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  1. WWLaidback

    Anybody Like Pawpaw Fruit?

    I have developed my own cultivars of the North American pawpaw, Asimina Triloba, otherwise known as "Indian banana". Check out these gifts from the Great Spirit in the Sky. BTW: They typically taste tropical like a mixture of banana and mango with melon accents
  2. WWLaidback

    Fly Away -- Lenny Kravitz -- Lead Guitar

    I thought this was a pretty cool idea by Lenny's lead guitarist.
  3. WWLaidback

    Two Illegal Immigrants Planned a Mass Shooting in Richmond, VA

    Does anyone know where the two turds came from that planned to fire on a July 4th parade in Richmond, VA? two illegal aliens, 52-year-old Julio Alvarado-Dubon and 38-year-old Rolman Balacarcel, who allegedly planned to carry out a mass shooting in the city, Fox News reported...
  4. WWLaidback

    Anti-vax critic dies at age 32 -- Cause unknown
  5. WWLaidback

    Epstein Associate on Suicide Watch after Name-Dropping the Clintons

    Looking bad for Bill and the Hill folks. Ms. Maxwell's sentencing has been postponed. She was due for June 28. Ghislaine...
  6. WWLaidback

    Had Enough Yet?

    Does anyone want a Keystone Pipeline?
  7. WWLaidback

    Jan 6 ratings dud

    Major networks lost half their normal viewers during the Jan 6 hearings. The only hard evidence they could find was in Mr. Schiff's pants. :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:
  8. WWLaidback

    CNN Makeover

    Jeff Zucker resigned and the new CEO promises to rebrand the company into a trustworthy news source. The partisans will be fired. According to the new CEO, the company wants to inform viewers with factual content, rather than alarming them with endless "breaking news" banners and biased...
  9. WWLaidback

    Russian Collusion Circus is Folding Up

    Tell us who is still talking about Trump-Russia collusion now in the news media. The Kremlin's puppet was a hot topic for years. Trump and Putin shirtless on a Brokeback Mountain pony ride as it were.... :LOL: Mr. Trump has announced his RICO lawsuit. The defendants include the Clinton...
  10. WWLaidback

    Leak of Roe v Wade court decision

    So we have democrats praising the unlawful leak of a supreme court draft opinion leading up to an assassination attempt on Brett Kavanaugh. Is this the kind of society you want to live in?
  11. WWLaidback

    Serious Democrat Presidential Candidates for 2024

    Michael Avenatti is my top pick after watching CNN,
  12. WWLaidback

    2000 mules election fraud arrests in AZ!

    The sheriff's department opened their election fraud investigation based on what they saw in the 2000 mules video, and the arrests are already happening...
  13. WWLaidback

    Hunter Biden Laptop Graft

    Has anybody downloaded the 120,000 Hunter Biden emails that just came available on line? What a creepy criminal family.
  14. WWLaidback

    Ministry of Kook

    Seriously, what the F has happened to democrat party? The Department of Homeland Security has gone Orwellian on us -- identifying and censoring disinformation -- with a schizo-woman in charge of it -- that has been wrong on just about everything. So this is the new democrat party... wow... just...
  15. WWLaidback

    Roe vs Wade Overturned

    SCOTUS decided 5-4 to overturn. Abortion is going back to the state level. Many states will become pro-life sanctuaries.
  16. WWLaidback

    What's the funniest woke-joke you ever heard?

    Stock market analysts seem to agree that Netflix is the most woke of all the big tech companies, and today, 4/20/22, Netflix stock had the all-time biggest one-day drop in the history of the stock-market, falling by 35%. It represents $50 billion in lost wokeness for shareholders. This comes...
  17. WWLaidback

    Youtube hashtags -- How do you search for content within the hashtag channel?

    Hashtags are supposed to be a way to generate views and subscribers on youtube. How do you filter and/or rank hash-tag channel content? For example, what is the most recent video here out of 49,000 listed videos from 12,000 channels? Which ones...
  18. WWLaidback

    Rumor has it

    Old Joe is done and democrats know it. Let us celebrate what looks like the shortest presidency in recent history. Body language says it all.
  19. WWLaidback

    Roll Call for Democrats

    Hillary says it's time to fight Russia. Y'all gonna enlist and fight for the Hill to save democracy? I'm mighty proud of ya.
  20. WWLaidback

    Dumpster Fire!

    Now that's a great idea. Maxine Waters tells homeless people to go home. Problem solved! :laughings: By golly she sure looks out for her voters! Go GO MAX! Is THIS the future of the democrat party?!?! 😐