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  1. Ethan Winer

    Calibrating my monitors.. HELP

    There are two types of "calibration" to deal with. One is very basic - simply ensuring that both the left and right loudspeakers are the same volume. The correct way to do this is with band-limited pink noise that plays only midrange frequencies. The attached MP3 file is from my Audio Expert...
  2. Ethan Winer

    Volume level at recording

    Exactly. I wish more people would actually test this stuff, because it's not that difficult to do! :D As for the notion that digital clipping is worse than analog clipping, it really isn't because it's exactly the same thing. At least when clipping a normal preamp type circuit. I just did that...
  3. Ethan Winer

    Linear Phase EQ vs Minimal Phase EQ

    Agreed. Linear phase EQs were all the rage until people listened more carefully to what they do. :D If you want to compare EQ types to hear how much worse LP is, create a step input as Mo did in Post #4, then add 10 dB of boost through both and listen. To my ears the LP is much worse. When...
  4. Ethan Winer

    high pass filter produces clipping

    To be clear, it's not phase cancellation but rather "phase rotation." I just created a 100 Hz square wave at -6 dB FS, then applied a 6 dB per octave high-pass filter at 600 Hz. You can see that the filter "rotated" the waveform so severely that the peaks rose by about 5 dB and almost hit...
  5. Ethan Winer

    Metering in digital domain

    I'm really surprised - and a bit disappointed - to have my posts called thread jacking. In fact, everything I've said here applies directly to the topic at hand. I have more to offer below which I hope you'll consider. I really hate making enemies, especially in a forum discussion with one of my...
  6. Ethan Winer

    Artifact Audibility Comparisons

    Folks, Debate rages in both audiophile and professional audio circles about the importance of low-level artifacts such as distortion, jitter, quantization noise, and summing errors in DAW software. We touched on that a while ago in the now-locked thread about dither. This article addresses the...
  7. Ethan Winer

    Easy way to stop spam here

    Folks, One simple way to stop all this spam is to not allow anyone to post a link until they've been a member for at least a week and have made at least five posts. This is what they do at the AVS forum (a home theater place I visit) and I've never seen spam there. As long as the sign-up rules...
  8. Ethan Winer

    Free AES tickets

    Folks, I still have some free passes for the AES show in New York City that runs October 10 through 13. I'll be glad to send them to anyone who emails me. Don't forget to include your address, and be sure to let me know how many tickets you want (up to four). Just send an email to me at...
  9. Ethan Winer

    New graphical room mode calculator

    Folks, There are many freeware and web-based room mode calculators, but all the ones I've seen just list a table of the modes, so you still have to plot them by hand on semi-log graph paper to see how even they are. Or they require you to own Excel. Here is a link to a room mode calculator I...
  10. Ethan Winer

    Acoustics presentation in Danbury, Connecticut

    Folks, If anyone is interested I'm giving an acoustics presentation Tuesday May 13 at 7:00 pm at Eastcoast Music Mall in Danbury, Connecticut. Besides discussing acoustics and room treatment in general, participants are invited to ask about getting the best sound in their own work space. Bring...
  11. Ethan Winer

    Hide unwanted plug-ins

    Folks, I don't usually visit this corner of the board, so I apologize in advance if I forget to check back for followup quesitons. Following is a neat trick I figured out, to hide unwanted plug-ins in Sound Forge version 5.0 and later. It's useful if you have a lot of plug-ins that were...
  12. Ethan Winer

    Results of the 24-bit challenge

    Folks, A week ago I invited folks here to compare a series of audio files, to see how audible are the differences between dithering from 24 bits to 16 versus truncating. I also included files that were truncated to (approximately) 13, 11, and 9 bits, which correspond to recording at peak levels...
  13. Ethan Winer

    The 24-bit challenge

    Is 24-bit recording really better than 16? Can people actually hear the difference between dithering to 16 bits versus truncating? Can you tell the difference? How about only 11 bits? Take the 24-bit challenge at
  14. Ethan Winer

    Disable Pn in Sonar

    Disable Pan in Sonar Folks, A few week ago someone asked about disabling the Pan control for a MIDI track in Sonar. It may not have been in this forum, so excuse me if that thread was somewhere else. Anyway, you can do that very easily. Right-click in the Pan zone and select Disable Control...
  15. Ethan Winer

    Nice rack cabinet - free!

    Folks, I have a very nice, tall, black Formica rack cabinet I no longer need. It is too much of a hassle to ship it, so I'll give it away free to the first person that sends me an email at: But you have to come to my house (near Danbury, Connecticut) and pick it up! :)...
  16. Ethan Winer

    New article: Using SoundFonts with Sonar

    Folks, If you use SONAR, trying to use SoundFonts with a hardware soundcard can be frustrating because SONAR has its own ideas about how SoundFonts should be used. Fortunately, these problems can be solved with just a little ingenuity. For the full story, see my article at