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  1. WykedPT

    old Fostex mixer led level question

    I am using the 1/4 inch jacks..I have the manual but I can't find any calibration points. The only thing on the back of the pod is a peak hold switch. I'm guessing they have probably not been calibrated in a while, I just got this one a cpl weeks ago.
  2. WykedPT

    old Fostex mixer led level question

    Hi Sweetbeats....They run hot both ways. Going to and from the ADATS...I'm using two Alesis blackface units..Like I said,I can't hear any distortion and the channel peak indicators don't flash when recording. ADAT levels don't go into the red...
  3. WykedPT

    old Fostex mixer led level question

    Hi all.......Quick question about a older Fostex mixer. Picked up a model 820 at a yard sale for $50. My second one.. (it works). I hooked it up to my ADATS (Yup,I mix analog and digital..Digilog....)and started doing a recording. The mixer levels go well into the red and mostly stay there...
  4. WykedPT

    Mixer for external effects

    Thanks..I'll give it a try...
  5. WykedPT

    Mixer for external effects

    The mixer is a Behringer Xenyx 2442 FX. I used to use it as a sub mixer to mix drums or keyboards.
  6. WykedPT

    Mixer for external effects

    Yeah it's a crappy mixer ,but has an assortment of effects. Not going to use this setup for anything important. Just going to play with it.
  7. WykedPT

    Mixer for external effects

    I dug my old Fostex 820 and a couple ADATS out of the closet today. Cleaned them up and they still work.:thumbs up: I was wondering how to connect another mixer (Behringer) to use the internal effects on the Fostex? I've done it before but can't remember how.(been about 20 yrs) Thanks in...
  8. WykedPT

    MIDI MADNESS for sure......

    Ok....A simple question that gets complicated answers.....What do I "REALLY" need to connect my Nekter Impact GX61 to my Roland JV-80? The Roland keyboard is trashed. Most of the key contacts are worn out..I went thru the unit and replaced all the tactile switches, so now all the programs...
  9. WykedPT

    Midi controller to Roland JV-80

    Hi....I have a Roland JV-80 keyboard and the keyboard is way past it's prime (broken keys /bad key contacts) Every thing else works ( I replaced all the function tactile switches) and I would like to use it as basically a module..It would be connected to a Nektar GX61 controller..The Nektar has...
  10. WykedPT

    Crappy digital recording problem...

    Thanks for the reply....I am going back thru the audiobox..I am going from that into a Mark Levinson amp and a set of older Advent monitors...I have tried a cpl different paths with the same results..If I monitor as I record from the audiobox headphone jack it sounds just like if I listen thru...
  11. WykedPT

    Crappy digital recording problem...

    Hi all....I am going nuts with this problem. The sound that is going thru my mixer is not the sound I am getting on my computer...It sounds thin and not at all what went in. I'm running Studio one 5,going thru my Behringer mixer into a Presonus audiobox usb.. When listening to the mixer my...
  12. WykedPT

    Mackie ProFX10v3 question

    Does anyone here know anything about how the USB 3-4 switch works on one of these mixers? The manual is pretty much useless. It tells what the controls are but not much else..This one has me stumped. It is supposed to(I THINK :confused:) feed a signal back from the computer to channel 9/10 when...
  13. WykedPT

    Mixing analog and digital recording...

    Just a quick question. I'm taking the dive into digital recording. Been doing analog for the past 55 yrs (home studio) I will be using a audiobox interface. I am guessing from my mixer to the interface I would need a DI box for matching output to input. Is this correct? All outs on the mixer...
  14. WykedPT

    Why newbie???????

    Hey....I've been on this forum for 9 years.......Why am I still listed as a newbie????? lol :cursing:
  15. WykedPT

    Tascam 2488 jog wheel

    Any good way to clean the jog wheel contacts on this thing? Having to press down when turning to get it to scroll . Won't scroll some things,but this might be another problem all together...I'm guessing I have to remove the top to get at it. Anyone with experience with this?
  16. WykedPT

    Fostex 2412 power supply

    Anyone know where to get a power supply for the 2412 mixer? Found one for a good price but not so good if no power supply..:(
  17. WykedPT

    Tascam 2488 effect problem

    Have a 2488 that won't let me change the perimeters of the effects section. It has been in storage for a bit. All the other functions work as they should although the jog wheel is a little touchy. The cursor buttons work on everything else also. Any Ideas?
  18. WykedPT

    Tascam portastudio 488mkII tape speed

    Just picked up a 488 for $25. It works mostly,needs sliders and pots cleaned. Just wondering about the tape speed. I put a 4 tk tape in to test the transport and it played fast. What I want to know is does this model run at a higher speed then the 4 tk recorders? Most of the speed problems I...
  19. WykedPT

    Mackie SFX mixer problem

    Hi all....Not sure if this is the right place for this,but I got my Mackie 12 channel out of the closet the other night . It was going along just fine when it began to squeal. All the zero level lights came on and no sound. Adjusting any of the volumes had no effect on the noise. It stayed at...
  20. WykedPT

    AKAI MG1212 parts for sale

    Hey guys...I am parting out an Akai mg1212...I have the parts on Ebay.(go take a look I'm getting ready to take them off in a cpl days. I have the power supply,4 channel units,the tape unit.(not working,but was working a year ago..good for the heads) the control panel and parts..every thing...