play and sing at the same time, and because of a bad back (at the time), he had to sit down while tracking. I had one condensor mic aimed slightly down towards the floor that worked well picking up the guitar...
  3. mjbphotos

    Is there really a difference between acoustic guitars? Listen!

    Well, of course there is! With the recent discussion of using 2 different SDCs for recording guitar, I thought I would try out my usual 2-mic method (Rode NT1 at 12th fret, angled toward soundhole. MXL LDC at lower bout) with different guitars to hear the difference in them that isn't always...
  4. mjbphotos

    XLR-1/4" line transformer

    My live set up: 2 guitars with balanced line outs to XLR-1/4" line transformers into the 2 inputs on my Radial PZ-Pre. I could use standard TS-TS cable for my Taylor, but the 1/4" output on my 12 string is crackly, so I use the XLR output. So 2 songs into my 12-string set of songs yesterday...
  5. mjbphotos

    Into the Vortex ... and Out the Other Side

    Today's the day! Available on all streaming services or from my Bandcamp site! Order a CD and get a free MP3 + lyrics download! The songs on ‘Into the Vortex … and Out the Other Side’ were written and recorded from late 2018 through early 2021 and document my personal voyage through this time...
  6. mjbphotos

    Into the Vortex ... and Out the Other Side

    PRE-RELEASE SALE! ‘Into the Vortex … and Out the Other Side’, a collection of 18 new original songs will be released December 3. The songs on ‘Into the Vortex … and Out the Other Side’ were written and recorded from late 2018 through early 2021 and document my personal voyage through this time...
  7. mjbphotos

    Focusrite 8i6 line inputs

    Wasn't sure what area of the forum to put this, but figured more people look at this section! It's been discussed before that the rear line inputs on Focusrite Scarlet series are very low volume. One of the reason I chose the 8i6 was the extra inputs, so I could keep my keyboard plugged in all...
  8. mjbphotos

    Latest gear issue - mixer

    I've had my Mackie PRO FX-12 mixer for 8 years now, gets used at least a couple of dozen times a year. Never had any issues with it, but I do know someone who had a newer model Mackie and had issues with a bad channel and non-working reverb. So a few weeks ago, at the open mic I host, the...
  9. mjbphotos

    Equipment fails!

    Everything has a shelf life... why does everything start failing at once? 1) Shure SM58 - the 'workhorse' of live mics, had mine for 11 years, got free from someone here It's taken a few drops, but never hiccupped. Brought it to a backyard open mic, plug it in, no sound. Go to remove the...
  10. mjbphotos

    Slate Digital - 'Fresh Air'

    Slate offers this 'Exciter' free (you need either an iLok, or set up a free iLok cloud account). I'm impressed with what this does to my overall sound, but noticed that when I put it on a self-mastered track, I get some peaks in the red now, so have to reduce any volume boost on the track ( I...
  11. mjbphotos

    EZDrummer2 with Reaper

    Before I start looking over at the Cockos forums, thought someone here might know the quick answer. Whenever I insert (drag/drop) a drum loop from EZD2's EZD2 library (doesn't happen with other libraries) onto the Reaper MIDI track, the loudest hits on snare, kick and hi-hat are always full...
  12. mjbphotos

    Repaired my mic the other day

    My AKG Perception 220, which I bought 'barely used' on ebay 8(?) years ago for $90, has taken a couple of 'tumbles' - boom stand tipping over when no one was in the room. I've since added sandbags to my studio stands! I've been using the mic in combination with my (new) Rode - sometimes as...
  13. mjbphotos

    What did I hit?

    Used to be that after I hit 'stop' on the transport controls when recording, a message box would pop up with save or delete option. Now it saves it without asking, so if I want to delete, I have to select it and then hit 'delete'.
  14. mjbphotos

    Mixing for others

    Its important to understand what your client (or friend!) likes and doesn't like. We've learned. over the years what WE like in a mix. Two songs I've been working on... both start out with just an acoustic guitar (finger-strummed) and a female vocal. One, she liked, the other she didn't. They...
  15. mjbphotos

    Izotope Vinyl

    Izotope is offering its 'Vinyl' plug-in free. The default is 'dust', there's also some other vinyl record-based effects. Haven't played with it yet, but wondering why someone would want to add a 'dust' or 'scratch' sound to a track, other than trying to reproduce a record's sound for video or...
  16. mjbphotos

    Which mic - Stellar X2 or Rode NT1?

    As my trusty old AKG P220 has been having occasional issues due to humidity (solved by keeping it in a ziploc with desiccant packs), I thought it might be time to start shopping for a new LDC. Occasional female voice recording, but mostly my voice and acoustic guitar work. I was eying the Rode...
  17. mjbphotos

    Ghost - dense Pink Floyd-type mix

    I haven't posted in this section of the forum in ages, most of my mixes have been fairly easy ones, but when I get to a mix with a lot of tracks (this one has 40 including FX buses), I start doubting my ears. I've been doing little tweaks to this for 2 weeks, but some fresh ears would be nice.
  18. mjbphotos

    Alternate to Easy Disc?

    I used Kunaki for several years for physical CD(R) copies - cheap, no minimums. But I wanted 'eco pack' sleeve for my last album and used, and liked the results. Now I find they have gone out of business! Any alternate places with no minimums that people here have used?
  19. mjbphotos

    Big Knob question

    I've got a Mackie Big Knob positioned handily on my desk , outputs from my Scarlett 8i6 to it, then monitors hooked up to the BK, all via balanced cables. I had used this previously to switch between 2 sets of speakers (I also had 2 computers, and used a switch to do that, so I only needed one...
  20. mjbphotos

    Condensor mic noise?

    This came up a couple of times recently - my AKG P220 (7+ years old now) all of a sudden starts getting static-type noise, and a lot of background noise. It's not all the time - I left it on all day yesterday and there was no noise until late. At first I only heard it late at night (using it...