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  1. altruistica

    Remote Control for TSR8? Is it the same as the 238?

    I know from the TSR8 manual that the remote for this machine is the RC-408 but they are hard to come by. The remote for Tascam's range of 8-track multi-trackers, the 688, and the 238 is the RC-88 unit. I have read on various forums that the later remote the RC-88 will in fact work with the TSR8...
  2. altruistica

    TASCAM 238 this machine about to have problems?

    I'm just uploading a video I've made to document a problem I have with one of the two Tascam 238 machines I recently purchased. One of the machines has had the capstan board replaced (although the repairer didn't select the 'double-speed' option of 9.6cm on the board by unsoldering the 4.8cm...
  3. altruistica

    Is it unwise to run 220V European TASCAM 238 on UK 240V voltage?

    My mint condition European model 220V (47W, 50Hz) TASCAM 238 turned up today and cosmetically it's like it's just left the factory. I was just about to turn it on and then I thought I'd check the back to see if it was a 220V model or if it had a selectable voltage. Apparently there were 4 models...
  4. altruistica

    TASCAM 688 MIdiStudio problem with metering and switching on track 3

    I recently picked up a Tascam 688. It was advertised as parts only. I had one in the past and wanted to try one again. Anyhow, after fitting a new belt to the unit courtesy of a great video on Youtube, I've discovered there is a problem with the metering /switching on Track 3. The unit records...
  5. altruistica

    Should I turn it on?

    Hi Guys, Long time since I posted as this last year has been a busy year with family commitments. Anyhow between all of that, I've replaced my computer (now has 64Gb RAM and potential for 192Gb). Why so much? I've wanted to get back into Cubase and mocking up orchestral stuff so needed the...
  6. altruistica

    How good does this sound?

    I've just finished the first round of slimming down my setup. I want to get back to the music and not worry about technology or drivers or anything else...... I'm just running the Fostex G24S in after getting it renovated. When I bought one of the machines, it came with a reel of Agfa PEM 468...
  7. altruistica

    Power Board advice needed....Roland CD-2

    I'm looking for some advice. I've recently gone back to mastering my stuff to a Roland CD-2. I had one knocking around and now that I'm using the Yamaha O2R to mix stuff from the Fostex G24S, it makes sense to wire the CD-2 up to the desk's 2-track facilities. Anyhow, I noticed a CD-2 machine...
  8. altruistica

    Interesting article on vinyl vs. tape

    Reel-to-reel tape is the new vinyl | The Verge
  9. altruistica

    How much?????????????

    Optro 2 inch 16 Track Tape Recorder, hook up leads & 1 inch 8 Track head block | eBay
  10. altruistica

    One for Miro.....

    I know how much you like your Tridents........ Trident Series 80 (ex Kasabian) - price £20k+VAT | eBay Al
  11. altruistica

    Antidote to gearlust.......

    As I lust over a new digital mixer (Presonus Studiolive 32 Series 3), I came across this video: Really interesting... Al
  12. altruistica

    Hybrid the risk of being banned!

    If you've been following my threads over the years, you'll probably think I'm mad. I've setup various analogue studios, then ripped them down and sold stuff only to set up analogue studios a few years later. I don't think I'm mad. I've been trying to get the 'best' possible sound I can from my...
  13. altruistica

    Your next mastering machine perhaps?

    Revox G36 valve reel to reel tape machine GWO & serviced with modern Revox heads | eBay Al
  14. altruistica

    Can you hear any difference?

    If you've been following any of my current threads, you'll know I have a hybrid setup now featuring a Tascam M3500 console, a 24track 1" reel to reel (at present TASCAM MSR24) and an RME UFX convertor / preamp. I took some source material from an old Yamaha AW4416 demo recording (I haven't...
  15. altruistica

    40-track 2" machine?

    I was just looking at some stuff on You Tube and forgot that I must have seen this video almost a year ago (check my comment about a Tascam M3500). But near the end, check out a 40-track 2" machine??? Al
  16. altruistica

    AMPEX MM1200.....Wow that sold fast!

    Ampex MM1200 24 Track 2" Tape Machine | eBay Al
  17. altruistica

    TASCAM M3500....just picked one up!

    Hi Guys, Well after a 500 mile round trip to the beautiful city of Edinburgh, I've come back home with a Tascam M3500. I went to see one last year which was only about 50 miles away from where I live, but that desk had been abused too much to get me parting with my money. This one, which I...
  18. altruistica

    Does Zonal 675 suffer from SSS

    Is this tape any good? --- Zonal 675 1" Reel to Reel Tape. Boxed, Excellent Condition. FREEPOST!!! --- | eBay Cheers Al
  19. altruistica

    What's this?

    Vintage Pioneer Reverberation Amplifier model SR-202 WORKS GREAT REVERB
  20. altruistica

    Does anybody know anything about metal and corrosion?

    I have a weird problem with a Fostex D2424LV MKII that I recently bought from Ebay. When I bought it I noticed slight corrosion on the back panel, so I took the cover off to find corrosion to the metalwork in several places. As the circuit boards were free of corrosion and after the unit passed...