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  1. junplugged

    Howard Stern mics.

    back when this thread was started, why didn't anyone tell me to buy bitcoin?... I heard that Robin got Howard a renovated RCA ribbon mic, you know the one...
  2. junplugged

    CD Baby?

    It ain't easy, I've heard really bad stuff about every one of the indy distributors. I think I'll just pick the one that's been around the longest and seems to have a lot of options, and is affordable, not a fan of the name, but I think I'm going with this one. I'm not going major, that's...
  3. junplugged

    New Elvis Movie Looks Epic and

    Holy crap there's a new extended trailer and it's pretty awesome. They are including stuff that only the hard-core, deep-dive researchers know, I only know some of it from talking to one. This might be the one definitive bio.
  4. junplugged

    New Elvis Movie Looks Epic and

    Elvis wanted to tour outside the US, but Parker was here illegally and wouldn't be able to return so he didn't let the man go. Parker was good for a while for Elvis, but later on was not. Geller said Elvis was planning on splitting with Parker in 1977 but didn't live long enough.
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    Soon I'll have to send something for mastering but

    I was looking up mastering options and found that CDBaby requires mastering using their service prerequisite to uploading a track for them to distribute. So I guess I'll be starting there. $75 fee.
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    DistroKid ? ?

    Did you ask Ari Herstand about this? He claims that tiktok is one of the best ways to promote and many have had their stream counts rise from it. That's not supposed to be a bad thing, it's actually supposed to be one of the best sources of use of your music. Can you send screenshots of the...
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    New Elvis Movie Looks Epic and

    Larry Geller has a lot to say about Elvis and what he was reading and talking about in his private life. This is only part one, and I don't know where the rest of it is, it was really good back when I saw it a few years ago.
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    Advice on a windows laptop to buy for music composition by a hobbyist musician

    I never thought I'd use a mac, then I inherited a non-functional macbook and I upgraded it, back when you still could, and then re-installed the os up to the point where it couldn't do any more updates. Then I used Garageband and it was pretty good, impressed with the included samples I went in...
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    Soon I'll have to send something for mastering but

    I slept on this, and I decided that since I have no budget and my song and subsequent releases are indy, meaning no promotion budget either, that they aren't going anywhere anyway. And so, in the unlikely event that they get any popularity at all, and that would mean a little bit of budget would...
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    New Elvis Movie Looks Epic and

    Priscilla is still alive, Shilling, and a few more (I tried the "remove formatting" button...)
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    New Elvis Movie Looks Epic and

    Hanks is Parker
  12. junplugged

    New Elvis Movie Looks Epic and

    maybe they finally are gonna get it right after all this time? There's a slick trailer on the imdb. I have a friend who is totally obsessed with him and she is too young to have ever seen him in concert.
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    Soon I'll have to send something for mastering but

    I'm worried that I won't be able to hear the difference. I once listened to a Neve preamp at that convention at the Javits Center and I couldn't hear the difference. I don't know what to expect but I also know that I've never tried to master something diy, so I'm in an unknown area. I did put...
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    Can a song be so badly recorded and mixed that it can't be mastered ?

    Is there a guide to not messing up your track so Massive Master would not reject it? Need the info, sorry to bump old thread
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    The Internet's Best Recording Resources

    has this OP been updated lately? I guess I'm looking for info on the latest word on achieving home master recording rather than what I've been doing up until now, which has been home demo recording. Need to know if I can actually record a master that's good enough for release, on the technical...
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    Recording for Release

    I have a Roland Octacapture from a few years ago, and a macbook Air saved from the dumpster running Mojave and Logic Pro X 10.5, not sure if the quality is anywhere near what I need. So I guess it's time to start studying this stuff again, unless anyone has an opinion on this mix of gear.
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    Are there mastered tracks that people think are poorly mastered?

    What tracks would folks here find to be mastered poorly, or maybe even requiring mastering, or have been ruined by mastering, or other mastering things we might learn from by listening to them? I remember someone saying they didn't like how American Idiot sounded, maybe too compressed? Do...
  18. junplugged

    Mastering With Mastering Software

    I haven't released any tracks for mass consumption yet. I played around with a mix down to another DAW, it was another stand-alone DAW from my recording DAW, also stand alone, and I cranked up the levels. It has been a while since I attempted any kind of post mix messing around. There are...
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    Howard Stern mics.

    I'm wondering if he knows about the directional mic effect and gets in close to deepen his voice
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    Hi Megan, do you know of any open source software for organizing b-roll video clips, maybe a FOSS database? Hopefully also available on Linux/Ubuntu 8-)