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  1. Dogman

    DAW Users With ADD

    Is this that Cheesehead Guy?
  2. Dogman

    Commander in Chief Being Led Away by the Hand

    tRump did it better. :thumbs up:
  3. Dogman

    Green Angry Man

    Yep. Got a new amp for Christmas, so I'm trying to noodle again a bit. 😁
  4. Dogman

    Let's Get In the Wayback Machine

    Yeah, can't complain. 😁
  5. Dogman

    Green Angry Man

    Interesting tune man. I like it. I'd help you if I could, but I got nothing. Cheers. :drunk:
  6. Dogman

    Let's Get In the Wayback Machine

    I like it. Can't really find anything to say much about as far as helping you. 😁
  7. Dogman

    In Hindsight....

    Hi Suppercrap. I had a beer or 2 with you once. :eatpopcorn:
  8. Dogman

    How's my website look?

    I just tried starting one, just a blog thingy. I'm still struggling with the basics. 😁
  9. Dogman

    How's my website look?

    Who are you using for hosting? Are you doing this yourself?
  10. Dogman

    How's my website look?

    I think it looks fine for an opening page.
  11. Dogman

    In Hindsight....

    Oh, and pizza. I love pizza. 🍕
  12. Dogman

    What Democrats Said about Voting Machines and Elections

    Once again, Republicans good, Democrats bad. Go 'Murka.
  13. Dogman

    The Tomco kitchen remodel

    Went through some of those pictures you posted. Damn. :oops:
  14. Dogman

    Some of you may remember "Brad."

    Hi Suppercrap. Long time no see. Bummer about Brad, and everyone else who's passed the last few years.
  15. Dogman

    In Hindsight....

    I'm only here for the beer. Or something like that. Cheers brother. :drunk:
  16. Dogman

    In Hindsight....

    Well, since I've shared beers and pizza with gerg, I'll go there. Other than that, What's up?
  17. Dogman

    In Hindsight....

    Can I vote?
  18. Dogman

    Biden Exceeds All My Expectations

    Republicans good, Democrats bad. Go team Murka.
  19. Dogman

    My Daughter Has Covid

    Sorry for your loss Steve. My condolences to all of you.
  20. Dogman

    Am looking for an argument

    Great, didn't see this thread until now. :thumbs up: