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    cakewalk audio pro 9

    Can you better ask your question of what you are trying to do - as my initial response would be to create a new playlist and add the files on the CD. If you are talking about just being able to put any random CD in and have it automatically import them into a playlist - I am not aware how to do...
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    Tascam US-428

    So I just got a Tascam US-428 to use with my Sonar 2. So far I am really liking it except for two items that I hope someone here knows how to configure for. 1: When I hit the rewind and fast forward it skips by measure. I would like them to function like the buttons in the program, where it...
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    Having marshall amp on album cover?

    So its been a few years.... did Marshall ever get back to you? I have the same question in regards to an album cover that has my Marshall stack prominently in the image (you can see about half the "Marshall" lettering, due to some of the amp being blocked by another item). Thanks!