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  1. Milnoque

    NGD: 1951 Epiphone Broadway Regent

    Just got it. Plays great. Good strong voice. So I suck at photography. It's going to get a new pickguard and pickup. The Gibson BJB it's got now doesn't like bronze strings, but as an acoustic it's definitely a keeper.
  2. Milnoque

    I'm building a new guitar

    These are two of the designs he asked for in an earlier post.
  3. Milnoque

    HR design and build thread part III - The build.

    Another attempt using Muttley's ideas
  4. Milnoque

    HR design and build thread part III - The build.

    The upper two restate the curve on the headstock. The bottom one was suggested in an earlier version of this thread. I thought they would be useful as starting points.
  5. Milnoque

    HR design and build thread part III - The build.

    This is quick and dirty. I hope it helps.
  6. Milnoque

    HR design and build thread part III - The build.

    I narrowed the pickups by 1/8", made the bridge pickup longer to compensate for the wider polepiece spacing, and increased the angle. This looks better to my eye. What do you guys think?
  7. Milnoque

    HR design and build thread part III - The build.

    Guitar with Schaller Bridge and Muttley style SIX string headstock
  8. Milnoque

    HR design and build thread part III - The build.

    Guitar with neckthrough lines removed, 6 on a side headstock, angled bridge pickup, and Tune-O-Matic bridge
  9. Milnoque

    Got A New Toy

    G&L S-500. Body date '82, Neck date '84 Clear blue with matching headstock. Tasty Goodness:):):)
  10. Milnoque

    How do I figure the neck angle?

    I'm designing a guitar having been inspired by the design thread that's been running. I'm trying to figure the neck angle required. Scale length 25.5" bridge height .5" with the saddles seated at the base Frets have a .043 crown I'm figuring the fingerboard will be 1/4" thick and will not be...
  11. Milnoque

    Cool Guitar Purchase

    So my daughter decided it was time to buy herself a guitar. She had about $500 saved and asked me to help. We hit some shops and figured out quickly that she was going to want something about the size of a Martin 000. We tried everything we could find in three shops including some used Martins...
  12. Milnoque

    My new song.

    Don't worry about sparing my feelings WATER By Trey Caldwell It seems to me, the water in the river just can't win. Sweet water from the mountains knows the ocean's 'round the bend. and sea ain't got no choice but to let the river in. no matter how sweet the water it gets...
  13. Milnoque

    Old song I wrote, Thought I'd see what you thought

    I wrote this in the Eighties. At the time the big world crisis was in El Salvador. The country was ruled by a dictator named Magana. He was opposed by a rebel group that called themselves the Sandinistas that had formed in Nicaragua. I started thinking about all the people there that were not...
  14. Milnoque

    I did it. My new amp lives!!!

    So I just finished building a TC-15 Amplifier kit. IT LIVES!!! It was something I had wanted do do since forever. I've got some tweaking to do, but the cleans are very tasty. You can dial up an amazing variety rich harmonic voices. Something is sounding harsh when I crank it up. I'll have to...
  15. Milnoque

    Amp or electric cello

    My wife has a Yamaha SVC-110. We need to amplify it. We would like to achieve as close to an acoustic cello sound as we can get. Any versatility after that would be a plus. It would mostly be used in an acoustic guitar centered band at relatively low volume. Any experience or advice?
  16. Milnoque

    Vox Night Train

    Has anybody here tried one? What were your impressions?
  17. Milnoque

    Your 15 Minutes Of Fame

    Two Questions: Is there compound interest on it if you save it? Is there a penalty for early withdrawal?
  18. Milnoque

    Attenuator Questions

    What, if anything, is the downside to oversizing an attenuator? The amp I want to attenuate is a Gibson GA20 RVT (12 watts). I'm looking at a Weber Micro-Mass rated for 15 watts. I am not likely to dime the amp. I want the sound I get well shy of that at lower volume. I'm convinced that the...
  19. Milnoque

    Design your custom shop guitar here

    I'm just curious. If you could buy a guitar from a major manufacturer tricked out any way you wanted, what would you come up with? I'm thinking about standard designs (LP, Strat, D-28, Your favorite Schecter, whatever). If you could have one of those built any way you wanted what would you do...
  20. Milnoque

    Hey, NotCardio I hope things are getting better