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  1. junplugged

    New Elvis Movie Looks Epic and

    maybe they finally are gonna get it right after all this time? There's a slick trailer on the imdb. I have a friend who is totally obsessed with him and she is too young to have ever seen him in concert.
  2. junplugged

    Soon I'll have to send something for mastering but

    I'm worried that I won't be able to hear the difference. I once listened to a Neve preamp at that convention at the Javits Center and I couldn't hear the difference. I don't know what to expect but I also know that I've never tried to master something diy, so I'm in an unknown area. I did put...
  3. junplugged

    Recording for Release

    I have a Roland Octacapture from a few years ago, and a macbook Air saved from the dumpster running Mojave and Logic Pro X 10.5, not sure if the quality is anywhere near what I need. So I guess it's time to start studying this stuff again, unless anyone has an opinion on this mix of gear.
  4. junplugged

    Are there mastered tracks that people think are poorly mastered?

    What tracks would folks here find to be mastered poorly, or maybe even requiring mastering, or have been ruined by mastering, or other mastering things we might learn from by listening to them? I remember someone saying they didn't like how American Idiot sounded, maybe too compressed? Do...
  5. junplugged

    RIP Rupert Neve Hearing him speak about his designs using electrical engineering for audio is enlightening. I happened to be watching the Grammys this year and he was in the montage.
  6. junplugged

    Orange is back

    I'm happy to see some orange on tele's and it hurts to see it on the strat since I want it so badly, but I have too many guitars, and can't afford it anyway, I'm hoping they continue that color so someday I can get both the orange strat and the non-squire orange tele with maple neck. The Squire...
  7. junplugged

    I'm feelin' the FORCE, can you believe it?

    I know it says, MPC, up top. The FORCE is technically some type of MPC I guess.
  8. junplugged

    Live Right Now Amazing Authentic Russian Guys

    Twitch check it out, not many watching but they are good
  9. junplugged

    DP-006 Tiny, Handy

    Even tho I use a DAW, this thing sits on my desk, is silent, no booting up machines, quick multitracking, Looks nice too. Can't believe I've had it for a year, but for really quick notes, I just use my old Zoom H2.
  10. junplugged

    CNN has an article about Spotify

    They say spotify pays $0.0006 per streamed song, likely the entire song also. Do you really think they count and report all the streaming anyway? And who would be checking on them? How is that any better than the original Napster?
  11. junplugged

    I Got A Double Bass

    OMG what did I do?! This thing is huge and hard to play or even hold and I suck at it.
  12. junplugged

    AES 2017 Show in NYC with NAB Also

    Late posting, but today is day 2, thu, also Friday and some Sat. has levels of admission of course I got the free one, but you had to be early. edit: at Javits on 34th and 11th on the water, next to the entrance for the Highline
  13. junplugged

    Fostex X-15 I found it in my filing cabinet

    stuck way in the back. I think it's famous for being one of the first of its kind. So I'm cleaning it up, but likely needs some work, not sure if I'll ever get it running but it brings back a lot of memories.
  14. junplugged

    I can't believe I just saw Joan Jett how many years after that single?

    yea, I actually bought the 45rpm at a local record store, i wasn't that close, seats were $20, and then I had to leave while Boston played 7 songs in a row that were all exactly the same and nothing familiar it was like a time warp for the music and her face and the price
  15. junplugged

    Post and Thread Killer

    so I'm loggin in, I start a thread with many insighful observations, very useful to many people, including newbs and experts alike, all very well written with linguistic sophistication, nearly scholarly and very comprehendible and informative, and creative and awesome, then I click on post and...
  16. junplugged

    Dug out the old BOSS SE-50 still works but needed new battery

    It's pretty old, I can't even remember when I got it. (not selling it) Can still be found used, and if it's really cheap, it may be because the display is messed up on the first 100 user settings. That might be due to an old internal battery that needs to be replaced. I've done it twice on...
  17. junplugged

    M-Audio Accent Piano Sound Module - Vaporware? Lost in the Pacific?

    Month after month, not available months past release date. Does this only exist as a technical drawing? Is this only an idea, never to be manufactured and distributed? Did it fall off the container ship from China when two of them collided off the port of Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai...
  18. junplugged

    metronome madness

    after seeing on the wave display how messy my drumming was and not consistently messy, so I couldn't just shift it all a little to align it with the click, I decided to try to improve and practice with the metronome. I don't wanna edit every beat, nor do i want to loop a lot since it quickly...
  19. junplugged

    LOOPERS Anyone?

    There are a lot of these now. The missing info is the end of the loop timing. Hard to find this info even tho it is critical to the loop and will be an epic fail to your music if it isn't in time. Next is the darn annoying click track - none have foot control of it, and they don't give up the...
  20. junplugged

    Project Studio Expo at AES NYC Oct 2015

    AES NYC coming final weekend in October 2015 I'll be going, I've been missing this for 139 years, I didn't know.... There is a Project Studio Expo part of it that looks free, other workshops are not. Javits in NYC. Anyone going? There may be a deadline for free advanced web registration...