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    Some help on this one please

    I need a bit more space and less clonkiness. I'm not great at reverb so there isn't much on it. Any advice?
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    This snare sound

    I ended up using a Lignum Custom stave, compressed quite hard and with reverb, did the trick Jay, Thanks.
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    This snare sound

    Thanks Jay, yes the samples can be tuned. Any suggestions as to the snare drum itself?
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    This snare sound

    Yeah, it's quite a standard drum sound I guess but I can't seem to find anything close in superior drummer.
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    This snare sound

    Any idea how to get close to this snare sound? It could well be electronic or heavily processed, Thanks!
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    Tape start sound

    Anyone know where I can get a similar sound to this at the very start?
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    Real Goodbye

    HP, no, feel free to do what ever you wish, I'm flattered anybody taking the time to help but I do prefer the less compressed sound. I love the mixes that Wet Leg do (no idea who their producer is), it sounds sharp yet balanced.
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    Real Goodbye

    I've thickened the main vocal with a short reverb, and stuck a longer one on the middle vocal, widened and added a touch of compression over the whole mix. Thanks for the ideas.
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    Real Goodbye

    The mix isn't quite there yet - sounds a bit 2 dimensional so any suggestions are welcomed, cheers!
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    Suggestions on the mix

    I got some useful feedback on the last track I posted here and hoping for some more on this one, Thanks.
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    Tips on this mix?

    These are my comp settings both on the main vocal track
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    Tips on this mix?

    Thanks spantini, it's maybe the toms that are booming. There are 2 compressors on the vocal but I always have trouble compressing vocals. Any hints? Cheers
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    Tips on this mix?

    It lacks some depth or it's maybe too toppy, any advice welcome, cheers.
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    I'm trying to do quite a simple thing in Superior Drummer 3 which is to alter the pitch fractionally on each snare hit for realism as I don't feel the hit variation does enough. I've tried putting it in write mode in Cubase but it doesn't record the changes. Is there a way of doing this please...
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    Mix help

    I've got to the point in this mix where if I do anything it sounds worse:) but it's not right yet. It sounds a bit over bright and a bit muddy in places with no depth. I've compressed and equed and put reverb on the tracks I think need it and there is a vocal but I haven't worked on that yet...
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    What is this time signature?

    Anyone confirm this time signature? Cubase detection says it is 1/4... Timesig by Mike Spot | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    Hi Chaps, How do I get this compression on the voice please? Any settings to try, I seem to have tried everything I can think of. Cheers. Sr by Mike Spot | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    2 Acoustic guitars

    Hi chaps, So I have 2 AC guitars doing slightly different things panned hard left and right. Is there a way to stop the constant imbalance between the 2? I've tried compression and eq etc but it's not giving me that smooth constancy. Have a listen to this clip which is untreated. Cheers, mike...
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    Bass guitar consistency

    Hi Folks, Have a listen to this bass guitar, the second 2 notes of each pattern is just getting lost in the mix. I've tried compression and a dynamic eq but cant get the consistency I need. Any advice please? Thanks Bassbit by Mike Spot | Free Listening on SoundCloud