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    Going into the's and con's

    This is a discussion i frequently have in the studio. People (both musicians and engineers) seem to be affraid to go pro in the business. I understand from their point of view but sometimes I see people who would actually do pretty good in the business not daring to make the jump. If you have a...
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    Had another A&H moment

    My God, sometimes i just can't believe companies are putting stuff on the market just like that. The other day i was in a tv recording and was using a little a&h wizard as additional mixer for the livesound in the studio. I noticed that when i tapped the housing of the mixer, the right master...
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    Weirded things you've recorded

    Had the other day in the studio a funny conversation about weird recordings. So I summed up some of mine without realizing that they were kind of funny: our queen and the whole royal family american football players on the feild in stadiums the headphone-output of a dj at a 40.000 people...
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    The importance of backing up

    last week, worst case scenario in our studio...complete crash of the recording computer. We had a raid function for backup but because it was not a faulthy disk, but a faulty write action both disks were corrupted. those drives contained multitrack files from all our open projects (even one...
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    Soundtracs Solitaire

    Soundtracs Solitaire, 40 ch inline, full vca (over 80 faders), 2x dynamics per channel on all 40 main faders, integrated patchbay, external pc for vca automation and custombuild powersupply (which was 2000 euro;s) Newprice console around 55.000...selling price 7.000 Located in the netherlands...
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    Bought a new console!

    Hi there, i've been a while away from this site...busy busy busy.. and today we bought our new studio console whoepie! 96 motorized faders, totall recall. build in tft etc etc 4 years ago we were a homerecording studio, now we can buy a home if we sell that console haha
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    my experience with the b1

    Hi, a friend of mine brought a SP b1 and a shure ks32 to the studio for me to compare and give comments about them. I recorded a vocal track (female) and found the following: The B1 had sort of a real annoying hiss in the upper frequencies making it to MY TASTE (!!!!) vertily unusefull in the...
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    Looks like I'm the first in holland to use a second video card in a G5

    To my surprise, no apple dealer I've been in contact with overhere could confirm which pci graphic card would be working in my g5 dual??????? Amazing......I testing nuendo to replace my good old trusty tascam digital system...and boy..those screens are full before you know
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    G5 and vodoo3 2000 pci

    Hey, anybody know if the vodoo3 2000 pci graphics card can de used in the G5 pci-X slots? Right now I have a 2 tft setup just running from the provided graphicscard. For nuendo I want at least a 3 monitor setup.... I have another G4 running dual screen right now, but can't seem to find out...
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    got my new computer goodies

    woha....end of the year is equipment buying time: Mac G5 dual 1,8 with 1,5G ram and dvdburner running nuendo/motu Sony P4 2,66 with dvdburner running nuendo / digidesign 5x 15" tft got a lot of playing to do the next couple of days :D
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    convertor choice

    Just switching from the old trusty tascam da-series convertors to the motu convertors and my ears went open. Running into nuendo soon to be on a G5..... Escpecially the high frequency are a lot more present even at 16/44.1 Me is happy :p
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    Some vst help

    hi there, I have been kind of missing out on the whole vst and virtual instruments thingie..I always worked with digital tapemachines and outboard processing.. Does anybody know a good tutorial te make me see what is happening in that virtual world? So I can get a peek of it and go my own way...
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    Sold my PT TDM rig!

    Yep, it defenitly served me well, but I saw no future in expanding I sold it and bought Nuendo...with MOTU converters... See how that's going to be in practical use..
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    Superlux for 19,99 euro

    This is fun, a dutch company has a promotional weekend every year, and are selling stuff really cheap. This time one of the items (of several hunderts) is a superlux mic from 89 euro for 19,99 euro. It's probably one of those sales that just happened to be sold out if you want one but it sure...
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    Does anybody know a good site with good midifiles op populair songs? I'm not talking about cracked or ripped songs from companies, but basis good amateur work. For my school I need a lot of populair tunes simplified for the kids to play along. Because my teachers don't have time to work it all...
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    Tube mic distortion

    While reading the other thread about the listing of all cheaper tubemics I thought of the following question. (btw, that thread ain't nowhere near a tubemic thread anymore...) I have two GrooveTubes MD1. These mics are excellent...very clear response, very nice coloring sound. But there are...
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    Stardraw audio

    Anybody that uses this programm?
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    Just got my custombuild desk powersupply

    Wow, I never would have though I'd be spending big money on a simple powersupply for my mixing desk. A while ago, the desk produced a rumble and high frequency tone during a session. though it was only present for a short period of time it got me worried...if it happens once, it'll happen...
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    Expanding business

    stressfull times....expanding the business....great offcourse, but thing ain't hobby for quite some time now. Yesterday we had the opening of our music school, we run beside our studio....I've had one for a couple of years before, but I recently lost it in a divorce (still having good...
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    Korg and brass instuments..waste of time

    We are recording a project in the studio with some brasslicks into it. Think of Steely Dan, and you get the point..basic Bariton/tenorsax, trombone and trumpet. There was a limited budget so hiring pro-musicians was no option...local musicians who play in a brassband are normally not very good...